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    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    Wasn't even going to ask if I could buy it, that is too much of a beast for me these days Certainly gives me some ideas on "external power" hehehe
  2. KnHawke

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    That is really nice! You planning on sealing it with some ClearCoat or something? Or just leave it as it is?
  3. KnHawke

    First Mod Design Advice

    Great start! I'm learning Fusion360 myself For batteries, I'm leaning toward the VenomPower 30 or 50C types for 4 cell, they are MUCH smaller and much more inexpensive compared to MaxAMPs, (Their 4S, 1400 mAH 30C is 85mm x 30mm x 26.5mm) costs about $30. Sure, it only pushes 40A constant, but with the board limited to 10V and 60A, no really need for something extreme OH!, may want to look at batteries geared more toward Aircraft instead of Quads, sure, Lower C Rating, but you also get more mAH capacity in a smaller size.
  4. KnHawke

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention! Awesome idea and Mod! And since ya mentioned it, having that hanging like a CB Mike... Ouch! That is a lot of Aluminum swinging around, don't even wanna think of what it could do to your head! hehehe At home? Ya use one of those SLA batteries strapped to your waist like a fanny pack? (Kidding!, I see the lipo ya got there!)
  5. KnHawke

    Reactor Mod (Thanks Frogmod!)

    The battery life is extreme thanks to the Samsung 40Ts, and you're right! Building it was the most satisfying thing ever, especially, at the time, there was nothing that fit my needs :) At 95 watts, Boost on, and the Punch at 9 or 10, I would get almost 2 days out of a full charge, and this is while I was sucking down about 30-35+ ml's a day :P (thankfully, my building skills has since improved and I increased my MGs to compensate! lol) But, thanks to some mechanical failures (using WAY to heavy gauge wire for one, for all the lengths in there, 18ga Stranded would have been more than suffice), the Nuke is out of commission and I have moved onto Squonking. Namely the Flask Body type that Calavera Mods has crafted really caught my eye!
  6. Been lurking anonymously around here for some time and then I across @Frogmod's awesome designs on Shapeways through here. Long story short: Been wanting a DNA250C for quite some time, but ALL of the purchasable models available (Triade, Finder, etc) fell short of my criteria: All Day at 100 watt, No LiPO. I'll be honest, Lipos scare the crap out of me. Yeah, I know that the DNA chip itself treats them with kid gloves with its built in charger (Love the fact that it has a Built In Balancer, and it SHUTS OFF after it is done equalizing everything) but the idea of have a half kilo or so of Thermite in my house... Nope... NUh-Uh! So I stumbled on Frog's quad 21700 Battery sled, I messaged him, we then hashed out of design criteria and some weeks later we came up with that large-ISH Monster that ya see below Loaded up with 4 Samsung 40Ts and a Varitube V2 30mm 510 Deck, what a beast, I can suck down 4-5 5ml tanks at 95 watts with the Punch @11 and I only crack past 65% all day :D