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  1. SplashPuddle


    Wow Sir Timmy, this is a fantastic theme! Definitely my favorite of the 30 or so I've tried. Very slick and clean and such a cool old school effect with that background. Major points for originality. Most of the themes here are tweaked versions of someone else's work but this is totally new and different. I can think of only 2 others that are as unique and this one is cleaner and prettier than either of those. I love that the file size is small enough I was able to add 2 wallpapers and a custom main screen. If you like Gauges or Materialish you'll like Digital. I predict this will be the next theme with over 1,000 downloads. Fabulous work sir, many thanks. The one issue I found (other than mentioned by Redman2u) is with the battery level field on the main screen- there are 2 conditions- the default doesn't show units (%) but the other one does and at 100% wont fit in the box . Easy fix but worth a mention. For future updates consider adding a color background option or 2 since you've got ample space. I added a fire and a water background (fire and ocean, hmm, where have I seen those?) both of which look great.
  2. SplashPuddle

    DJLsb Theme with Replay

    Sparkuk- Others might have different reasons but I like to have coil materials selectable independently from profiles because I have set up several atomizer centric (as opposed to material centric) profiles in escribe for certain RDAs and tanks I use with different coil types. The ability to change coil materials within profiles set up for and named after my Pyro V2, Wasp, Drop Dead, and Fireluke atomizers is one of my favorite features of this well thought out theme. Thanks stepladder!
  3. Some USB cables are "charge only" in which case you'll get that message and be unable to connect to escribe even though the mod is drawing power. Won't happen if you use the cable that came with your device (one for my phone works too).
  4. SplashPuddle

    Rebuilding the POD

    I tried that too after stumbling upon a how-to video on YouTube. I gave up in frustration after an hour. All was well and pretty simple till the very end where the coil is installed and the wick just needs to be pulled through the tiny holes into the juice chamber. Maddening! Next time I'll feed a length of wire through through the holes beforehand to attach my wick to and fish it through.
  5. SplashPuddle


    Version 1.0.0


    Another ripoff of Hyperar's Simple Series-- super intuitive and fully functioned themes without a bunch of clutter. For sure my favorite theme to riff on. All I did here was throw up some backgrounds, change some colors, and strip the lock screen down to just the stuff Elmo wanted. All functionality and utility is thanks very much to Hyperar.
  6. SplashPuddle


    Version 1.0.0


    A NIN themed ripoff of Simple Dark with bright backgrounds to show off yer color screen