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  1. I finished my dna 250c yesterday. Worked great most of the day. Then it started to randomly fire. Like someone was oushing the button really fast. Screen would lock then unlock. Now its not firing at all. On board button not working, neither is the mtec switch. I fully disconnected the switch to see if it was at fault and still nothing. I double checked my solder joints and they all look fine. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. Been using my paranormal 250c to hold me over till i get the rest of my part. Instead of finishing my b box, i got a blue n1 box, and an ipwm board, too big and issues with board. Regretting not just finishing the dna first. The modfather and scottua both look amazing on the b box and both work great on the paranormal in replay.
  3. Any alternative to the turnigy 1600mah 4s 20c for 1590b? They are out of stock everywhere
  4. So I chose the red b box over the gxl2 just for little extra space inside. So far I have the 510, fire button and box. I have the Scottua clone and modfather clone on the way. Next check will be the board and holder and maybe the battery. When I go with an n1 box it’s gonna be an nlpwm with a voltrov. The gxl2 looks awesome but I couldn’t find it in red and after looking at build it seemed a little tight with the 1600 4s in their
  5. ok so the N1 isnt a complete monstrosity. I just got my supreme V2 and got it all wicked up on my vaporshark. Much happier with it over my boreaus and more vapor production and flavor over my kylin mini. My paranormal 250c should be here with in the next couple days so I can judge weather I like the 250c vs 250. The Titan has way too much overhang for my liking on the N1. So I will still be getting the plus or a scottua tank clone. I saw a video with a scottua on a shorter B build and they look the part, no over hang at all. I really like this guys box its seems to be shorter 1590b
  6. Luckily i have time to contemplate my decision. B style box, i can go red and get something close to what i lost, Decent battery, can upgrade from my aromamizer supreme v1 that was also lost to an aromamizer plus. A 4s 1600 is definitly gonna last longer then the 3s 1300 that was in the efusion. Or N1 style box, Titan or voltrov tank, huge battery but beastly size. Anyone find a pic of a n1 box with a voltrov or titan on it? Is there any over hang?
  7. I could have sworn it was 30mm wide, now i have to rethink cause thr titan is rediculas even for me. Mybe the b box is the way to go. Im not a cloud chucker. The aromamizer plus sits flush with the b or close to it. To me the plus is large enough.
  8. Definitely going with the n1 box. That way I can get a aromamizer plus to go with it and a big ass battery. Something opposite of my vapor shark and Kylin mini. I think I will be happy with an all black set.
  9. ooooohhh thats pretty. I like that. Ive got large hands so that should be perfect.
  10. what about this one? https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Alpinetech-1590N1-CNC-Box-Color-DNA75C-DNA250C-Cutouts-16mm-Cutout-/222831882218 seems to have more space inside and I think I can live with black, maybe a red one will be available soon
  11. So if i did just go with a 3s lipo would i need to use an adapter for the jst? Im kinda digging the look of the dripp3d large curved box. I prolly wont be building for another month or so. So i can either buy a kit or buy peices at a time on ebay.
  12. Thats exactly the kind of jnfo im looking for thanks you. Did you need anything special to mount the board to the case? That would be perfect for me. Didn't think about a 4s battery. Anychance you have a parts list of what you used?
  13. Im looking around trying to find a good place to buy a dna 250c kit. My lost Vapes efusion dna 200 was stolen and now irreplaceable which makes me very sad. On top of all of that in the same week my back up mods, hcigar vt200 died, the board fried. My wismec rx2/3 blew up, and my wismec rx200 died. I purchased a vaporshark dna 250 but the battery life is killing me. I also purchased from fasttech, a lost vapes paranormal 250c but I hate 18650 batteries but I figured it would make a good back up. I want to build a dna 250c with a large 3s 2800mah or bigger battery but Ive
  14. My first titanium build. Tested on a freakshow. never new using a machine screw would make it so easy. comes out to an even .1 ohm using 24awg wire. This DNA 200 is one of the best presents a person could get. So much fun to tinker with. Its bringing life back to so many rda's and rta's that were just thrown in a drawer and forgotten about.
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