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  1. mrphilip

    Best pg vg ratio for both coils

    THE FORMULA DESCRIBED ABOVE DOESN"T SEEM TO APPLY TO YOUR ORION QUESTION. IN A NUTSHELL, I RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE A 50/50 E-LIQUID OF WHATEVER STRENGTH YOU LIKE. I OWN 5 ORIONS AND HAVE BEEN ROTATING THEM SINCE LATE OCTOBER IF MEMORY SERVES. We don't have options on what metal are pods are made with. Lost Vape has made that decisions for us. We can only program the wattage, up to a max of 40. I never go beyond 20 + boost. Lost Vape suggests in the owners manual that freebase nicotine should be used with the 0.25 ohm coil and that nic salts can be used in the 05 ohm coils (as well as the new Q coils). In truth, nic salts can be used in the 0.25 ohm but I wouldn't go higher than 35 mg niece salts as 50 gives you a buzz. it's your decision wha mg and which nicotine you use in any of their pods. VG/PG RATIO IS A GREAT QUESTION & WARRANTS YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF A FEW FACTORS. E-liquid is the combination of 3 or 4 things. Flavored adult lube is almost identical in composition (vegetable glycerin, flavorings & corn starch). nicotine - in either a pg or vg base flavorings - in a pg base (most common) PG - or not for Max VG e-liquids VG - smooth and tasty enough to vape by itself if the vapocaplyse comes and I could only bring 1 thing. After a few years you may be down to 0 or 3 mg and still want to enjoy the pleasures of vaping. This is the stuff to go with, its the stuff to clear your tank between flavors now (go buy some), the same stuff my Mom puts in her salads & teas. YOUR NICOTINE and Flavor content: Your 12 mg nicotine is a freebase e-liquid. Good level. WHERE DID YOU START AT? WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE? In the Orion you are good to go with freebase in any of their pods and while 70/30 works, 60/40 or 50/50 works better. If you aren't familiar with the differences between freebase and nic salts I suggest you do more research to better understand it. I'm not a chemist, but have been making my own e-liquid well over a year now. I make them with both types of nicotine. Nic salts require a higher percentage of flavoring and usually have a higher nicotine content that freebase nicotine e-liquids. Example: If I make 100ml of a strawberry pineapple cream like Illuminati tastes, the freebase version might include 10ml PG based flavorings (4 in all), 20ml pure PG, 12 ml VG based nic (100mg/ml), 18 ml Kosher VG resulting in a 70/30 e-liquid good for any Subohm tank. The same flavor profile for a nic salt version might include 16ml PG based flavorings, 34ml Pure VG, 35ml VG nic salts & 15ml VG for a 50/50 e-liquid designed for a pod like the Orion, the Nord, the Breeze II and others. DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE BIG NUMBERS. Many people who used pod systems like the Juul when transitioning switched from that 50mg nic salt directly to a 6mg freebase easily... once they became quit from smoking. You can go back and forth. The nic level should be matched for the device you are using. I would suggest you try a 24mg nic salt like Time Bomb or Yami's Taruto 35mg salt nic which are both a 50/50 ratio. As are Dinner Lady, Naked 100 and Vaptesia nic salt lines. You will find with nic salts you take less puffs and yet feel very satisfied. From my experience the coils will give you the best lifecycle at 50/50 too. THE VG/PG RATIO: Yes VG can produce a larger cloud, but wattage limits that top a certain extent. The VG/PG ratio plays an important factor in wicking. With my Orions 70/30 has required I regularly take a 'wicking pull' to get e-liquid into the chimney side of the pod/ it burns out my pod within 2 weeks (vs 5-6). 70VG/30PG is fairly thick (did you reverse pg/vg in your question). Higher VG adds a thicker viscosity to your e-liquid. This means you must allow more time for your wick to saturate and keep up with your coils. Yes PG carries flavor better, in the short run. Flavors do oxidize in the VG well given a longer steep time. Its all about the oxidation process. Years ago 60PG/40VG & higher was commonplace. Then 50/50 emerged reigning until 2014 (?) when 70VG/30PG and Max VG became more readily available. At the same time nic salts hit the market in 2014. Some people have an allergy to PG. PG by itself doesn't taste great and many e-liquids include more sweetener to offset this. VG on the other hand has a pleasant sweet taste on its own so less is added. Sweetener can have a negative effect on your coil life. While 70/30 is what you see most e-liquids at, I believe some like Beard use 60VG/40PG for their freebase nicotine line. You might want to try that next. I don't notice a big difference from what parent company Charlies Chalk Dust offers in 70/30 for flavor. I think 60/40 works well for people who use mid range wattage and ohms. NIC SALTS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS MADE AT 50/50 & THESE E-LIQUIDS WERE REALLY DESIGNED FOR USE IN POD SYSTEMS EXCLUSIVELY. SIMILARLY MANY POD SYSTEMS WERE DESIGNED TO BE USED WITH NIC SALTS. You should never use them above 25 Watts or in an rda. You are more likely to burn your cotton/get a dry hit in the Orion with 70/30 e-quids. Don't worry about the clouds but be considerate of those around you when you vape. VAPING SAVES LIVES AND YOU ARE HELPING.
  2. mrphilip

    Orion DNA Go Project Sub-Ohm Edition

    In addition to the Project Sub Ohm blue/black Orion there is an Element Vape exclusive design with a glossy red carbon fiber look on a black frame. Here is a picture of the less known design that will be coveted by aficionados- ignore the drip tip, its from Signature, the standard pod black tip looks great on this of course.
  3. mrphilip

