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  1. Thanks Evolv now my SS316L is smooth like butter just like my DNA 75! Great work!
  2. MegaVape

    The DNA 60

    Would just like to know, why the DNA 60 can hit 9 volts and the DNA 75 can only hit 6.2 volts?
  3. MegaVape

    Let's see your 75's!

    VT75 Nano
  4. MegaVape

    LED Configurable?

    Is there a on or off setting for the LED?
  5. MegaVape

    General DNA 75 Thread

    Charging rate on this board?
  6. MegaVape

    Hard reboot required for correct ohm reading

    It is an option in the Escribe software. It's under "Tools"
  7. Thanks @Jaquith I am getting all your info into a folder so when I get my Wismec Tuesday I will be ready to rock-n-roll! Kudos!!