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  1. Sorry to mention, I've found QP Designs CS to be about Chinese flavored.
  2. Recently had the same issue, thank you for posting Bill! I used this post as a reference which was sent by the help desk to the webmaster.
  3. I've personally been curious about a 75C in the Grus and thought some of you may be as well so here ya go.
  4. I didn't read into the thread but it may help you being it states resistance issues. I'm familiar with the look of these mods and it's a subjective thing.
  5. No worries, with so many variables I try to take in all information. My best guess at this point would be a cold or incorrect solder joint. I'm not familiar with this particular mod and its construction as to be able to look at the solder work done. As well as making sure your coil connections are firmly fastened may avoid looking into the mod itself.
  6. Your first post mentions Replay. Earlier I mentioned room temperature. Your atty and mod should be at room temperature when reading the ohms resistance for the first time the atomizer is connected to the mod.
  7. Try using temperature sensing capable wire for your coils.
  8. Clearo atty? Coil material? Mod resistance set? Ohms read from a room temp mod and atty? Clean battery contacts?
  9. I should have came back and mentioned the computer I was trying to install on had some issues. Linux Mint Cinnamon on another computer practically installed itself, incorporated the system theme as well.
  10. Wow, thank you! I have had multiple Linux distributions run Escribe previously and Escribe is loaded on the Linux Mint drive of the computer I'm on at the moment. I'm just liking MX and would like to have one distro with all my stuff on it. After Escribe my next hurdle is the fingerprint reader on my T430 which does work in Mint as well, it's just a James Bond cool thing IMHO. Before I go VM, I'm going to load an older version of Linux MX, a version prior to them dropping the LBSs, then load 19.1 MX through a terminal which I hope will retain the LBSs I didn't get with Buster versi
  11. I could be less than civil in response, please refer to my edited post above. This forum is a community effort.
  12. Glad to hear it's just me, I kind of assumed that much already without mention of MX Linux here in the forums. I appreciate your offer! I'm an old timer here and know this is a community effort deal, bought a HP Stream 7 when Escribe launched just to have Windows originally to run Escribe. I'm liking MX Linux as well and this is the reason for the effort at this install, I may nix my HHD for a SSD. You asked for it, Hehehehe I'm dual booted in a Lenovo Thinkpad T430, HHD of 500Gb has Linux Mint and the 255Gb SSD has the Linux MX. echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP XFCE
  13. LMAO! One slip of the pen they say. I'll go rub up against this again with a + and see if I can turn it on. Edit: Sorry, I didn't mention that's how I've been making the file executable, through the desktop that is. Nope, wasn't downloaded under a su account, I'm pretty sure I managed that through the terminal inadvertently. This is a pretty fresh install of Linux MX on a 255Gb SSD drive in a Lenovo T430 with Linux Mint on the 500Gb HHD with Escribe on it, the system is dual booted. Windows 7 Pro crapped out after not being accessed or updated forever so it got nixxed. Not r
  14. Tried "./SetupEScribe2_SP19_INT.run" again and got bash: ./SetupEScribe2_SP19_INT .run : No such file or directory Logged out of su and clicked on the file and it just asks which application I'd like to open the file with. I gave GDebi Package Installer and it can't load the package. Gave a message about possible file corruption or I'm not allowed to open the file which I did leave executable so checking file permissions seems mute but I did it anyway and found the file is now root. Not sure how that happened. I'm thinking a fresh download from my desktop transferred by way
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