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  1. I've just updated a Linux laptop with 20.1 Mint Cinnamon and installed Escribe. I've done previous installs of Escribe that have taken on my computers theme, I'm a dark theme type, this time my computers theme was not adopted by Escribe. Am I asking for trouble trying to incorporate my computers theme?
  2. No sweat! The only reason I bought this mod was it looked to have the potential for this swap if the original circuit didn't pan out for me. The only other part that's a little tricky is widening the bed for the display. It seems to be a pretty soft ABS plastic and can be carved with a knife easily. I did just that, took my time at it with a knife, that was the longest part of the process.
  3. One part of the assembly was missing in the video, sliding the circuit board and plastic parts into the mod body. With the dust protection for the display and silicone button gaskets this can be frustrating. The scotch tape trick works well here. A piece of scotch tape a little more than three times the length of the height of the mod folded sticky side to sticky side with no wrinkles makes for a reasonably good tool for the process. Similar thin plastic that won't stretch or tear will work too, scotch tape is just a common household Item. Slide your folded tape through the mod with
  4. Fine job you're doing sir. The video I posted isn't mine. I believe the gentleman's name is Stuart and he's over the other side of the pond.
  5. I guess I should have mentioned the 14 was on my own accord, thanks retird! Just got to make things interesting ya know. 😉
  6. 14 gauge is a bit much for the battery leads IMHO, 16 will save you some effort. Done deal.
  7. You're a good man Wayneo! Gotta bite that PP bullet I guess. A guys just feeling kinda cornered these days ya know.
  8. Thanks Wayneo! Being electronics I'd hope to manage this state side honestly, I'm not saying what I'm putting it into. 😉 I may have blazed through Stealthvape already and only seen the large screens if memory serves me. I was wrong, Stealth does have them in stock.
  9. Looks like a feller could be testing his soldering skills here soon enough with one of these. Where does a non-business type get one of the small displays again?
  10. I bought into the Kizoku Techmod and what was delivered was for the most part complete garbage, maybe just the luck of the draw, I don't know. It wouldn't even vape consistently in voltage mode so the somewhat intended circuit swap might just happen. Not sure it's worth a DNA 60 swap honestly but the titled charging/data circuit board could make the task a lot easier. Odds are with the hole at the angle it is this isn't going to pan out well but pulling it off could be an accomplishment? I am my own trouble maker! 😁 Maybe a tiny breakout board would work. With a portion of
  11. Sorry to mention, I've found QP Designs CS to be about Chinese flavored.
  12. Recently had the same issue, thank you for posting Bill! I used this post as a reference which was sent by the help desk to the webmaster.
  13. I've personally been curious about a 75C in the Grus and thought some of you may be as well so here ya go.
  14. I didn't read into the thread but it may help you being it states resistance issues. I'm familiar with the look of these mods and it's a subjective thing.
  15. No worries, with so many variables I try to take in all information. My best guess at this point would be a cold or incorrect solder joint. I'm not familiar with this particular mod and its construction as to be able to look at the solder work done. As well as making sure your coil connections are firmly fastened may avoid looking into the mod itself.
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