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  1. while you are at it could we possibly get another millimeter between the three buttons on our DNA color devices oh great lords at evolv who we are eternally grateful for and shall always honor
  2. mrphilip

    Losing Replay mode

    how do you like the new drone and which one did you choose. I've held off as much as people have said I'd regret that when they are gone, simply because I have a decent collection already and I'm not sold on this renditions durability... do you think it can take a drop like a triade can handle, not tossing it to cement but a slip from coffee table to carpet? I'd like an ordinary guys take
  3. mrphilip

    Vape Veteran. DNA rookie.

    have you tried connecting through a different USB port on your computer or external drive. that works for me if just unp[lugging and reconnecting doesn't do it. escribe tutorials for the Mac are were not great last I looked just work on your confidence in getting ecigstats to upload when you connect. Take time to know the device monitor. There you can watch as things change during a puff if your device is connected. You can make changes to the settings while it is linked on screen or with the push of a button. Over time, you will see your puff records grow and your bell curve of use. I just reviewed 18 months of mine and can't explain why a few days here or there really spiked with 2x my normal day, but overall, my usage has dropped by 1/3 and evolv even has a banner creation tool from ecigstats that offers you insight like this : 2,328 cigarettes replaced $1,396.56 spent elsewhere Enjoy the ability to change device settings with theme scribes theme designers. I have increased the spread between high low and medium to about 12 watts. You can even add a fourth tier to that if you wish. You can set the boost level for your vape to your liking. Personally I try not to go over 22-24 watts with the 0.25 ohm pods. You might enjoy some of lost vapes other mods too. The dna family of chips are exceptional and we are very fortunate for the things evolv has brought to this industry like temperature control and replay (I hope you are using that feature... its a good thing). Most of all, enjoy this hobby and the pleasures it brings you.
  4. mrphilip

    Check battery - Problems charging and firing

    have you looked to see if the battery compartment has juice inside... not sure how I got some there, but it was an issue for me once as well.
  5. mrphilip

    Dna 75c - Not any more?

    you can use a 75c squonk with a regular tank just like you would on a non-squonk mod. grab a 75c squonk as they are still readily available. if you are having a hard time finding one I know of a facebook group that makes 3d printed mods with custom panels available for a reasonable price. (I'm fixed income so reasonable is affordable but yes over $100).
  6. mrphilip

    Lost Vape Paranormal dangerous overheat

    that is the Ipso graphic artist code for 'this space. to be fleshed out eventually' In the past Lost Vape n modefined have both asked I contact them through facebook messenger and they always have replied. Once they asked if I could mail it back to china and they would replace it a month after warranty expired from modefined their sister co. I never did. It was not as expensive.
  7. mrphilip

    Lost Vape Paranormal dangerous overheat

    I actually have found stores wants to please you first so you remain there customer. drop them a line.
  8. mrphilip

    Lost Vape Paranormal dangerous overheat

    have you had success reaching the right people at lost vape and evolv? let us know... as other said warranty is only for 6 months but evolv can still try to repair it. I would say definitely get a new mod, or if you want I have two paranormal 250c mods from last fall with moderate mileage and we can discuss my parting with one. full second owner satisfaction offered. one dark metal one stainless. A new 75c squint arrived yesterday so I'm up to 10dna in use and an Orion still sealed plus my other gear. vouches can likely be found too. I have only had two mods crap out on me since 2015 and a stick mod battery that I tossed day two because of overheating. We can't have errors there you are right. I hope evolv starts to include a power on off feature. #suggestions #updates
  9. mrphilip

