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  1. Looking at the new screen shots, don’t like the Temp and Wattage moved to bottom of screen. Hey, it’s your design now, make it however you like. I’ll stick with the “B0” version, and either update that one if I see something added that is necessary, don’t see any major improvements that I need in the latest “P” versions. Or I’ll find another theme. You did a great job on updating Franks version, and I appreciate that, but your work has taken you to your own theme now, good luck!
  2. I’ll be sticking with your last BLACK version. Good luck going forward. Thanks for that update.
  3. Yeah, I like the theme the way you had it. Of course you make it for your own pleasure. I know there is a way you can have multiple versions available, just come up with a good naming convention. You could just add “pink” to the version number perhaps. So yes, please keep a CLEAN version.
  4. It’s not a big deal, it’s a setting you have chosen in the Theme, just like an image. I just have to remember to change the screen time out every time I update to a newer version. I see you have already done some minor updates, so I’ll wait awhile. As you know there are still a lot of settings that can’t be changed directly on the device, like the LED colors, fade times etc. Unfortunately, the screen timeout is one of these settings that can only be changed in the Theme Editor, which I know my way around a bit. Keep up the GREAT work !
  5. On my review page you responded and wrote “ Response from the author: I've misread your reponse. It's in the lock settings, look for the key icon on the settings page.” The device lock setting is there, I’m talking about the SCREEN timeout. Using Escribe, I edited the Theme directly, under “ACTIVE” time, set mine for 20 seconds.
  6. Read my review for more detail. Excellent theme made even better!
    Not sure where to start, since Christmas has come and gone, but your Frank65 UPDATE is a great present! FANTASTIC !!! This should be downloaded by everyone. I haven’t yet gone through every improvement, but you certainly did a lot of great work, and really must know Escribe and ThemeMaker. Screen flip, very useful, great use of colors, entire display much easier to read and navigate. LOVE the simple black background too, perfect. Not sure how to confirm any added accuracy you’ve added, but after reading your motivations for taking on this older great theme, and admitted OCD, I am 10
  7. There are two ecigtheme files under download, #24, and #26, Not sure if these are your version numbers? Perhaps a better naming scheme, if you plan on updating at some point. I’ll dl them both, to check. Nevermind, I see you used last two digits as version number, #26 is the latest. Seems you did a lot of WORK. I’m going to spend some time looking at all the changes. Thanks again!
  8. Hi Lisko, Thanks for continuing Frank65's great theme, only one I've used. I just tried your version 2.8.8 enhanced V2. I liked most of the updates you added or fixed, but for the first time ever, I'm getting kicked out of TC, into wattage. Same SS coil, tested and worked on the last version that Frank65 uploaded awhile ago. I then installed from Escribe, the stock Evolv theme my DNA75C came with. Same results, TC works properly, NOT getting kicked out. Reading your change log, it seems you did some changes in that area. Not sure you want to pursue any new versions, but if you do, an
    I agree with the last review. I auditioned a bunch at the time I got my first DNA75c, been using this one ever since. I’m sure there are some good ones that are newer. As unfortunately it looks like Frank has moved on from anymore updates for over a year, hope he is well! If you search, someone has updated Franks last version with some bug fixes. I have yet to try it. Long LIVE Franky65.
  9. The OP is 100% correct. No selection of inexpensive SINGLE battery, NON squonk mods with the DNA75c chipset. I bought the Mirage (love the single 21700 bats), when it first came out, fairly long time ago now, and started googling for other brands, with similar specs, I waited a few months, kept checking weekly, then monthly, and eventually I’ve given up. I lost count of all the Chinese DNA75 (non-color) mods I own. I realize the color version of just the board is more expensive, but it sure seems odd to me that they are so scarce. So, it was either the cost, or little demand for ones like t
  10. There were a lot more single battery DNA75 mods to choose from. With the DNA75C board it seems the Chinese have balked at the higher price of the board. It’s been about a year and there are very few inexpensive mods using a DNA75C. I bought a Mirage long ago, it was over $100, not many other choices even in that price range. There are of course high end expensive mods, and some more choices if you squonk. I can only assume it’s the price of the board, I have many Chinese DNA75 mods, and they were very affordable. I’ll just keep using the Mirage with single 21700 batteries. It’s too bad, I was
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