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    We would like to know artwork from Russia like we have seen at Todd’s. Maybe some burl or with a French name to butcher.

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  1. try lost vape via messenger
  2. Lost Vape response is best when you use facebook messenger. never more than 24hrs 4me.
  3. mrphilip

    Mac Suppport

  4. mrphilip

    Request for Escribe on Apple IOS devices

    @James will we possibly see something that can work off an iPad from evolv?
  5. mrphilip

    New DNA Go Device

    Thanks for the heads up, I forgot to order more than 1 extra pod n juices has a great shipping policy. Todd gave this the once over near 2 months ago while tending to things in the shed. I went off his statements which Ii fully agree with.
  6. mrphilip

    Request for escribe software on android!

    Can we get an Apple version of DNAMate for iPhones? Please.
  7. Can we get an Apple version of the Android DNAMate - Vape Mod Control and Monitor found on the Google Playstore?
  8. mrphilip

    New DNA Go Device

    I emailed the manufacturer and learned the the Avatar Go is the 1st version to hit market. The Avatar Soul (with its larger battery and pod) is slated for a Christmas release. Avatar Go should ship this week.
  9. mrphilip

    New DNA Go Device

    I can’t find the Jazz or Soul for sale but the Avatar Go with a 350mAh battery & 2ml capacity is for sale here:
  10. Has anyone seen the csv file for Aludirome UN2 as a martial yet? This is what Crown IV Mesh coils use. I can't find it anywhere.
  11. I'm getting an error code when opening ecig stats and trying to connect a device to my account. Sending me to a dead escribe page. Anyone else?
  12. mrphilip

    Lost vape Orion purple light of death ?

    i Have you tried a different USB port if it is not registering? Using fixes mine.
  13. while you are at it could we possibly get another millimeter between the three buttons on our DNA color devices oh great lords at evolv who we are eternally grateful for and shall always honor
  14. mrphilip

    Losing Replay mode

    how do you like the new drone and which one did you choose. I've held off as much as people have said I'd regret that when they are gone, simply because I have a decent collection already and I'm not sold on this renditions durability... do you think it can take a drop like a triade can handle, not tossing it to cement but a slip from coffee table to carpet? I'd like an ordinary guys take
  15. mrphilip

    Vape Veteran. DNA rookie.

    have you tried connecting through a different USB port on your computer or external drive. that works for me if just unp[lugging and reconnecting doesn't do it. escribe tutorials for the Mac are were not great last I looked just work on your confidence in getting ecigstats to upload when you connect. Take time to know the device monitor. There you can watch as things change during a puff if your device is connected. You can make changes to the settings while it is linked on screen or with the push of a button. Over time, you will see your puff records grow and your bell curve of use. I just reviewed 18 months of mine and can't explain why a few days here or there really spiked with 2x my normal day, but overall, my usage has dropped by 1/3 and evolv even has a banner creation tool from ecigstats that offers you insight like this : 2,328 cigarettes replaced $1,396.56 spent elsewhere Enjoy the ability to change device settings with theme scribes theme designers. I have increased the spread between high low and medium to about 12 watts. You can even add a fourth tier to that if you wish. You can set the boost level for your vape to your liking. Personally I try not to go over 22-24 watts with the 0.25 ohm pods. You might enjoy some of lost vapes other mods too. The dna family of chips are exceptional and we are very fortunate for the things evolv has brought to this industry like temperature control and replay (I hope you are using that feature... its a good thing). Most of all, enjoy this hobby and the pleasures it brings you.