    Best pg vg ratio for both coils

    how do you comb the wick? ... and thank you for your comment. I have only been making eliquids for 18months but when you study, you hopefully listen, learn and apply.. djlsb has been as much of a teacher as mike vapes and Tony b. Brian herb and fresh03 along with wayne and Leilani, mlnikon and others are all resources shared wonderfully in this no judgment zone that still has things like ohms law and viscosity principle that apply to us all. Basics like honey has a much higher viscosity than water help picture how a wick can absorb something of viscosity x and we know the wire heats our liquid at a rate of y, sp one must keep up with the other for things to go well. thicker vg juices (I am 100% max vg for all but pods) take too long to get to the wire thus burning your cotton. it ain't rocket science. Now Where did I include any opinions? when I wrote "I believe Beard has... ... I didn't find a big difference..." please reread original question and your response, then my response which was only offered as fully as it was for clarification on the many variables that vaping styles offer. If you choose to yes you go with whatever you like in flavor ratios to achieve your desired profile but vg much thicker than pg. its a major factor in wicking, not just in flavor dispersal speed throughout the base. go listen to some Orion reviews and comments made by evolv on what to use. its a no brainer. 70/30 is not what most pods have been DESIGNED to accommodate. The owners manual also discusses things like freebase and nic salts for each different pod ohm level. VG can be as flavorful as pg, but it requires more of a steep. VG offers clouds but I don't go max vg for clouds, I do it to limit pig's irritating properties. Would you like me to send you a few links that might help broaden your knowledge base some. Perhaps you have been a member longer an d earned more seniority, you definitely have more time to post that 'oi do too answers others questions. When did you last rewatch a 101 video. I go back to basics regularly and always pick something up that I once knew but info didmd sink in. take time to get many perspectives before declaring your graduation from VapeUniveristy as final. I know I'm still a sophomore who must be cautious with mech mods. Can you offer any advice for me to help know when the battery might have dropped too low, what di I need to know about voltage sags and that stuff to see longer battery life? Or do you have any tips for mixing meth in naked ejuice? what tank cooks meth best? Should I use an rda or a crown II? If its an rdas, more or less cotton than normal. will a squint bottle survive the added chems or leech. Would dripping be better? How much meth to how many ml of liquid is equivalent to how many rails? What temperature should I vape that mix at or does wattage work better here? I need to know... and Formula if you read this far, smile, it was intended to rally your breathe to vent on a taboo subject no one has the balls to talk about. If you prefer to banter on homemade vg lube recipes I have thoughts there too,
  10. mrphilip

    Orion DNA Go Project Sub-Ohm Edition

    The drip tips are from Incredible you found that shell. looks great. I like carbon fiber most but each mod has a situation which fits its finish. Is owning 6 of them today too much? One didn't last, three more have gone to friends, one is still in the box. I rotate 5 regularly as most other vape gear isn't office or car friendly. I have the blue shell as well as the blue metal with black carbon fiber. its my first choice in mod colors.
  11. mrphilip

