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  1. "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Replay is absolutely outstanding! Evolv ups the game once again!
  2. LONG ribbon display?

    Tail of the tape. Broken latch copied from brass. Installed and looking crooked. Direction swap of the display. Pre-install. Modified Cisco 510. Escribage Done deal.
  3. LONG ribbon display?

    Had to open the window a little but It's Alive!
  4. LONG ribbon display?

    Looks like another option offers itself so all the shenanigans with the display cables can be avoided, I'll just extend the recess in the housing for the display. Fingers crossed!
  5. LONG ribbon display?

    Over the course of a week or two I've been putting a DNA 60 into a Hana's V4 when I've had the time to tinker and I seem to have mounted the board up side down as the display is oriented the wrong way, it's showing the connection point to the glass through the mods window. To avoid lengthening the atomizer load wires and battery wires I'd much rather find a display with a much longer ribbon if possible. Would such a beast exist? This has already turned into an experience, the plastic clip to release the battery door was so well seated onto the brass part that makes electrical contact at the battery's negative its stem broke so I've milled a duplicate from brass. The screws were too short that came with the Cisco 510, this I found after turning a little height off the deck in order to have atomizers seat flat on top of the mod. And I didn't have a center drill so the intended 2.5mm threaded holes for the mounting of the 510 didn't align correctly so they got bored and the brass retention ring was used. My phone is not allowing me to upload pics to my picture host or I'd include some pictures. Any help with a long ribbon display would be much appreciated!
  6. "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Just testing as I've forgotten how post pics here. ThinkVape Ranger dual 18650 DNA 75C Not sure how you folks are embedding in here. Mirage
  7. "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Are we there yet? Hehehe
  8. Not so straight forward, Vape Cige Nano 80 swap!

    I found I made a mistake, there was a recess deeper in the plastic part for the circuit board although the board didn't want to be fitted into it. A cheesy screw snapped off in one of the zinc alloy posts so before I waste too much time with this I'm going to a Hanas V4 with the trap door, tapped screws in Cisco 510, housing the 60 and potentially a 20650 battery.
  9. "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    I believe retird gave the best explanation I've seen a few posted back. It looks as though a profile is designated to the replay feature and I believe he also mentioned replay through the Theme Designer.
  10. "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Nah, seriously doubt it would have been mentioned the numerous times without intent. Evolv isn't China based. ;0)
  11. Linux EScribe Suite Beta Thread

    Maybe my terminology was lacking? I haven't had one problem so far except for lacking that "replay" feature. ;0) Waiting patiently or at least trying to act that way.
  12. "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    I may very well have a Think Vape Ranger to bring up to snuff anyway. Seems to be a rare beast, just not much on it out on the wire.
  13. I was lead to believe this would be a straight forward swap from the garbage 80 watt board the mod came with that wouldn't even adjust wattage in TC mods, not so much really. I complicated the swap a little by 86ing the Vape Cige 510 that looked pretty questionable, may hear of them failing up in here soon. 24mm is just a hair too wide on the sides of the mod so I used a 22mm 510 with a copper center pin. The greater of the challenge is in the actuators for the buttons, in the 80 they protrude on the back side, in the 60 the up and down bar is just about flat while the fire button is recessed on the back side for the micro switches body as well as the stem. Wouldn't be an easy task with rotary tools, files and such! Circuit board location isn't all that easy, UV glue can be your friend there, the display does have a good recessed area to seat into where again the UV glue came in handy. I wasn't rushing it and spent about 4 hours with the swap. It's a tight little unit now, not a hint of button rattle, USB is seated well and does what is should. Only a few pics to share, one of the - wire reroute because of the 510s locking nut and the other just showing the exterior. wire reroute Exterior .
  14. Some things just work, TC on 316L!

    Thanks, have you tried the VV MTL?
  15. "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    All good things as they say evidently.... Thanks