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  1. Forgive me I don't speak Russian, but based on Google's translation: in temperature control mode, the temperature should be displayed on the main screen. If the temperature isn't displayed, it might be that the wrong type of coil material is selected. You can also change what data is displayed on the main screen in the "Main screen" menu. As for the complex menu, I agree there are a lot of options but that's just the nature of the DNA series. Best I can do is make sure they're organized in a useful way. I've also got a simpler theme with less menus/options for people who don't need all the extra stuff:
  2. I would go with the Paranormal for the DNA color chip. It's newer and is a big improvement over earlier versions like the chip in the Therion. You can do custom themes and have a lot of control from just the device (so you don't have to keep changing settings in eScribe). I don't see why anyone would get the older Therion. I own the Paranormal and it's great. If you want more battery life, the Lost Vape Triade is also good, but pretty bulky due to the three batteries so I just use mine at home and use something smaller like the Paranormal when I go out.
  3. So I just dug around a bit, and I'm pretty sure this is not possible (though it's a good idea). The user conditionals you are talking about are all "User > Toggle" right? Those aren't really editable, they just give you a way to add your own switches that change what's displayed on the screen. If you download my theme and open it in the Theme Editor, if you click on the date on the lock screen, you'll see there's two tabs on the right: Default Condition and Toggle 2. If you go to the Toggle 2 tab, you'll notice the date gets hidden from the lock screen. Then if you look at the Time page of my theme, you'll see there's a Date toggle, and if you click that you'll see it's controlling User Toggle 2. So flipping that switch on the Time page hides the date from the Main page. So it does let you make your own user conditionals, but as far as I know they're all just on or off (like a switch). The second problem is that even if you wanted to set a conditional based on the Coil Ohms, that's not an option in the conditionals menu. Third problem is that you can't change profiles with conditionals. Like I said they're basically used to change what's displayed on the screen. Your best option is probably to just put a Atomizer Profile field on the main screen like my theme, and there you can easily change the current profile for whatever atomizer you are using.
  4. Just wanted to check in for those of you using this theme. I still use it daily on my (now 3) DNA250c/75c devices and it's been working great for me, so I haven't been making regular updates. But if anyone has feature requests or bugs, please post them here and I'll address them ASAP! Thanks!
  5. @photobix maybe try this one.. it shouldn't work but this is how it used to be I think: Clean-Color-Blue-2_5test.ecigtheme (also BTW if you tell me what color you use, I can just make you a custom one that never shows the puff counter, if you don't need it there)
  6. @photobix If you wouldn't mind, see if the attached update works any better for you. Clean-Color-Blue-2_5.ecigtheme
  7. @photobix It might be a firmware issue or something else. Are you up to date in EScribe and with your mod? I'm testing now and it works perfectly for me on version 1.1 SP33 INT (for the 75c) and 1.1 SP35 INT (for the 250c). You can check the firmware in the About page in the theme. Also what kind of coil are you using?
  8. @photobix hmm interesting. I'll take a look tonight and push put a new update if I can figure out the issue. Thanks for letting me know!
  9. Thanks! I haven't made many updates in a while since I'm pretty happy with the theme as it is. But I'm always open to suggestions/requests. Enjoy!
  10. Happy to help! Im going to rename that menu to "Main screen" so it's more clear what it does.
  11. @Korwin there is an option to show/hide which data you want displayed on the main screen. Go to Menu > Main config and there is an option to show or hide ohms on the main screen. That should do it.
  12. It's all good.. I'm happy to know one way or the other. Now I just gotta adjust the theme so that stuff is hidden when you can't adjust it.
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