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  1. New Mirage doesn't like 316L

    I only use standard SS316L in my Therion DNA 75C , I never lock the resistance , and it works everytime . Depending on atty I have it set to somewhere between 400F and 440 F .
  2. Reading ohms too low

    Just to add, for me it is the Therion 75C and the Serpent SMM with SS316L .
  3. Reading ohms too low

    Done Jonski.ecig
  4. Reading ohms too low

    I'm pretty sure I should be replying here due to lack of knowledge but just to chime in with what I am seeing . I applied the SP24 and now it is reading the coil pretty much dead on and it is not asking 'Old / New' if left idle for a while . But , I need an extra 100F to get a proper vape . 420F before SP 24 now I need 520F .
  5. I wanted to start a separate thread to make it easier to find for others who might come looking for this specific info . I know I'm a bit on the awkward side ( my wife told me ) when it comes to wanting the correct settings on an item I have bought , even if it doesn't make a whole lot of difference to the overall working of it . I'm also not overly happy about having to post this in Evolves forum instead of Lost Vapes but LV don't have one and Evolve seem to be gracious enough to allow this kind of chat . I used to be good at this kinda stuff , built all my own PC's and that kinda thing but then I turned 50 and now I thank god we don't have to program VCRs anymore so I've struggled with the whole 'run case analyzer' thing myself thinking I need more than just the mod and a connection to the pc and also I was used to the likes of the Vapedroid posting the settings on their facebook page . Anyway, enough of me taking rubbish, on to the settings : I asked Lost Vape for the settings and they said they had to run some program and they would get beack to me . More than a week later here are the settings they sent me . Maybe some more in the know might have a look over them and comment and hopefully this thread might help other lost souls like myself .
  6. Refinement?

    I wouldn't disagree with anything you said there, the only difference is I use a few different tanks and 6 wraps to get it up to .5 . The settings I was looking for though are the ones for Thermal under the 'Mod' tab . It seems the Therion shipped with the default instead of doing them for the actual case .
  7. Refinement?

    I was wondering if you wouldn't mind posting the settings you are using for this after running the case analyzer ? Quick Ninja Edit : or are they the settings in your video ? I don't want to just assume that you did that test on a Therion 75C .
  8. Reading ohms too low

    I also have a Therion 75C and tbh I am really disappointed that I am coming here onto Evolves forum to look for answers instead of Lost Vapes . I have sent them an email to their support asking about the case thermals and their recommended settings so maybe they will get back to me . In the meantime I will be keeping a close watch on this forum to see, and pretend I understand, what transpires . For some, particularly me, the Therion is the pinnacle of vaping mods and it's only thanks to the miracle that is Fathers Day that I could afford it so it's disappointing not to have it working right out of the box . Same thing happened with my C1D2 but atleast VapeDroid had the settings posted to their Facebook page . TBH I'm only posting this extra bit for others like me that might not understand all the technical stuff and want something to read .
  9. DJLsb Vapes Therion Theme

    The details are great but the wallpaper makes it difficult to see .
  10. Using Steam Engine csv files.

    How do I thank you ? , where is the Thank You button ? . I can't find it so .... Thank YOU !
  11. Using Steam Engine csv files.

    Can I add a question to this ? In the wire wizard in steam-engine you can click on the DNA200 button and download the csv file ......... can this csv file also be used for the DNA 75 ? If I could get my head around this question then I could move on ..... he said hopefully .