    DNA GO Not Recognized by Computer

    Lanzarotechris' advice is sound. I have issues with one usb port on my computer all the time. It will charge but not recognize through it. If I place my external hard drive in that port, it ejects and reconnects every few minutes. My 2nd port works great and likely its that the 1st port has had more things plugged & unplugged over the years causing some wear & tear.
  4. mrphilip

    Replaceable Coil Atomizer Requests

    Nick, is this the correct setting we need to add on escribe for the 250c (and the other chips) so it's ready to handle the Uwell Crown IV's ss904L coils? I'm getting the option to save my puff so I would say its replay compatible... shout out to vapetraveler for doing the legwork. DNA200-SS_904L-SteamEngine.csv
  5. Where are the VTC5D CSV files you applied, I can't find them. Thank you in advance.
  6. mrphilip

    Check Battery Message with diagnostics file

    Wayneo somehow a bit of liquid found its way onto the positive side of one battery landing at the deep end of the sled. A tip came to my rescue . I think that is what caused this issue. Just got your message, been very busy as we near the last 225 days of a 10 year project to spend time enjoying all escape offers. If you come across some CSV files for the SONY VTC5D rewraps by Vapecell, please let me know... thanks in advance.
  7. mrphilip

    lost vape orion pods

    Are you guys properly drawing e-liquid to the small side of the pod by taking a few pulls of mid strength to properly prime your coils. Don't press the fire button and close the airflow off then pull until you see liquid fill perhaps 1/2 of that section right under the drip tip. As I raise the wattage I find the wicking can't keep ups very long before the cotton burns. But if I am non-abusive and my aim is decent flavor and my nic fix gets met, I'm satisfied. Clouds are a bonus but not the point of a stealthy pod device like Orion.
  8. mrphilip

    Replaceable Coil Atomizer Requests

    Have you tried the Vaporesso GT clapton 0.2 ohm coils in any smok big baby compatible tanks yet. I have heard a few say they exceed smok coils and while I have some, haven't tried them yet as those tanks are currently dethroned in my home. I have a Big Baby and a Baby Prince as well as the Lyra tank and all three use the same coils... let you know if they are replay capable. The company I beseeched twice this year, Uwell, asking they add to their Kanthal coil offerings, haven't done anything yet for the Valyrian but did just release the Crown IV with ss904 coils, a new stainless option, so I think they heard me when I asked for something that works with Replay. Now that they have exceeded other companies ss316l offerings, all I hear from people on youtube reviews and in the comments is BUT WHY DID THEY RELEASE THIS BEFORE THE ANNOUNCED MESH COILS ARE READY??? No reviewer has tried this tank on a DNA250c mod yet that I have seen so I think they might be missing Uwell's intent. I doubt the coming mesh will be Replay compatible or that is why the mesh is still unreleased-they might be working on a first for manufacturer coil that works here... I'm still not sold on mesh as they don't have the consistency nailed down for durable coil life. Evolv should be flattered with this Rolex coil option.
  9. My experience has been that when you select the replay feature an empty box appears below the wattage. After you take a puff it offers you the option to SAVE PUFF in that box. When you do so PLAYING then appears where the wattage was previously listed and CANCEL becomes the option in the box underneath. If you select cancel it brings you out of replay. Are you seeing similar? Screen shots of your mod at these intervals are very helpful. Do you need to see some/when asking questions here I find posting such helpful too. [Sorry I haven't used any to illustrate the above but I'm not working from my phone right know where I can easily take those pics but will if asked]
  10. mrphilip

    DNA 75 C Error

    What theme are you using? Have you tried simply reinstalling the firmware for the 75c. That worked when I had a similar problem.
  11. I have had no problems using theme designer with my Lost Vape 250c Triade and Parnormal mods. I've successfully added new labels and changed colors of text with SP17 and the beta in progress. Have not tried a 75c design yet, but I am using DJLSB's V2.2 & v2.3 DNA 75c theme as my base so that should work for you as well.
  12. mrphilip

    Replaceable Coil Atomizer Requests

    Nick, can you help with information on the Uwell Crown IV? Likely a Replay compatible atomizer so I think a few people will soon need settings for their new SS 904 coils. I have one in transit and will let you know what I find after I play game of thrones with my new atty on a 250c. _______________________ My experience with their Crown III 0.25 SS coils is that they seem to taste better with Replay than they did before these chips came out. Not sure what you did, but it worked. When I return it to my Triade 250 from a Triade 250c it diminishes back to what I had tasted before. Maybe I should update the firmware there, it's been a while. Thanks
  13. mrphilip

    Can't get SS working properly

    SS 904 has been used by Rolex for watches and now Uwell has released Crown IV coils made from this level of Stainless Steel which is apparently more corrosion resistant. Still looking for the files to use for this metal.
  14. mrphilip

    About Orions that stop responding

    I have 1 August 28 board programmed September 22 put in Mod device and another a PSO version from a month later. Both seem to be fine so far. Brandon, shoes have a worse sell-thru rate from flaws than this. GREAT JOB AND THANK YOU for advancing the options we have once again. Might you somehow make replay available to DNA250 models from late 2017. Pretty Pretty Please with Flavor of your choice on top.
  15. mrphilip

    Mac Suppport

    Upload to High Sierra 10.13.6 complete. Changed setting on my second Orion using this version and tested device monitor with no significant problems. Monitor does freeze some and errors show on many tabs for a short bit but it corrects itself. Happened in SP17 too. Thank you for the rapid answer James.