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  1. Hi Puma303, To change profile go: Setting>Profile (see screenshot), and for coil temperature whilst firing go: Info>Live Puff Info (see screenshot). Hope that helps. Regards, Stepladder
  2. Hi Ghoulsfrank, make sure Watts are selected in the Setting by going to: Setting>Profile = Watts. If that doesnt solve your issue check and make sure replay is enabled in profile setting for Watts (csv) using Escribe. Feel free to PM for further guidance. Regards Stepladder
  3. Hi mrphilip, I don't think check battery issue is theme related...from my experience this is usually down to battery performance. Let me know of any further updates and I will try to assist. Regards Stepladder
  4. Hi MacKP, Thanks! Stealth V2.3.0 amended to now display Replay as the default screen - see downloads. Regards Stepladder
  5. Hi MacKP, yes Replay should be the default screen so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I will pm you tomorrow as soon as i've uploaded amended version. V2.3.0 is currently available in Stealth and can be activated by pressing the colour toggle button to change to a monochrome display. Hope this clarifies. Regards Stepladder
  6. Hi lufc74, resistance readout now to 2nd decimal in Stealth V2.3.0. Will work on updating the other options soon. Regards Stepladder
  7. Hi mrphilip, battery read out now fixed in Stealth V2.3.0, if you need V2.3.0 in any other option let me know and i will prioritise. Thanks again for your feedback. Regards Stepladder
  8. Hi sdkyron, Stealth now available in 2.3.0. Apologies for taking so long. Regards Stepladder
  9. Hi lufc74. I didn't think one decimal place would be an issue so thanks for letting me know 😉 I will take a look and get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks again, Regards Stepladder
  10. Thanks for the kind words and feedback mrphilip! You could change the colour toggle button image with the one you have shown by converting it to png format so you can import it into theme. Have a go and if you get stuck pls ask. Regards Stepladder
    Great theme! and different from the rest. Like the use of gauges for main screen readout....Simply amazing, keep up the good work.
  11. Awesome scheme...but would colour change the battery. Red battery with grey charge symbol I reckon would look awesome!
    Very Nice! Loving that background, fair play. Reds always work well with greys. Nice. My favourite so far
  12. Hi Foxxie, I had same issue after dropping my mod...the shock damaged my screen ;-/. Managed to source a replacement screen from Modmaker in the UK for £11. It was easy to install on my Rebel sqounker...not sure how easy it would be to install on a Paranormal mind.
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