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USB current while charging


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dwcraig1 said:

Gee I had to look, it's there under the screen tab in the charging fields. It took a moment to switch from temp to current on the mods's screen but it works.
It does't show device monitor though only on the mod's screen.

Thankyou dwcraig1 appreciated ;)
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Wasted a lot of my time on this. Very few of the options you can choose "when charging" make sense to me. Like "ohms", since I'm CHARGING, why would I care to see ohms, I can see the ohms of an attached atomizer by clicking the fire button. OK, we now KNOW the more useful option of seeing the USB current is NOT AVAILABLE, as it is on the DNA200, and yes it would be just as useful to see on a DNA75 device as many chargers are not 1-amp chargers, and even if you know and use the right wall charger, many USB cables often don't deliver the proper current. Seeing this information directly on the device would be helpful. Many don't have separate devices to test USB cables and chargers as I do. So looking at what is available for the three on screen slots when CHARGING, I use: BATTERY PERCENTAGE BATTERY VOLTAGE But don't see any other choice that is useful, so for now I made the third choice: "ROOM TEMPERATURE", just for lack of a more useful option! Anyone have a BETTER idea for the 3rd choice? If so what would you suggest and why? THANKS!

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