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  1. Jonski

    SS 316L Temp Control Issues

    I'm sure someone with more knowledge will be along shortly to help you out but for now , what mod are you using and do you know if it has been properly calibrated using the 'Case Analyzer' . Also , I use Daniel DJLsB's .csv for SS316L . I only use SS316L , 6 wraps, spaced coils and they come out around .45 and work flawlessly on my Lost Vape Therions in TC but with the dawning of 'Replay Mode' I have left TC behind .
  2. Jonski

    Add Replay To Lost Vape Theme

    Yeah , it is the 75C I am using and I already have Replay working fine on it, I will have a look at your theme though .
  3. Jonski

    Add Replay To Lost Vape Theme

    Already downloaded it ......and version 2 and version 3 , but haven't got around to loading them up yet . What was the changes made in the latest ? oh , and thanks for making them
  4. Jonski

    Add Replay To Lost Vape Theme

    I had a look at that one and didn't really like the font
  5. Has anyone added 'Replay' To the Lost Vape theme by DJLSB ? , I have tried but it seems to be beyond me .
  6. Jonski

    Latest SP2 5.2 No Replay

    You need the default theme or another theme with Replay, any theme you had up until now would not have supported replay .
  7. Jonski

    Latest SP2 5.2 No Replay

    Did you install the Default Theme ?
  8. Jonski

    Replay field is blank

    What wire are you using ?
  9. I'm pretty sure somebody more knowledgeable will be along to answer your question but for now I'm thinking that Daniels Theme wasn't set up to support Replay, so maybe there is a conflict there .................and maybe I haven't a clue what I'm talking about .
  10. Sorry for asking all the obvious question . You updated the mod to the latest firmware ? you are using the Evolve default theme ? What atty are you using ? , I saw some saying they were having trouble if it had a catch cup or beauty ring .
  11. And the mod sees the atomizer and reads the ohms right ? What happens when you take a puff ?
  12. What wire are you using ?
  13. Jonski

    Replay on 75c

    @ruckus , I can tell you now that using Replay in wattage only , with no reference to wire type does not seem to result in burnt or dry hits . I took my Therion BF with Dead rabbit SQ and SS3316L coil to our poker game on Saturday night . I ran it on Profile 8 , Replay in wattage, and to show the lads I vaped the cotton to what looked like dry . No dry hit, and no browning of the cotton .
  14. Same as yourself, I have my own theme but obviously without Replay . I have had a quick look but can't work out how to add Replay to mine . I'd imagine I'll have to have a look around the web and try to find step by step instructions .
  15. Jonski

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    When I bought my Therion 75C it wasn't on the horizon or promised as a feature either , but I ordered my Therion BF on the strength of Evolves statement on Replay coming to the 75C . Now they didn't give an exact date but they did give the impression that it would be after the 250 C was released .