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  1. Out of 3 DNA mods, countless atomizers, countless builds...I have never once been able to turn the atomizer analyzer even less than a quarter without the reading changing.
  2. Floating 510 pin... Not great for replay or temp control.
  3. Oh I see lol... Sounds like your may want to read up on changing your mods internal resistance... Also, have you tried any other SS316l mesh besides the nex mesh?
  4. Re-read what you wrote and am deleting my response based on my new understanding...lol
  5. How has nobody asked what atomizer op is using? Of course replay isn't working on stock pre made coils! There are very few instances where it would... Even if the coils say SS there are so many issues with the connection of floating pin atomizers with temp control and replay! If op gets an rda or rta and throws some guaranteed SS316l wire in there,I assure you that replay will work! The fact that op was getting a tolerable experience with same coils in TC only means that OP got lucky. But my guess is that OP is using a smok tank or crown 3; in the case of smok, the coil is not SS only the
  6. Bruh...SS316 and other TC wires have a higher resistance when heated; this how we get temp control! So of course the resistance changes when you hit it a few times and remeasure the ohms!🤯 wait were you joking?! Please tell me you were joking
  7. Not going to happen, and here is why: Evolv designed each profile to have readings independent of one another, this way each profile could theoretically represent a different atomizer. With all the variables that one can change in a profile, it's actually quite nice to be able to pre-set a profile so one can quickly put on a new atomizer and with a couple clicks be ready to have an entirely different vaping experience. You are aware that you could just lock in the cold resistance into all of your profiles and that can literally be done without even having to use a computer! It w
  8. Was wondering what the Nuclear model would look like... I've got my eye on the universal 2x21700 squonker they have up. That will likely be the enclosure I use to build my first device. Not trying to knock on you or anything but I can run my paranormal 250c for slightly over a day at 100-105 watts with my Sony VTC5a and VTC5d(vapecell re-wraps)... But more power to ya! Building a mod had got to be much more satisfying than buying one anyway. What how long is the battery life on your device?
  9. Yeah but that also removes all the profiles and material that I've added to the device. Are you certain that the device stores old themes that you are no longer using? If so that seems like a bit of an oversight on the part of Evolv... Sounds like something should be remedied in the next firmware update ( @James)
  10. Replay function send based around core wire... So use SS for at least some of the core wire... Don't think it needs to be all though. Interestingly enough though you can use a different material for core wire(N80,N90,etc)and SS other wrap, and while replay doesn't work... Temp control will! I've been using N80 cores with SS wrap and then running in temp control with material set to SS316, and TC works flawlessly! Alternatively, SS cores and N80 wrap works with both replay and TC-SS. Running framed staple aliens in my Themis now with all N80 core with 34g SS wrap and use both TC
  11. How did you do it?I didn't realize that themes accumulated on the device after a new one was loaded on...
  12. Love my Boaz! Great connectivity... Amazing for temp control! And love AVS, but I Clapton my own wire now and they are too expensive and don't sell spools longer than 100 ft. But seriously amazing company; I'm in Colorado and hoping to work for them actually
  13. I really liked the way that RTA looked... But seemed to have one fatal flaw; the positioning of the grub screws on the deck,I use a lot of flat wire types that would be misshapen by that deck. Plus I already have a Themis which I love and the Juggerknot sense too similar to drop $60 on. What are your thoughts?
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