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  1. ajoe

    Dna 250c and Drop RDA

    I use 40 / 450 for TC in my Drops with SS alien coils and get great flavor. I have 3 for juice testing that are in constant rotation. For flavor, I would suggest single or dual coil. Too much heat from a quad could be killing the flavor.
  2. ajoe

    Clock Error message DNA 75c

    This error has happened on other brands of mods as document on these forums, so it is unlikely a device issue. Please put in a support ticket in with Evolv. In my experience, they respond in 2-3 days and are very helpful.
  3. ajoe

    Boxer dna 250c clock + Batterie error

    Have any of you put in a support ticket with Evolv? It may take a day or two for them to respond, but they are very helpful.
  4. Sorry, no idea which links it was. For privacy reasons, my browser deletes everything (including history) each time it quits.
  5. Do a search for "ijoy diamond temperature control" and there ya go.
  6. I certainly was until I switched back to TC mode. I purchased my DNA250c devices specifically after watching an interview with Brandon where he described Replay and mentioned that he had switched to using it exclusively. But several weeks of using Replay on two devices from different vendors, resulted in frustration from all manner of weird behavior and error messages. Some of those have been reported to Evolv. After switching back to TC, I'm a happy camper. Great vape, no problems whatsoever. IMHO, Replay is a great idea that still needs a lot of work.
  7. ajoe

    New Board, dead USB

    If the connector is accessible, I would try carefully squeezing it with needle nose pliers to tighten the connection. Other than that, wait to hear from Evolv or solutions from other users.
  8. I am curious if you tried these for TC or Replay. I searched high and low and could not find any information about the coil material. However I have seen references to using them in TC devices, so I assume they will work in Replay.
  9. Does it not fire at all? Perhaps the 510 connection is too short. The 520 connector has a slotted screw which may or may not mean its length can be adjusted. So if you are not getting any power to the Boaz, you might contact AVS to see if that 510 screw is adjustable.
  10. ajoe

    Whistles and Chirps

    Pretty sure that is a Boxer dual 20700 with squonk.
  11. ajoe

    Puff Info Display

    I just checked my device and I can see two such lines if I keep the fire button depressed after a puff so I can see the screen. They divide the screen in thirds. Not sure if it is connected to your problem though. Yours does sound like a software problem to me. Are you running the lasses firmware?
  12. ajoe

    Where to buy Lost Vape Triade 250c

    Sorry for the typo: That should have said "Yes, have ordered from Element without problems."
  13. ajoe

    Puff Info Display

    I can not help you, but there have been other threads here with people experiencing horizontal lines at about the location of the blue line in the graph on your screen. As I recall, one person resolved it by replacing the screen. Others where hoping for a firmware fix, but I don't recall that ever happening. I would submit an Evolv Support Ticket and ask for guidance.
  14. In at least 90% of the occurrences, it is a room temp tank or rda off the shelf. Creating atomizer profiles wouldn't work for me, and should not be necessary. I have too many duplicate rdas that get interchanged throughout the day to change flavors. That would be a bookkeeping nightmare. I am willing to try new things but atomizer profiles seems an unnecessary burden when this appears to be DNA250c problem. And, just for the record, I have also submitted a support ticket. If you do a search here on "Temp Protect" you will find other similar behavior has been encountered, although perhaps not as well documented. I only because concerned this was a DNA250c problem upon buying my second device and having exhibit the identical behavior. All that said, thanks for the reply. It never hurts to pursue different avenues of resolve.
  15. I have two DNA250c mods; a Lost Vape Triade and Boxer dual 20700 squonk. Both frequently exhibit the same problem. First of all, I only use SS316L coils in my RDA or Tanks. All of the coils and wire are from the same source. I am using the default theme on both devices. I always run Replay. This problem occurs when switching atomizers. After the device asks if it is a new atty and I answer yes, any attempt to fire it will result in a Temp Protect message at the bottom of the replay screen. No adjustments to the atomizer or the device setting will correct the problem. However, sometimes if turn the device off and back on again (5 clicks), it works normally again. If that doesn't work, removing and installing the batteries will clear the error and it will continue normal operation. This does not happen every time I switch atomizers, but approximately 30-40% of the time. It appears something is happening in the DNA250c that causes it to get confused when changing atomizers. Any thoughts?