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  1. Grandad

    DNA 60 issues

    Thanks for the reply, I have raised the voltage to 2.75 but still flashes. Im using vtc5a batteries. will take a look in the DNA section, Thankyou
  2. Grandad

    DNA 60 issues

    I was lucky enough to win a art&mod Leon in a raffle with the DNA 60 board fitted, My issue is it gets to 50% battery life and the symbol starts to flash ive checked the cut off and its set to 2.66. The mod came with its own theme and settings, i dont use it in TC mode so just watts, When i press the fire button watts set at 30w it will go to 24w then jump to the correct 30w setting is this normal for the board ? Is there a file i could download to put a new theme and profiles on it ? Thankyou for any help😉
  3. Thanks @VapingBad have run the case thermals all is good now
  4. Hi Ive just finished making a wooden enclosure for my 75c board to go in with a battery tube (single 18650) are there any changes i would need to make on escribe please ?
  5. Grandad

    Problem with date !!

    Thankyou this has worked for me i did try it the other daybut was connected to the computer. Will wait for the new update to come, Many thanks @giz_60
  6. Grandad

    Problem with date !!

    Just recieved a Therion DNA75c BF ive uploaded a few different themes and put the Evolv default one on to and the year of the date is showing 2016, my laptop is set to the right date and i have manually put the date on the theme and it skips back to 2016 every time, An help please ? My bad have just seen another thread with the same problem as me
  7. Grandad

    USB current while charging

    I looked at the DNA200 settings and assumed the 75 would have the same option but thats not the case, Thankyou all for your replies much appreciated
  8. Grandad

    USB current while charging

    Ive change the settings but still cant get what amps my battery is charging at @dwcraig1
  9. Grandad

    USB current while charging

    Thankyou dwcraig1 appreciated
  10. Grandad

    USB current while charging

    Hi all is there not a facility to put USB current on the DNA75 whilst its charging, just a prefrence i like to see i know its on the 200 ?