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  1. Stepladder

    The iOS Theme

    Love the look of this theme...well done Tortuga!
  2. Stepladder

    DJLsb Theme with Replay

    Hi Opanos, You can customise any theme using Escribe's Theme Designer to change /swap images. First you need to find logo and convert it to png format so you can import this into your theme. Unfortunately I don't have time to prepare guidance notes so would suggest watching YouTube vids on this or ask here in the forum section dedicated to Themes. Hope that helps
  3. Stepladder

    DJLsb Theme with Replay

    Hi ob1j3d1, MAIN screen is the the default screen so yes you will always start off from there after unlocking or rebooting your device. You can reassign the default screen to be the REPLAY screen using Theme Designer in EScribe. I will post some guidance on how to do this within the next day or two. Replay will remain active even after locking/unlocking, so if you are using Replay and then lock/unlock your device you will default back to the MAIN screen but replay will still be active in the background so you can continue vaping without the need to go back to the Replay screen, unless you decide to reset Replay (usually required after change in ambient temperature). I will introduce a small icon on the MAIN screen to indicate the Replay status in V2.3. Hope that clarifies things, I will PM you once I have uploaded guidance notes.
  4. Stepladder

    DJLsb Theme with Replay

    Hi RawrRomp, puffs aren't automatically saved, in all instances you will need to hit the 'save puff' button in order to activate Replay. Hope that answers your question?
  5. Stepladder

    Rebel Vape Theme

    No worries....I forgot to mention my mod is far from perfect, but Ive learnt to live with its quirks as pros outweigh the cons (for me at least). If you can afford one I say go for it I doubt you'd be disappointed (tho I could be wrong and probably am). Happy vaping 🙂
  6. Stepladder

    Rebel Vape Theme

    Size wise mine is smaller than a Therion apart from the width which is slightly wider but I think (for me at least) makes the mod more ergonomic...I previously owned 2x Paranormals, and 2x Therion all which I sold because I didn't like using them after having the pleasure of using the Rebel...they felt heavier and prone to damage so was always conscious of not putting them in pockets containing keys or sitting them down on concrete for fear of scratching them...3D printed mods are a different ball game all together as they are made from nylon which make they durable. (Extremely light but solid) Also the Ally black version from Rebel is a solid black so if you did scratch you don't notice them. I happened to be tipped off about them whilst watching Jai Haze review. Hope that clarifies my gush fest.
  7. Stepladder

    DJLsb Theme with Replay

    I have now included 'USB On-The-Go' for anyone wishing to use the 250c powerbank feature - included in V2.2.0
  8. Stepladder

    Rebel Vape Theme

    Hi Brady M, I too have a Rebel, you can only realise how good these mods are by having one....light, solid, ergonomic, scratch proof so you don't have to changer in my hubble opinion ...I use the DJLsb Theme modded to include Replay and the option to switch out the default display to a colour of my choosing ...only problem is they all work really well with black so I am always spoiled for choice...I think greens a winner on my Ally black sqounker.
  9. Stepladder

    DJLsb Theme with Replay

    OK guys I have just included 4x battery status on the System Diag screen - now available in v2.1. Enjoy 😉
  10. Stepladder

    DJLsb Theme with Replay

    Glad you like the theme...I will include up to 4x cells and powerbank feature soon. Will PM you once uploaded.
  11. Stepladder

    DJLsb Theme with Replay

    Hi nashpantheron, stats for up to 4x batteries will be included in Version 2.0.1...will PM you when this becomes available. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Stepladder

    Theme for Paranorma CZ

    This may be of interest
  13. Stepladder

    Mirage dna 75c theme

    This may be of interest...V2 includes colour toggle for matchy matchy customisation. See download options
  14. Make sure original images are the same size too!