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    SS 316L Temp Control Issues

    Thanks, I got pretty sick last week so I hadn't been vaping, but I re-uploaded the v3.5 CSV and tried a new coil. This time I spaced it (most of my coils have been contact), and it seems to be working a lot better. Is SS 316L prone to hotspots? I'm wondering if my contact coils may have developed hot spots after vaping on them. Either way, this new spaced build seems to be much more reliable and I am going to experiment with more spaced coils in the future. Thank you for all of your help! Yes, replay was giving me bad dry hits. However, I've found a spaced build that seems to be more reliable and I'm actually using replay mode successfully! It's great, and I also learned not to mess with replay once you've been vaping on the coil, haha. Thank you!
  2. Atlas Gallivant

    SS 316L Temp Control Issues

    I will try some more spaced builds and see if that helps. The mod is a US Modz Hybrid Stinger. As far as I know, it has been set up, and I remember the mod resistance being 0.0004 or 0.004, whichever one has the right amount of zeros. I'll check when I get home. Maybe I need to buy one of those 510 attachments and run the case analyzer myself? Yes, the screw on the atomizer is on tight. What's happening in the resistance of the coil is raising high enough for my mod to prompt and ask if it's the same coil I was vaping on before. I could raise the threshold higher so that the mod wouldn't ask me if it's the same coil when the resistance changes, but I don't think that would solve the problem.
  3. Atlas Gallivant

    SS 316L Temp Control Issues

    I've been searching for days, trying to figure this out on my own but I can't seem to do it. I've been trying to get SS 316L to work in temp control and it seems to be very difficult. For instance, I will build coils (or use pre-made, I've tried both), and I aim to be somewhere around 0.4-0.5ohms. I lightly dry burn SS 316L at 10watts in a dark room and get all of the hot spots out. I then wick the coil and measure the cold resistance in Escribe. My most recent coil comes in at 0.4 @ 72° room temp, but when I vape the coil, the resistance also rises (I know SS 316L does this), but it will raise or lower from 0.39-0.45 and my mod can't seem to account for this variation correctly. Vapor production quickly declines and flavor mutes. I've tried countless different .csv's but none of them seem to fix the issue. In my most recent build, I will attempt to fire 0.4ohms at 40watts 475° but my mod will usually ask me if I connected a new atomizer at 0.43ohms. If I choose 'no, use old settings' then my vapor is basically non-existant. If I change the resistance to 0.43 then the temp control is all over the place and I will get dry hits. Any advice? Are my builds just crappy/inconsistent? Should I try a material that isn't SS 316L? I've tried spaced coils and they seem to work a bit better, but not by much. Do I need a different .csv? My atomizers are Gas Mods GR1 and B2K. Tha. nks! Edit: I've made sure that my lead connections are extra secure, that's not the problem.