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  1. Not going to happen, and here is why: Evolv designed each profile to have readings independent of one another, this way each profile could theoretically represent a different atomizer. With all the variables that one can change in a profile, it's actually quite nice to be able to pre-set a profile so one can quickly put on a new atomizer and with a couple clicks be ready to have an entirely different vaping experience. You are aware that you could just lock in the cold resistance into all of your profiles and that can literally be done without even having to use a computer! It would undermine the entire reason the profiles are there in the first place.
  2. Pphish

    Reactor Mod (Thanks Frogmod!)

    Was wondering what the Nuclear model would look like... I've got my eye on the universal 2x21700 squonker they have up. That will likely be the enclosure I use to build my first device. Not trying to knock on you or anything but I can run my paranormal 250c for slightly over a day at 100-105 watts with my Sony VTC5a and VTC5d(vapecell re-wraps)... But more power to ya! Building a mod had got to be much more satisfying than buying one anyway. What how long is the battery life on your device?
  3. Pphish

    How to delete themes 250C

    Yeah but that also removes all the profiles and material that I've added to the device. Are you certain that the device stores old themes that you are no longer using? If so that seems like a bit of an oversight on the part of Evolv... Sounds like something should be remedied in the next firmware update ( @James)
  4. Pphish

    Coil builds. What works with Replay?

    Replay function send based around core wire... So use SS for at least some of the core wire... Don't think it needs to be all though. Interestingly enough though you can use a different material for core wire(N80,N90,etc)and SS other wrap, and while replay doesn't work... Temp control will! I've been using N80 cores with SS wrap and then running in temp control with material set to SS316, and TC works flawlessly! Alternatively, SS cores and N80 wrap works with both replay and TC-SS. Running framed staple aliens in my Themis now with all N80 core with 34g SS wrap and use both TC and wattage with great success... No replay;though, I haven't tried it on my Replay PK profile to see if it works with that.
  5. Pphish

    How to delete themes 250C

    How did you do it?I didn't realize that themes accumulated on the device after a new one was loaded on...
  6. Love my Boaz! Great connectivity... Amazing for temp control! And love AVS, but I Clapton my own wire now and they are too expensive and don't sell spools longer than 100 ft. But seriously amazing company; I'm in Colorado and hoping to work for them actually
  7. Pphish

    QP Designs Juggerknot RTA

    I really liked the way that RTA looked... But seemed to have one fatal flaw; the positioning of the grub screws on the deck,I use a lot of flat wire types that would be misshapen by that deck. Plus I already have a Themis which I love and the Juggerknot sense too similar to drop $60 on. What are your thoughts?
  8. Pphish

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    And I'm using the Gauges theme
  9. Pphish

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    I kind of thought it might be and I thought about adding a disclaimer since you said you were using quad cores which def don't need as many watts or as high of a temp. I would do the set temp between 495-505 with the pre heat temp set to 460_465 I would still give it 80-85 Watts for the set wattage and 95 for pre heat wattage. As a rule of thumb , set the pre heat temp about 20-30 degrees lower than your set temp and set pre heat wattage about 10-20 watts higher than your set wattage... That way there is no sudden dip in vapor production. And yes my coils are beefy...I should have used some N80 or kanthal in my build to bring the ohms up; but I used all SS316 and it does read .042 lol.i do not suggest building this low you can get better performance and flavor with higher ohm builds.
  10. Pphish

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    Dude this is nothing to do with your device. . Look at your settings! You must understand the parameters you're working with in temp control... You are using 125 WATTS(which is way too much to begin with) to pre heat to 525 F->as soon as your coil hits 525->it drops down to only using 40 WATTS(which is way too low for .12 ohms) at temp setting of 475 ( 50 degrees lower than your pre heat... That doesn't work) Try this: Get this: This is with some wire I wrapped myself: SS316L 24g /32g x 3 with 32g-> that's three 24g staggered Clapton cores wrapped by 32g then fused together with another 32g overwrap->for a fused staggered Clapton
  11. Pphish

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    Yeah but it you like to try out different settings on the go, it's kind of a pain in the ass
  12. Pphish

    Paranormal 250c SS316 problems

    Are ohms stable? Can you tell us a bit more about the build and the temp settings you are running it at? Also what happens if you put it in Watts?
  13. Pphish

    Gauges - Major update 2.0.0

    I brought up the same point to the designer, and you can see his response a few posts up. He made using a temp sensing coil a condition of the ability to save the puff, effectively limiting the functionality of replay. I don't think he meant to exactly, he didn't realize that this was already an inherent function of replay that didn't need to be added. I modded the theme shortly after the 2.1 release to regain the ability to use replay with coil material set to Watts. I can share that file with you if you would like.
  14. Pphish

    New to modding need help. Links etc

    If you look through the modding forums, they have a thread that had all the links you need
  15. Pphish

    Replay Issue

    I agree with retird, but I'm also wondering what mod you have? My paranormal was set to .004, but I brought it down to .0038; my friends paranormal was also set to .004 but I took her down to .0017 to get a correct ohm reading. Before tinkering with mod resistance perhaps see how ohm reading vary between your 250c and some other mods. If they are reading about the same resistance, then try running case thermals(be prepared to wait) in escribe. Also where did you source your SS316? Are you running in wattage mode on replay? What kind of build do you have in there (like Clapton or gauge)?