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  1. Pphish

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    And I'm using the Gauges theme
  2. Pphish

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    I kind of thought it might be and I thought about adding a disclaimer since you said you were using quad cores which def don't need as many watts or as high of a temp. I would do the set temp between 495-505 with the pre heat temp set to 460_465 I would still give it 80-85 Watts for the set wattage and 95 for pre heat wattage. As a rule of thumb , set the pre heat temp about 20-30 degrees lower than your set temp and set pre heat wattage about 10-20 watts higher than your set wattage... That way there is no sudden dip in vapor production. And yes my coils are beefy...I should have used some N80 or kanthal in my build to bring the ohms up; but I used all SS316 and it does read .042 lol.i do not suggest building this low you can get better performance and flavor with higher ohm builds.
  3. Pphish

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    Dude this is nothing to do with your device. . Look at your settings! You must understand the parameters you're working with in temp control... You are using 125 WATTS(which is way too much to begin with) to pre heat to 525 F->as soon as your coil hits 525->it drops down to only using 40 WATTS(which is way too low for .12 ohms) at temp setting of 475 ( 50 degrees lower than your pre heat... That doesn't work) Try this: Get this: This is with some wire I wrapped myself: SS316L 24g /32g x 3 with 32g-> that's three 24g staggered Clapton cores wrapped by 32g then fused together with another 32g overwrap->for a fused staggered Clapton
  4. Pphish

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    Yeah but it you like to try out different settings on the go, it's kind of a pain in the ass
  5. Pphish

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    Are ohms stable? Can you tell us a bit more about the build and the temp settings you are running it at? Also what happens if you put it in Watts?
  6. Pphish

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    I brought up the same point to the designer, and you can see his response a few posts up. He made using a temp sensing coil a condition of the ability to save the puff, effectively limiting the functionality of replay. I don't think he meant to exactly, he didn't realize that this was already an inherent function of replay that didn't need to be added. I modded the theme shortly after the 2.1 release to regain the ability to use replay with coil material set to Watts. I can share that file with you if you would like.
  7. Pphish

    New to modding need help. Links etc

    If you look through the modding forums, they have a thread that had all the links you need
  8. Pphish

    Replay Issue

    I agree with retird, but I'm also wondering what mod you have? My paranormal was set to .004, but I brought it down to .0038; my friends paranormal was also set to .004 but I took her down to .0017 to get a correct ohm reading. Before tinkering with mod resistance perhaps see how ohm reading vary between your 250c and some other mods. If they are reading about the same resistance, then try running case thermals(be prepared to wait) in escribe. Also where did you source your SS316? Are you running in wattage mode on replay? What kind of build do you have in there (like Clapton or gauge)?
  9. Pphish

    Replay Issue

    Check your mod resistance, calibrate if need be. The Drop RDA works perfectly with SS316 for me, I'm running a .064 build in it at the moment
  10. Pphish

    SS 316L Temp Control Issues

    Sounds to me like a mod resistance problem, or likely an unstable connection in the atomizer itself... Especially if replay mode causes dry hits
  11. Pphish

    Rick and Morty theme

    Someday Bruh...
  12. Pphish

    Rebel Vape 250c Cracked Screen

    Where did you manage to buy one? I thought they only shipped in the UK and EU...
  13. Pphish

    New DNA user - Poor TC performance

    I think your settings are set quite low for that build. 375 is low for just about any build, I would start with 450 and go up from there, also set your wattage higher, the DNA board will only use what it needs to get to the set temperature. What about other parameters? Pre heat and temp dominant, etc? That being said, I have never been able to get a good vape on SS430,I wish I could though as some people swear by it. My last attempt was on a drop RDA with dual core clapton's from AVS... It was working well, but I think I maybe damaged the wire somehow... If you are successful in getting a good setup, I'm def interested to know how
  14. Pphish

    Dna200 doesn't work

    I'm honestly surprised you managed to get to the board without destroying the battery sled
  15. Pphish

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    So in your replay enabled profile , it will certainly allow you to use SS316 with Watts chosen as the material type and offer to save the puff... The problem I was referring to adding a redundant feature is when you try to turn replay off via Gauges 2.1; once you turn it off, you can't renable replay with coil material set to Watts. At which point, you must limit yourself to only using replay when the material chosen is temp sensing. But yes thus far Evolv 250c has a way to test whether the coil material is temp sensing, the feature is built into the firmware. As such it won't recognize KA1 as a viable coil to offer to save your puff in regular old replay. I really like the toggle, unless you had a different condition in mind to replace it. But I personally like that, I can tweak some of those features without connecting to a pc thanks to you. Just disable the condition that limits the toggle to temp sensing coils and then it works perfectly. I don't know if you can incorporate PK mode into your theme, but you could possibly manage to allow others to use it by creating an ecig profile to go along with the theme... Still because it's a hidden setting, it may not work in an ecig profile