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  1. luceblueboy

    New DNA Go Device

    No other information. I just noticed this morning at the vape store I manage that this is coming soon to one of my wholesalers.
  2. luceblueboy

    New DNA Go Device

    Avatar Jazz I just saw this on a wholesale website. It's a pod system with DNA Go. I have no idea how good it is but hopefully we'll have some great pods!
  3. luceblueboy

    Therion 75C batterry draining

    I too have this issue. I can fully charge the batteries and come back to them being drained. A few times they were at 1.5v, which I hope didn't damage the cells.
  4. luceblueboy

    batman theme

    Amazing graphics with great features!!
  5. luceblueboy

    Any feedback on HCigar VT75 Color?

    The button would click but fire as if it was a touch button. I wound up getting a Lost Vape Paranormal. With the problems of the VT75C combined with the autofiring I'm not going to risk anything.
  6. luceblueboy

    Any feedback on HCigar VT75 Color?

    Mine is autofiring now. I just contacted HCigar to see if they will do anything. This is very frustrating.