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  1. @Erwin Julian I would love to make that bigger, and it used to be, but if the profile name is longer than like 10 characters or so, then it won't fit on one line. Try it out. So I had to make the font small enough so it could split into two lines. If the font is bigger, then with a long name like "titanium" it would get all cropped out and wouldn't really be visible. But I did center it vertically in v1.9, so it at least looks a little better even though it's not any bigger. I might be able to re-arrange the main screen a bit though, we'll see. I'm constantly trying to make it better. I figured wattage/temp/voltage was the most important info since that's what you change most often (or I do anyway), so that's the biggest. Now that I think about it, I never use wattage mode so I haven't really spend a lot of time on that screen. I'll be sure to look into it for v2.0. For instance as you can see, voltage is displayed twice in wattage mode (in the middle and on the bottom right), which is clearly a waste of space. Anyway, thanks for the tip!
  2. @Erwin Julian thanks man! I use this theme on my own Mirage.. in fact that's why I designed it since I didn't like the stock theme so much. Glad you like it! If you ever have problems or ideas for improvements, let me know here and I'll work on 'em! edit: it looks like you might be using an old version.. you might want to try 1.9 as its been optimized a bit in terms of visuals.
  3. @s3r thanks for pointing out the version thing, I have it fixed for version 1.9 which is coming soon. This is why I need all you guys!
  4. Replay field is blank

    Try my theme if you want: It's got a really simple and easy way to use replay. But it also has a replay menu so you can go in and see if it's even enabled. You HAVE to enable Replay in the profile you are using. You also have to use the INTERNATIONAL version of EScribe and the right firmware. All those details are in the description of my theme above.
  5. @James thanks you so much! And Error? I thought it was for the status dispay objects, but you choose and insdividual color for each of these. Where does Error come in? And Normal? Since you also choose a color for all regular text labels individually
  6. I missed @Frank65's reply, but I did find the answer for anyone who is curious. I was using user toggles to show/hide stuff on the main screen. I figured out that you need the make the toggle HIDE the object, rather than make the toggle SHOW the object. This way by default, the toggles are off and the objects are shown on the home screen. Then only if the user deliberately wants to hide the object they can do so by clicking the toggle. Of course you can do the opposite if you want things hidden by default.
  7. So this little box is the bane of my existence: I have figured out through trial and error how some of it works, but what's the difference between say highlight read-only and highlight selectable? And selected? I get error, opacity, etc. But does anyone know exactly how this all works?
  8. Hey all, thanks again for all your support making this theme the best it could be. I'm going to keep working on it (in fact, v1.8 is around the corner), but this theme throws in everything and the kitchen sink. So I wanted to make a second theme that is much simpler. Maybe for your friend who is new to vaping, or your grandma, or anyone that just likes things simple. It's got the same architecture as this one, just pared down (a lot). Here it is if you're interested:
  9. Version 1.1


    This is a theme for those of us that want something simple that just works. There's no endless graphs or settings to tweak, just a great, simple vaping experience. It still supports Replay, temp control, wattage mode, etc. Just less of the extra junk. Check out my other theme if you want something more full-featured. Versions: There is now also a SUPER Simple version of this theme. This version is ONLY the main screen. You can still change profile, adjust wattage/temp, enable Replay, but that's about it. That's all you really need, right? NOTE: The screenshots above are somewhat misleading. The battery icons are normally white, but they are green when charging, and red when low battery (<20%). You can see screenshots of what the lock screen and main screen normally look like below. ---------------------------------------------- Plain and Simple v1.1 Highlights: This is my second theme, and I figured it would be nice to make a really simple, easy to use theme for the less experienced vapers out there, or those that just don't need a ton of options/info. No overload of data and graphs, no dozens of different screens, no screens full of toggle switches... just a plain ol' theme that works well and is highly visible (high contrast readable fonts). Replay ready! 