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    QP Designs Juggerknot RTA

    I mainly use claptons and fused claptons so i havent run into any problems with the screws. I use the RTA everyday and i live it! The machining is perfect and its smooth airflow with great flavor. I think its worth the money for any1 looking for a high end RTA. I just love RTA's so I had to have it for the collection.
  2. Im using the Juggerknot RTA with 2.5mm SS316 Claptons and the flavor and vapor production with the 250c Paranormal is just amazing! Im so happy with the performace and experience of this combination. I recommend using this tank on the DNA 250c its just perfect.
  3. Is there anyway to get escribe on a Chrome OS ? my computer runs on the Chrome operating system so idk how to get escribe to work with it. any help would be appreciated.