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  1. Thanks for the reply. Yep, updated the mod to the latest firmware, clicked the default theme, went to profile 8 and clicked both the "Replay" options and applied settings to mod. Using the Dead Rabbit SQ on my Therion 75C Squonk.
  2. Works as usual but I don’t get the Replay option, either to save puff or to replay.
  3. I can't get Replay to work on my 75c. I've updated everything and gone to profile 8, clicked the "Replay" options but after applying to my mod, all I see is an empty black box under my Wattage and above the "Settings" on my screen. Can anyone help me?
  4. Rburke2x

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Is it a available for the 75C?
  5. I'm not using temperature control and this behavior started happening out of the blue. Tech support has contacted me and we have done numerous test and troubleshoot and they have determined it is something wrong within the mod and have offered to replace it. Case closed.
  6. Rburke2x

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Ahhh ok. Well a company I purchase vape products from said they would not be back until March 2 so I assumed that was when it ended. Their email to me stated they would be closed for the CNY during the festival dates February 16 through March 2, so I guess that company is taking the whole time off.
  7. Rburke2x

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Yes, in the interview with Daniel from DJLsb vapes and Brandon from Evolv, he stated the new update will be available after the Chinese New Year (February 16 thru March 2) and it will only be available on the international version software. Brandon also stated in the video that Evolv will be releasing mods as well, which they haven’t done since 2010.
  8. Yes unfortunately it does it with any of my rda’s including the new one I just purchased. I can’t also put them on my hubby’s Therion and don’t have the problem.
  9. Rburke2x

    "replay" rumor mill's already turning

    Any indication as to when the "Replay" feature will be released? And am I correct in saying that if I have the 75c and in the U.S. will I be able to use the international version to download the feature into my mod?
  10. This has been happening for the past two weeks. Every time I go to unlock mod after it goes into standby and I hit the fire button to use it, the mod ask is this a NEW or OLD coil. I haven't changed any settings. Also it seems the battery is draining faster than usual and I have even installed a brand new battery just in case the one I was using was near end of life, still draining faster. Can anyone please help with this issue?
  11. Unfortunately I do not have Internet Explorer. But thanks for the reply.
  12. Just purchased the Therion BF DNA 75C and am having trouble watching the Escribe Training Simulator. I started watching, then stepped away and now the page is stuck with a big box in the middle that only says "Resume" I have closed out the browser, restarted the computer, cleared browsing history, but nothing will let me resume the tutorial. I cannot click anything on the page, (see attached pic). Can anyone help?