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Found 12 results

  1. BdubH22

    Dna250c Error Press Up

    Hi guys, im looking to find some help on a few issues with my lost vape triade dna250c project sub ohm edition. First and biggest issue the error message i get several times a day. White screen that says Error Press Up. Sometimes it happens when the screen turns off, sometimes it does it inbetween puffs, does it when i update it or try to change the theme. Each time it makes me unlock the device again. Ive reset it back to the default theme and still does it, also my replay function is wonky.. I can change it to replay but i cant hit the save button. Also earlier it went to black screen and wouldnt turn on again until i popped a battery out.. Ive only had the thing for 2 weeks and i did upgrade to the sp35. I did see the soft and hard reset options on escribe but wasnt sure what they do, so would one of these reset the entire chip back to factory? Firmware and all?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    i hope you guys enjoy it it's nothing special though... just the original theme with different welcome-screens( primary: secondary:)
  3. Does anyone already ran the case analyser, and/ has the file for this box ? I'm running 3x VTC5a Thank you
  4. Does anyone have the discharge profile for 3 VTC5a?
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hier mein entworfenes DNA Family GuyTheme in Deutsch, ich hoffe es gefällt euch.

    Lost Vape Triade reads resistance .04 too high

    Hi folks. Long time DNA fan. During last years labor day sale I ordered a Triade 250 with a hefty discount. About a month after opening it, I noticed that it was overreading the resistance by a decent amount. I just tested it vs a very accurate Therion and the therion read .177 and the Triade .223 I checked on escribe and the internal resistance is set to .004. I thought of maybe just focusing on the voltage output and using known tanks or known builds on my rda's but the hit felt different. Now with the DNA250 out, I am ready to regift this barely used Triade DNA250. I know now that my 6 month Lost Vape policy is gone, I hear that I can mail my mod to Evolv and they will fix it. Does anyone have any idea how much they charge? My other option is fix it. I can't find a thread on my mod, but it seems people had a similar problem with the Lost Vape Paranormal 166. Maybe Vape shops (havent been to one in years) do repairs. As I mention below, I tested the Triade with "atomizer analzyer" tool and it got .316 with no atomizer on it anyways, I appreciate any thoughts. Below, the resistance analyer for the Triade (batteries charging prob for the F) and the next for the therion. Baby beast tank with the .15 mesh coil.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm having some trouble with my Lost Vape Triade DNA 250. I was charging it last night, now all of the sudden there are "phantom button presses". The wattage up button seems to be pressing itself, because every time I try to fire the device the screen shows the error " POWER LOCKED, HOLD UP DOWN" and it simply won't fire. When I unlock the power, the wattage rolls up to the maximum. What could be the problem? I have been finding juice all over the device while using it... Do you think there is juice on the PCB, causing these button presses? If so, what do I do?? Thanks in advance for reading and commenting. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
  8. Calexiou

    DNA200 not working

    Hi, I have been using the DNA200 for the last couple of months or so with no problems so far. This morning when I got it it felt a bit warm. When I press the fire button nothing would happen. The screen is not showing anything and the mod itself is not working at all. I removed the batteries and I charged them and now they are fully charged. The mod is still not responding. Any help would be appreciated thanks
  9. So.... I've just noticed a problem with my Triade DNA250. I put one set of batteries in and they are fully charged. The battery reading on the mod says 84%.. I tried with 2 different sets of batteries and both sets read 84% . Both sets are fully charged. I tried download a CSV file and that didn't help... I'm having a hell of a time with it. I would really like to fix this issue. I love this mod. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know a possible fix for this issue?? If someone could help me I would appreciate it so much... Thank you for your time.
  10. Mr.stlyogirl

    Check battery at 28%?

    Currently own the triade 250 and i run it at 160w on a goon 1.5 rda. i get check battery message at about 28% what can i do to fix this? will running battery analyzer help? if so can i just do a few big loops of wire to run a 160w test? or do i need to buy specific gear? im a complete noob when it comes to the dna chip
  11. i have the triade 250 and hg2s. its set to 33.3 and at about 15% i get check battery , now it has let me vape down to 5% before so idk what effects it. so i plugged it in to device monitor and my cells are all charged to 3.4. when fired they drop to 2.9 wich would make sense because thats my cutoff. That being said how do i make it represent 0% when theyre at 3.3 instead of a random percentage or just fix it all together ?
  12. The Doctor

    Lost Vape Triade DNA 250

    Hi everyone, I'm new of the forum and of the dna's world. I received my LV Triade DNA 250 just yesterday. Now I'm waiting for 3 18650 Sony VTC6 to power up my box, and I'm sure I'll need your help for the initial setup. Cheers from Italy Gabriele