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  1. "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Thank you!
  2. The 75C and 250C "replay" feature will be included in the non-international firmware?
  3. Linux EScribe Suite Beta Thread

    Badassedness! I haven't ran through all parameters yet although a quick check looks good on Mint 18 with Cinnamon desktop.
  4. I appreciate the mention of the potential issues with some 510 connectors! I purchased one recently and was very hesitant so I stretched my google legs and found this thread. The press fit/swedge cut brass used to solder to was just spinning and would have really played havoc in consideration of ohms resistance, besides for atomizers 24mm and larger the o-ring seated in the deck wouldn't have sealed.It was about .015" or .020" I removed from the outer lip so larger atomizers would contact the seated o-ring in the deck. To stabilize any resistance fluctuations I press fit a piece of copper tightly onto the center pin. We'll see how this all works out eventually.Edit: Oh, I barbed and tappered the end of the center pin too. [QUOTE]Hiya Dennis,I don't mean to offend you with this, please consider it creative criticism.I bought one of your V4 Ultimate Edition 22/24 mm 510s with the o-ring seated in the deck and noticed some potential issues so I've fixed them.If utilizing a 24mm atomizer the o-ring wouldn't have contacted the bottom of the atomizer potentially pooling liquid in the catch well, this was an easy fix. I turned off about .015" to .020" of the outer rim on the lathe, no biggy.The other thing I noticed is that the brass sleeve for conductor soldering was spinning fairly freely. In my opinion this looked like a less than proper electrical connection so again I fixed it. I milled a piece of copper to press fit very tightly over the end of the center pin. A minor change I made was to barb and tapper the end of the center pin as well.Just a friendly heads up as after noticing these things I searched the net and your reputation has been faltering, whether by way of manufacturers or design in todays world this can't be much good.stay away from fat daddy vapes v5 510 - Evolv DNA Forum[/QUOTE]
  5. Hcigar vt75w?????

  6. Let's see your 200's!

    Outstanding mod Wibberly! That one really hits home with me.
  7. Reuleaux by Wismec

  8. Every vt200 that I sold that ran ni200 has failed

    I'm real curious about the construction of the VT myself, it's way out of spec IMHO and a leaky shipping crate may very well have caused some corrosion between the brass 510 and zinc housing. I like the styling of the housing but it all ends about there.
  9. Im over it.

    The atomizers names have not been mentioned in this thread to protect the innocent Bum de bump bump
  10. Every vt200 that I sold that ran ni200 has failed

    More of a question than anything but may the zinc alloy case and press fit looking brass 510 be creating an issue. some metals just don't mix well and what I know as galvanic response could be playing in. Anybody run a case test on the VT yet?Edit: I failed to mention the brass 510 center pin that is chrome plated. Not exactly built to spec anyway.
  11. Let's see your 200's!

    Just happened across a vid and remembered this thread, Calix is one of them.
  12. Samsung 30Qs?

    A new job and a cold have slowed my progress with the mods a bit but I do have some 30Qs on the way now. My guess is they should serve a 133 watt build well but it has yet to be seen, also I'm not a high watt vaper.
  13. Mod Crate 1590A CNC

    New job has taken priority although I'll be accustom to the new schedule soon enough. Been doing the antsie new employee thing, wake up at 2 in the morning can't back to sleep, show up an hour early for work, first good nights sleep since I started last night, might be melting into the groove.
  14. Consider this an opinion of an arm chair engineer which it really is.I don't consider the construction the DX 200 to be stable for the long haul, it's not bad or at least mine isn't. Expansion and contraction of dissimilar metals along with galvanic response taken into account, yes, I personally say go for the 510 swap but find yourself a copper center pin that's silver, gold or rhodium plated would likely be the best direction to take. Hotcig didn't leave much room for a locking nut so thread tapping of the 510s hole and some creative work with a locking nut and better terminal ring than most 510s come with would be suggested and a little Nolox would be a good idea too. Removal of any coatings where the terminal ring would make contact would be suggested as well.The harder you push the device the more important I would consider the 510 swap to be.
  15. Mod Crate 1590A CNC

    Way more better start on this one! Should suffice as long as I don't botch the hand work on the ends.