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  1. This was about stupid tight especially with the extra wire for better contacts later.
  2. Podunk Steam

    Vapecige VTX 250C Battery Charge Problem

    Good man! All's well, paralleled it's really tight but she fit.
  3. Podunk Steam

    Vapecige VTX 250C Battery Charge Problem

    Thank you cdwraig1! Your picture and directions are much appreciated although I don't see your post here? It all shows in my email browser but not here on the forum. I've just pulled the mod apart again and may be able to avoid pulling the 510 apart. I'm guessing the 250C is a better fit than the 75C, the circuit board has plenty of wiggle room with the 75C.
  4. Podunk Steam

    Vapecige VTX 250C Battery Charge Problem

    I've pulled my SXK Boxer apart for a quick look at a DNA75c transplant and found the 510 just isn't looking so straight forward on brief inspection. Any pointers on pulling the 510 apart without thrashing it?
  5. Podunk Steam

    Ebay warning!

    I may be eating some crow with this one, I have some Aqua Regina on the way for testing. The odds of the two dissimilar alloys having the same TCR value is crazy to think about beside nobody publishing a TCR value for the Platinum alloy in question.
  6. Podunk Steam

    Ebay warning!

    Correction, it's 316 Stainless Steel with a TCR of .000915, at least that's what he sent me.
  7. Podunk Steam

    Ebay warning!

    Just a warning, Ebay seller cryp is selling 316L Stainless as Platinum Ruthenium wire. 5% Ruthenium isn't going to bring Platinum to a TCR value of 0.00092.
  8. Podunk Steam

    Let's See your DNA 60's!

    I remember Hana Modz ;0)
  9. Podunk Steam

    How to lock DNA 250c Triade

    There could be options in theme designer which I'm honestly not fluent in, it's just something that I've noticed some other manufacturers offer that I haven't seen from Evolv yet. I'm using Replay at the moment, that's about official enough for me. ;0)
  10. Podunk Steam

    How to lock DNA 250c Triade

    Button placements on different mods may be the difference here as I have inadvertently adjusted settings as I mentioned.
  11. Podunk Steam

    How to lock DNA 250c Triade

    J.P. I have been inadvertently changing settings and just found your post searching for a means to lock out the function buttons while still retaining the use of the fire button. No luck so far. Edit: My post would be in reference to the 75C.
  12. Podunk Steam

    Props to Protovapor

    Yeah, no kidding, right!
  13. Podunk Steam

    Props to Protovapor

    I eyeballed this kit for a modification for a while and ended up buying one of the mods first. I have a kit on the way now for the planned modifications. The XPV 75C is a well built mod and shouldn't be beyond most builders abilities, actually I'd consider it a good place for a builder to start from just to have something that will last IMHO. The kit's reasonably priced, quality materials are supplied and few tools are needed. This is no Chinese zinc alloy mod and it is priced competitively with quite a few not built at nearly the same quality.
  14. Podunk Steam

    The Trucker DNA250C 30Ml. Squonk

    That's a lot of cranking on a mill AMDtrucking! Or do you have auto feed? DRO? I just used an end mill to cut through an inch and a half thick 4 inch wide billet of 7075-T651, it got me thinking about this thread. I'm heading for the table saw next time! Working in a machine shop spoiled me!
  15. Podunk Steam

    QP Designs Juggerknot Mini

    The year hasn't even come close to an end and the QP Designs Juggerknot mini has my vote for best top air flow single coil RTA of the year. Flawless performance on both TC and Replay. I've been using Vandy Vapes 316L MTL wire. It's best to tension wrap this wire by anchoring one and pulling plenty of tension while rolling your coil wrapping jig toward the anchored end of the wire. 4mm I.D., 5 spaced wraps wicked with Puffs pads cut to 12 to 13mm, skinned, fluffed and folded in the liquid channels, no comb out needed, just enough to peak out from the top of the side liquid inlets. Easy to build on and filling is a breeze with an OBS Engine styled fill port. If only I could find the right drip tip for me! I've ordered a second as the second production run will be shipping soon. Specs: 24mm Diameter Single coil No leaking Postless deck Pull up top fill Side installed screws (No coil twisting) Adjustable Top airflow Airflow stopper (No free spinning) New deck design (More airflow + Flavor) Triple channeled airflow to coils Airflow to coils (side,under,top) Signature 810 drip tip (Random color top) Glass 4.5ml bubble tank Glass 2ml tank (/Europe/TPD laws) Vape band with logo Flat head screws Hex grub screws Black O rings Accessory bag serial number Signature 810 drip tip(Removable bottom ring)