    Best pg vg ratio for both coils

    THE FORMULA DESCRIBED ABOVE DOESN"T SEEM TO APPLY TO YOUR ORION QUESTION. IN A NUTSHELL, I RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE A 50/50 E-LIQUID OF WHATEVER STRENGTH YOU LIKE. I OWN 5 ORIONS AND HAVE BEEN ROTATING THEM SINCE LATE OCTOBER IF MEMORY SERVES. We don't have options on what metal are pods are made with. Lost Vape has made that decisions for us. We can only program the wattage, up to a max of 40. I never go beyond 20 + boost. Lost Vape suggests in the owners manual that freebase nicotine should be used with the 0.25 ohm coil and that nic salts can be used in the 05 ohm coils (as well as the new Q coils). In truth, nic salts can be used in the 0.25 ohm but I wouldn't go higher than 35 mg niece salts as 50 gives you a buzz. it's your decision wha mg and which nicotine you use in any of their pods. VG/PG RATIO IS A GREAT QUESTION & WARRANTS YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF A FEW FACTORS. E-liquid is the combination of 3 or 4 things. Flavored adult lube is almost identical in composition (vegetable glycerin, flavorings & corn starch). nicotine - in either a pg or vg base flavorings - in a pg base (most common) PG - or not for Max VG e-liquids VG - smooth and tasty enough to vape by itself if the vapocaplyse comes and I could only bring 1 thing. After a few years you may be down to 0 or 3 mg and still want to enjoy the pleasures of vaping. This is the stuff to go with, its the stuff to clear your tank between flavors now (go buy some), the same stuff my Mom puts in her salads & teas. YOUR NICOTINE and Flavor content: Your 12 mg nicotine is a freebase e-liquid. Good level. WHERE DID YOU START AT? WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE? In the Orion you are good to go with freebase in any of their pods and while 70/30 works, 60/40 or 50/50 works better. If you aren't familiar with the differences between freebase and nic salts I suggest you do more research to better understand it. I'm not a chemist, but have been making my own e-liquid well over a year now. I make them with both types of nicotine. Nic salts require a higher percentage of flavoring and usually have a higher nicotine content that freebase nicotine e-liquids. Example: If I make 100ml of a strawberry pineapple cream like Illuminati tastes, the freebase version might include 10ml PG based flavorings (4 in all), 20ml pure PG, 12 ml VG based nic (100mg/ml), 18 ml Kosher VG resulting in a 70/30 e-liquid good for any Subohm tank. The same flavor profile for a nic salt version might include 16ml PG based flavorings, 34ml Pure VG, 35ml VG nic salts & 15ml VG for a 50/50 e-liquid designed for a pod like the Orion, the Nord, the Breeze II and others. DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE BIG NUMBERS. Many people who used pod systems like the Juul when transitioning switched from that 50mg nic salt directly to a 6mg freebase easily... once they became quit from smoking. You can go back and forth. The nic level should be matched for the device you are using. I would suggest you try a 24mg nic salt like Time Bomb or Yami's Taruto 35mg salt nic which are both a 50/50 ratio. As are Dinner Lady, Naked 100 and Vaptesia nic salt lines. You will find with nic salts you take less puffs and yet feel very satisfied. From my experience the coils will give you the best lifecycle at 50/50 too. THE VG/PG RATIO: Yes VG can produce a larger cloud, but wattage limits that top a certain extent. The VG/PG ratio plays an important factor in wicking. With my Orions 70/30 has required I regularly take a 'wicking pull' to get e-liquid into the chimney side of the pod/ it burns out my pod within 2 weeks (vs 5-6). 70VG/30PG is fairly thick (did you reverse pg/vg in your question). Higher VG adds a thicker viscosity to your e-liquid. This means you must allow more time for your wick to saturate and keep up with your coils. Yes PG carries flavor better, in the short run. Flavors do oxidize in the VG well given a longer steep time. Its all about the oxidation process. Years ago 60PG/40VG & higher was commonplace. Then 50/50 emerged reigning until 2014 (?) when 70VG/30PG and Max VG became more readily available. At the same time nic salts hit the market in 2014. Some people have an allergy to PG. PG by itself doesn't taste great and many e-liquids include more sweetener to offset this. VG on the other hand has a pleasant sweet taste on its own so less is added. Sweetener can have a negative effect on your coil life. While 70/30 is what you see most e-liquids at, I believe some like Beard use 60VG/40PG for their freebase nicotine line. You might want to try that next. I don't notice a big difference from what parent company Charlies Chalk Dust offers in 70/30 for flavor. I think 60/40 works well for people who use mid range wattage and ohms. NIC SALTS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS MADE AT 50/50 & THESE E-LIQUIDS WERE REALLY DESIGNED FOR USE IN POD SYSTEMS EXCLUSIVELY. SIMILARLY MANY POD SYSTEMS WERE DESIGNED TO BE USED WITH NIC SALTS. You should never use them above 25 Watts or in an rda. You are more likely to burn your cotton/get a dry hit in the Orion with 70/30 e-quids. Don't worry about the clouds but be considerate of those around you when you vape. VAPING SAVES LIVES AND YOU ARE HELPING.
  12. mrphilip

    Orion DNA Go Project Sub-Ohm Edition

    In addition to the Project Sub Ohm blue/black Orion there is an Element Vape exclusive design with a glossy red carbon fiber look on a black frame. Here is a picture of the less known design that will be coveted by aficionados- ignore the drip tip, its from Signature, the standard pod black tip looks great on this of course.
  13. mrphilip

    DNA GO Not Recognized by Computer

    Lanzarotechris' advice is sound. I have issues with one usb port on my computer all the time. It will charge but not recognize through it. If I place my external hard drive in that port, it ejects and reconnects every few minutes. My 2nd port works great and likely its that the 1st port has had more things plugged & unplugged over the years causing some wear & tear.
  14. mrphilip

    Replaceable Coil Atomizer Requests

    Nick, is this the correct setting we need to add on escribe for the 250c (and the other chips) so it's ready to handle the Uwell Crown IV's ss904L coils? I'm getting the option to save my puff so I would say its replay compatible... shout out to vapetraveler for doing the legwork. DNA200-SS_904L-SteamEngine.csv