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LED Configurable?


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Are the LED colors configurable? Because I'm not seeing anything in eScribe; it would be nice to associate different color for each profile or battery status. Right not it's just magenta, kinda hoped it was more than that.

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You set a begin and end colour for a time period and these can be chained together.  The default charge light starts black and changes to red over 2 seconds, then red changing to black in 1 second.  So the glow grows twice as fast as it fades making a more interesting affect.

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MegaVape said:

Is there a on or off setting for the LED?

right click inside the colored box you want to delete. click the X and "poof" gone. delete all the colored boxes and no more led light show. might want to save the theme before you start deleting just in case you change your mind and forget how get your colors back or something. or restore defaults might bring them back to factory settings.
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I've got an SMY sdna75 I've got colours set for fire, charging, charged and normal but for some reason it glows a weird purple colour for a couple of seconds after I've taken my finger off a button. I thought this was when the "normal" colour was supposed to come on.... Normal is set to blue; none of my colours are set to purple. Any ideas why it might be doing this please? Thanks folks

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Fire... blue
Charging... red
Charged.... green
Normal.... (not set)

Those are the setting on my DNA75.... (not a SMY device)

When not plugged in to charge I get no led color until firing...
Upon firing I get blue.

When plugged into charge and I fire I get momentary purple (millseconds) as it turns blue. Charge and charged colors are as set... only time I get purple is when plugged to charge...

You get purple for several seconds???

My settings:

Red and blue make purple...  


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yep, for a couple of secondsand even if it's not charging (the only option set to red)
I get the purple if I let it go into standby and then press + or - rather than fire

charging is red/black
charging is green/black
firing and normal are the same blue

it's confusing me

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fixed it but I don't understand why.....

I had a feeling the purple is the led's attempt at doing white, so I set normal to this setting:
it worked, the purple light disappeared.
I then removed the 1 second gradient - and still no purple.

Like I said, no idea why this worked.  but it did

Thanks for your input retird, it's appreciated.:thumb:

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txmonkey214 said:

Hi, How does one access this hidden field? I've been trying to find it all day. The very bottom of my theme panel is the field to set temperature increments. Give me the cheat codes (so to speak), please!

The LED setting are for the DNA75.  If I recall you have a DNA200...
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Hi guys, 

I have a PUFF Avatar RS DNA75. It has LED on its' body.

In Escribe there is a setting there for changing the color of the LED when: firing, charging, fully charged, and normal operation.

It does not reflect on my mod when I upload it. 

I'll upload the image of the setting of my mod in Escribe here and also images of LED light when charging and firing.

Any ideas how to make this work? 


LED setting.png

Charging LED.jpg

Firing LED.jpg

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@Dunby .....My best guess (and as the video below shows) is.that device has an external LED for the fire button of which you can change colors with the extra auxillary button on the device.  The external led (not the led of the dna board) cannot be programmed thru EScribe (as stated in the video) as the device maker chose to design his mod that way. He is probably not using the on-board DNA 75 LED for the fire button.  Here is a video about this device.



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