75c and 250c support! Of course also works in TC and wattage modes as well. Features: Lock screen: battery level & percent Main screen: battery level, wattage, temp (if in TC mode), voltage (if not in TC mode), profile, coil resistance, Replay on/off if enabled in your profile Menu: change profile, stats screen, stealth on/off, Fahrenheit/Celsius, adjust brightness Stats screen: puff counter, puff time counter, reset AND THAT IS IT FOLKS! (of course there's new coil and reset stats confirmation screens, but those barely count) Note: if you prefer the blue background, it's still in there, you just have to select "Wallpaper 1" on each screen. Or if it's a popular idea, I'll release a second version. ---------------------------------------------- Replay info: Latest version works with Replay for 75c devices. BUT you need to have the International Edition of EScribe 2.0 SP15.1 or greater. I also believe your 75c needs to have the right firmware as well (at least 1.1 SP33.2 - that one works for me), once you update ESscribe it should prompt you to update firmware for your device. You also MUST enable Replay in your EScribe profile for it to work. ---------------------------------------------- Let me know what you think! You all always have the best ideas for fixes and improvements, so don't be shy! Leave a review (even if you don't like it I need the feedback)
  10. @Jetro thanks, glad I could help. Now if only there were some central repository of all this information.. in say.. a document.. that we could all refer to. We could even call it "documentation." No, that's just crazy talk!
  11. Oh man, this is huge. I had no idea. Thanks!! I still don't think there is a way to change the automatically generated screenshots that are posted when you upload a theme. I guess I could be wrong...
  12. @Jetro It's both actually. It generates two images when you upload a theme, one of the lock screen next to the main screen, and then another image of all the screens together (like you see on the theme pages). Now you can additionally upload images if you like, though it's difficult to take screenshots since if you take a screenshot of what is in the Theme Designer, you get all the ugly outlines and editing junk. My workaround has been to take a screenshot of the screens as they are listed on the right side of the Theme Designer, but those are the same that are auto-generated. You can see on my theme page, the batteries are normally white but are green in the automated screenshot. I have been able to get hidden objects to appear in screenshots following the guidance I provided above. And on my theme page, since I offer two variations, I also uploaded my own screenshot of the two version I make side by side (by taking a screenshot of them in the theme designer):
  13. Check out my theme. TL;DR: on the main screen, switch to a Replay enabled profile, take a puff or two, and hit "SAVE." There's also a Replay settings page in the menu with more info. ----------------------------------------- I've got quick and easy Replay on the main screen.. when in a PROFILE that is replay-enabled, take a couple puffs then you can save the one you like best. There will be a "SAVE" button. Until then it will probably say "NO REPLAY" because it isn't ready to save a puff (e.g. if you haven't taken any puffs yet). When you find a puff you like, click "SAVE" and it will be in replay mode. To end replay, hit "STOP" But there's also a replay submenu that gives you a bit more info (e.g. "Replay available" (your device/profile supports replay); "Replay ready" (you have taken a puff that you are now able to save); and "Replay active" which means it's replaying the puff you saved (you can click that toggle to turn on replay once "Replay ready" is enabled). One note, in EScribe, you don't want to check the "Puff saved, playing" check box on your profile. You only want to make a (watts) profile and check "Use replay on this profile". If you check the "Puff saved" box it will turn on Replay but there is no puff to save. Also, you need the right firmware. You need International EScribe, and the latest 75c firmware. Check the description for my theme above for the links/details on this part. As I said, watts mode works best, but you can use kanthal or SS, I'm not sure about others. This Replay works great on my 75c (Lost Vape Mirage) and my 250c.
  14. @Ronbon172 thanks, you have actually been a big help and have found a number of bugs for me, so I'm grateful. As for this counter, I'm going to leave it in the theme for now since it might be useful info for some people (I like knowing how many times I've reset the data, but that might just be me). But I'll redesign the page in such a way that it makes it more clear what the reset number represents. Thanks!