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Found 7 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is my personal collection of my csv files for escribe. I collected these from multiple sources on the web within my 3 years of vaping. Its not a complete collection, but these are the materials I use and build with. Please keep in mind that there is always some "range" within different products and manufacturers of wires. I am quite obsessed on details and I believe these are the optimal csv's I could find so far. (But If you have a "better" one and some explanation why it is superior, pls add it to this forum) keep vaping 😉 chris
  2. I am trying set up my first TCR profile, but i am absolutely clueless about it. I have dual coil tri-core fused clapton ss316L and i have been using it with 100W on power mode(if its too much or too little please tell me). I have no idea what temperature should i have, how long preheat, what is punch, and how high should i have the preheat watts. I would realy really really appreciate any help.
  3. My Esquare DNA60 is having problems doing TC with SS316L. I put in a new coil, it won't change its resistances from the last one, pop out batteries, still won't, take off atty and hit fire, still won't change. Ohms aren't locked at all and even if I move it to device diagnostics it STILL shows the last coil under live ohms for no reason. To make it worse on a 0.65ohm 26gSS316L single coil it just will continually nuke the coil with 50w-60w when the temp is set to 450f and just decimate any coil I put into it. No matter how I build, if I lock ohms or not, its just isn't doing TC correct by any measure. I've flashed the device to 3 times now and the problem is still there. Does anyone have any solutions. I bought this mod for its great TC but so far $20 mod's chip is much more reliable.
  4. I’m using 26ga ss316l for a month and using it in TC mode as it supposed to and I get aroun 0,26 with 7wraps(dual). If I use the wire in the image, will it be safe and does ohm matter in TC mode? Thanks in advance. P.S.: More wraps than 8 doesn’t fit my atomizer and I assume as fused claptons more than 6 will be too big for it. I own a Pilgrim GTA. Also, I did a little research and it does support 0,08ohm+
  5. Hello everybody, I'm new to TC vaping and before I start, I made some researches. IIRC, the ohm should change while I'm vaping. However, I see no change at all with my dual 0,3ohm, ss316l, 26ga wire. 1,5s preheat 70w and 45 normally. I'm using Pilgrim GTA if it helps. Also, I may lock that ohm by mistake through escribe. How can I revert it on my mod. One more question, what is the range of vaping with this build? I feel like the more temperature the more I like. However, I read that fruity juices should vape at lower Temperatures. Thank you all.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Griffin 22 mm by GeekVape evaporator profile - Notch coil SS316L evaporator profile. Here are all the files: logo .. etc. 2 x Notch coil 5 mm 0,2 Ohm iInner diameter: 4,8 mm. Total Ohm: 0,1. Power 35W / 45W preheat, Material profile: custom SS316. I've used 2x 5 mm Notch coils but slightly flattened, If you own a 25mm version of Griffin you will not have this problem. Power may be up - this is the initial experiment, here temteraturata is far from the setpoint. Here is my review, which is unfortunately not in English: DNA200-SS_316L-SM.csv
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