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    HCigar VT75c: do you want one? Think twice.

    I have had a red one since they were 1st released and it looks and performs as new.
    This theme is formatted in an extremely logical way, provides all the info and settings you will need and is simple to navigate. The display colors and background are easily seen and read in bright light. A must try.
  2. Frank I do not see an option to "Lock Ohms" in profile 8
  3. Positive thoughts and prayers for you Jethro. I am a stage 4 lung cancer( 2 year) survivor...all things are possible
  4. mackman

    Green Ohm - English/Deutsch

    Really like the ease of the layout and overall look of thea theme on the screen Can only hope his themes are updated to include replay
  5. mackman

    Constantly having to update resistance

    Weak 510 spring pressure, poor solder joints, poor atty pin connection/coil connection , many possibilities, frustrating to sort them out
  6. non temp sensing coils
  7. Like many others I am anxiously awaiting replay. As a long long time DNA user I am fully satisfied/thrilled with the DNA 75C and can customize my vape onboard to get what I already perceive as a perfect hit each time.
  8. I had been having problems when starting Escribe getting the message not responding then it would open. I uninstalled and reinstalled Escribe 2.0 SP 9 and the message stopped. I ran the case thermals on a DNA75C mod and when I tried to upload the settings I get this. I also get this message if I try to change any of the profile settings
  9. In regards to asking if it is a new coil each time I read that it was happening for a member only with TI wire. SO I changed to SS 316L and thru several coils it has asked again.
  10. James that is correct, SP27 is what is installed don't recall about previous versions.
  11. I had the same problem no matter what I tried. Stopped when I locked resistance
  12. mackman

    Any feedback on HCigar VT75 Color?

    Just reset the 2.5v cutoff to zero so we will see. Anyone else get the new/old coil message anytime the mod sits for a few minutes?
  13. mackman

    Any feedback on HCigar VT75 Color?

    The problem I have had since the beginning is the check battery message at ~3.40v. I can unscrew/re screw the battery cap and it may be error less for a short while. This is with brand new Sony VTC5 and Samsung 25R batteries. In Escribe battery cutoff is 2.5v. Running a .4 single TI1 coil at 40w and 430 degrees. Really like the ability to dial in the settings from the screen so I just deal with it