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    I agree with the last review. I auditioned a bunch at the time I got my first DNA75c, been using this one ever since. I’m sure there are some good ones that are newer. As unfortunately it looks like Frank has moved on from anymore updates for over a year, hope he is well! If you search, someone has updated Franks last version with some bug fixes. I have yet to try it. Long LIVE Franky65.
  1. mactavish

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    The OP is 100% correct. No selection of inexpensive SINGLE battery, NON squonk mods with the DNA75c chipset. I bought the Mirage (love the single 21700 bats), when it first came out, fairly long time ago now, and started googling for other brands, with similar specs, I waited a few months, kept checking weekly, then monthly, and eventually I’ve given up. I lost count of all the Chinese DNA75 (non-color) mods I own. I realize the color version of just the board is more expensive, but it sure seems odd to me that they are so scarce. So, it was either the cost, or little demand for ones like the Mirage, or as some have speculated, Evolve has a different policy compared to the original 75 chip. I don’t know, and stopped caring, in the end it actually helped me stop buying more mods, as I know what I liked, and don’t see anything inexpensive to match. Saving money is good, I’m certainly not short on mods. If you have the budget for high end mods, that’s great, but not the point the OP was making. I asked a similar question probably over a year ago, here someplace, as I was curious why there were so few choices, like there was for single 18650 mods. Oh well, enjoy what you have!
  2. Thanks, look forward to the 40T results.
  3. mactavish

    Who makes Evolv based mods these days?

    There were a lot more single battery DNA75 mods to choose from. With the DNA75C board it seems the Chinese have balked at the higher price of the board. It’s been about a year and there are very few inexpensive mods using a DNA75C. I bought a Mirage long ago, it was over $100, not many other choices even in that price range. There are of course high end expensive mods, and some more choices if you squonk. I can only assume it’s the price of the board, I have many Chinese DNA75 mods, and they were very affordable. I’ll just keep using the Mirage with single 21700 batteries. It’s too bad, I was hoping there would be more choices out there for non squonkers, in single batteries. I won’t buy any HCigar products, so I rule that one out.
  4. mactavish

    DNA 250c won't charge with 2amp blocks

    USB cables are also a factor when going to higher outputs. Though in this case an under rated 1amp cable should still charge the mod, just at the slower rate. Worth trying another cable assuming you have a 2amp high data rate one? You may have tried this already. I don’t own this model mod, but have a few 2amp mods.
  5. mactavish

    Add Replay To this Theme

    I can’t help you myself, but unless you truly love that theme, why not try one that has REPLAY configured properly in the meantime? Here is a popular one, many downloads, the author keeps it up to date and is very responsive and helpful. I’m using it, no issues. Good luck!
  6. mactavish


    Some of you may have seen some of my posts about the “temp protect” message which was standard on most DNA boards before the COLOR versions. Since I liked it, and have been unable to ever see it on my DNA75C, I wrote James (Evolv), he is what he said: “Interesting, looking at the code you're right. Temp Protected only throws on Color as an error for overshoot/out-of-control and Ohms out-of-range. I don't have it operating as a warning. I've added that option to my To-Do list.” So perhaps the posters problem is related to one of those other errors. I vape TC all the time, I’m sure I’ve hit my temperature, but have NEVER seen a TP message on my color mod.
  7. mactavish

    Replay on 75c

    After installing SP15, did you upgrade the mods firmware? In Escribe, you should see an upgrade message, as you need from firmware page: SP33.2! --- DNA 75 Color (firmware 1.1 SP33.2) ---Replay (International Edition only). To use Replay:(1) Apply the Service Pack.(2) Choose a profile to put Replay on. Check "Use Replay on this profile", and name it how you like. (For most people, the easiest way to use Replay is to choose a profile whose material is Watts.)(3) Load on a theme with Replay support. (The default theme has Replay support. Go to the Theme tab and click Default Theme, and upload.)
  8. mactavish

    Replay on 75c

    Are you using the stock Evolv theme and current firmware?
  9. mactavish

    Replay on 75c

    Any approved TC wire should work as well. SS, Titanium, Nickel, etc.
  10. mactavish

    Replay on 75c

    and BTW, using REPLAY in a TC PROFILE, might not limit the temperature to what you set. I constantly monitor the on mod graphs, and in my TC SS316L profile, running REPLAY, I see in the graph screen, 23 Watts, and TWO temperature recordings, I assume a high and low, of 444F, and 477F, while my temp setting is at 465F. A lot more going on here then we may assume.
  11. mactavish

    Replay on 75c

    Ok, so it’s my mistake in misinterpreting your earlier post. You like to use REPLAY in the mode it was intended for, WATTS mode. I have a profile setup for that, and in the “materials” drop down in Escribe, it’s set for WATTS. You have your reasons why you don’t believe it’s appropriate to use REPLAY in a TC mode where one sets the temperature. I’m playing with both, there is no 3rd option/workaround, so now we are clear, and I apologize for my misunderstanding of your earlier post.
  12. mactavish

    Replay on 75c

    I’m only confused in your earlier post where you said: “If you activate replay mode while temp protection is disabled, replay can now begin governing power delivery without temp control interrupting and getting in the way.” I now assume you are talking about profiles, and not trying to turn OFF TP in the mod, which is possible, and a bit unpredictable. So we are back to the beginning. Two ways to use REPLAY, in WATTS mode, with TP OFF, in the Escribe profile which should be obvious to most. And REPLAY with a TC profile where you set the temperature, and let Replay do the computing. I guess I misunderstood your earlier post, that you were using a 3rd technique. The confusion is how we are using the term TP.
  13. mactavish

    Replay on 75c

    I don’t have to be in Escribe to turn TP = OFF. That setting is available in the theme I’m using. I’m just trying to duplicate your theory that one can use REPLAY in a TC profile, but with TP = OFF, if that’s NOT your theory, I’m sorry, and don’t understand what you are doing. For me to go any further, please tell me exactly what modes and settings you are using and then I’ll try and duplicate it.
  14. mactavish

    Replay on 75c

    Tried this as an experiment. Using a SS TC profile, with REPLAY ON. My SET TEMP = 465F, (in the theme I’m using, I can set the Watts for TC in “settings” = 40w). Vape is good, Replay works. Same coil, REPLAY now in WATTS mode, SET to 25 watts, works the same. Now, turn TEMP PROTECT = OFF. Back to original “SS TC profile, with REPLAY ON. My SET TEMP = 465F”, vape is TOO HOT. Back into settings, to reduce wattage to 25 watts, now vapes similar to the other tests above. I think doing TC with REPLAY with TP = OFF, while possible, is just adding more complexity to an already complex formula. I don’t see any plus differences in my vape, while adding more settings to go through. While Evolv could clarify this, I doubt they will comment. Their current stance is REPLAY was designed for wattage mode, with a TC compatible coil, and can work with a temperature control profile, again with the correct TC coils. I’m sure there are odd variations of these combinations, but they should be deemed “user experiment”, like I just did. But hey, if it’s working the way you like, then that’s the bottom line. After my quick experiment, I’ll stick with the two most common implementations of REPLAY in TC and WATTS.