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  1. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Hello Zark, The "last theme", I've spoken about and what has much more Screens and is more complicated is this one: Mr. TheoBottomfeeder Black English/German/Deutsch for DNA 75C/250C - Replay - PowerBank - up to 4 Batterys But that is another Theme than this one, we're talking about jet: Mr. TheoBottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors For this Theme I build an update in this time. But also in this thread you can see the complete oppositely meanings. You prefer Symbols, and the user Gwyar declines symbols and prefers text-information instead. You see, as programmer, you are never able to fulfill everybody wishes. We'll see, how the users can handle my theme. I need the possibility to let the user select write-protected symbols, since the status-text what describes the meaning of the symbol and it's is-state. Uh, for me it is not really important if and how many times users are using my theme - but what is necessary to me, my themes have to be error-free. Kind regards P.S. A question I have: Do you know, how the system is calling and displaying the "New coil"-screen? Is this by performing a "Goto child" (with needed "Goto Parent" in "New Coil"-Screen) - so Gosub-Return with using the child-stack? Or is this a regular "Goto another Screen", where I need a "Goto another Screen" also in the "New Coil"-Screen - so Goto-Goto without using a stack? This question, because I want to avoid each Stack-Problem. Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED V2.txt Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - Beta - English for DNA 75C DNA 250C.ecigtheme
  2. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Original theme for therion dna 75c

    Hi, I have this found in my achieve. If still needed by someone. Greetings Original Black Theo Gebraucht.ecig Original Black Theo Italien.ecig Original Silber Theo.ecig
  3. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Btw:😉 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Manual ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ++ Mainscreen 1 "Mad Eye Moody" (bigger chars but fewer information) - Icon: Mad-Eye-Moodys Eye and Mainscreen 2 "Eagle Eye" (smaller chars but more information) - Icon: Eagle-Head: ++ Upper side: Voltage-Value >>clicking opens Screen "USB", if connected - otherwise opens screen "Pack"<< or Upper side: Pack-Level as graphic bar display >>clicking opens Screen "USB", if connected - otherwise opens screen "Pack"<< --Selecting what to show: By clicking the button "Bar" or "Digital" in the screen "Display" - Selected status will be showed-- Voltage-state is displayed in different colors - depending on the battery level (green> = 66%, yellow> = 33% and <66%, red <33%). Charged full and Pack-Empty-Alert when using is displayed in relevant Screens ++Only in Mainscreen 2 "Eagle Eye"++: Below Pack-Display: - Profile and Mode >>clicking one to select a Profile or Mode<< - Date and Time >>clicking one opens Screen "System"<< - Big Time >>clicking opens Screen "System"<< --Selecting what to show: By de-/activating the two buttons "In Main" in the screen "System" - Left button = switching Profile and Mode (red) or time display (green), right button = if time display is activated switching between date and time (blue) or big time (yellow)-- **If firing, a flame symbol appears instead at this place** ++Only in Mainscreen 2 "Eagle Eye"++: Above the lower information line: Left display: "Volt/Watt" - Coil voltage/coil power Right display: "Ampere/Ohm" - Coil current/Coil Resistant Lower display: "Puff/Puffs" - duration of the current Puff / total number of Puffs since reset --The contents for output values for the lower three fields can be chosen in Screen "Display" - the chosen status will be displayed-- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Symbols (Mainscreen 1 "Mad Eye Moody" and Mainscreen 2 "Eagle Eye"): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "Thermometer" with two modes 1. In Power-Mode Picture (Thermometer) - Thermometer greyed out >> Clicking opens the "Coil" screen << 2. In TC-Mode - regularly: Switch (Thermometer) Temp-Protect On/Off - Thermometer, if Temp-Protect is switched on and works >> Clicking turns Temp-Protect off << - Crossed out thermometer if Temp-Protect is switched off >> Clicking turns Temp-Protect on << 3. In TC-Mode - Special: Picture (Char) - Crossed out "D" if coil without Temp Sensing Detect (coil with contact problem - fluctuating coil resistance) >> Clicking opens the "Coil" screen << - Crossed out "M" if coil without Temp Sensing Material (wrong coil wire for selected temp control profile) >> Clicking opens the "Coil" screen << "Flash" with two modes 1. In Power-Mode Switch (gray or yellow flash) is displayed to switch Boost on and off >> Switch Boost On/Off by clicking the flash symbol << - Gray flash is displayed, then Boost is deactivated - Yellow flash is displayed, then Boost is activated 2. In TC-Mode Switch (red or green flash) is displayed for switching Preheat-Display-Values >> Switch Preheat-Display-Values by clicking the flash symbol << - Red flash: Preheat deactivated: Display shows - Top: Coil Temperature - Bottom: Preheat Temperature - Green flash: Preheat activated: Display shows - Top: Preheat power - Bottom: Punch Level "Flame / Snowflake" with two modes 1. In Power Mode Picture (Flame) - Gray Flame when Power Mode is activated >> Clicking opens the "Profile" screen << 2. In TC mode Switch (Flame / Snowflake) is displayed for switching Preheat On/Off >> Switch Preheat On/Off by clicking the flash symbol << - Colored Flame if Preheat is activated - Snowflake if Preheat is deactivated "Coil" with two modes >> Clicking opens the "Profile" screen << 1. In Power Mode Picture (Coil) - Grayed-Out Coil with both pins down: 2. In TC-Mode Picture (Coil) - Red Coil with both pins down: Temp-Sense-Material and Temp-Sense-Detect recognized (fully functioning TC-Mode, TC wire with activated Temp-Control) - Red Coil with left pin up: No Temp-Sense-Material, but Temp-Sense-Detect detected (usually should never actually happen - but what is usual 🙂 ) - Red Coil with right pin up: Temp-Sense-Material, but no Temp-Sense-Detect detected (Coil with contact problem - fluctuating coil resistance) - Red Coil with both pins up: Neither Temp-Sense-Material nor Temp-Sense-Detect detected (no resistance wire selected for TC-Mode) Replay: Bottom Center: "Replay"-Buttons (like on a Cassette-Recorder). - Grey: Replay is deactivated - Halt-Symbol (two red vertical bars): Replay is on but not initialized jet (no puff recorded) - Record-Symbol (a filled red circle): Replay has recorded a puff and is ready for playing - Play-Symbol (a filled red triangle): Replay is playing When Replay is Playing, the words "Replay" and "active" are displayed in big yellow chars in both Mainscreens. Additional a graphic bar display for control Replay warmth is shown. Mainscreen 1 "Mad Eye Moody" und Mainscreen 2 "Eagle Eye": Icon below right - Lockscreen (Icon "Bed") or "Mad Eye Moodys Eye") or "Eagle Head" Function: - Icon: "Mad Eye Moodys Eye" or "Eagle Head". Switches in all Screens expect in the Lockscreen and active Mainscreen to the active Mainscreen **Due to the limitation of the software, the Mainscreen 2 "Mad Eye Moody" will always be displayed after unlocking the device, even if Mainscreen 1 "Eagle Eye" is activated as Mainscreen. In these case, the Mainscreen 1 "Eagle Eye" can be accessed again by simply clicking on the lower right icon.** -- Temporary or static specify which screen is defined as Mainscreen by de-/activating the buttons for "Mainscreen" in the screen "Menu 1" -- - Icon "Bed": Switches in activen Mainscreen into the Lockscreen ++Only in Mainscreen 1 "Mad Eye Moody"++: While firing, a flame symbol appears instead of the lower six Symbols at this place All other elements should be self-explanatory. --------------------------------------------- I hope, that's not too difficult for understanding - but a logical way for using the theme.😁
  4. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Hi Zark, thanks for your comment. I afraid, you have misunderstood something in my theme.😉 Therefor I have published my theme with a short using-manual. TSD and TSM only displays their status as information for the user to figuring out the reason, if his mod won't steam as expexted. There is nothing to set or choose with TSD and TSM - only for displaying and recognizing problems. As well as the PWR- and TC-"LED"s in the Coil-Screen. There you also can't choose one of these modes. It's just as information. In my opinion, my theme is very useable. But sure, it is more complex than probably most others. In Profile-Page, you can set same like in the Escribe-Profile screen but only that parameters, what are allowed with the settings, you have actual chosen (depending on of TC/Watt, Preheat Yes/No, Replay On/Off). So no irritation about nonfunctional fields and values should come up. Most difference to other themes: My theme contains two choose able Mainscreens - a "Mad Eye Moody"-Mainscreen with bigger chars but content fewer information (for users wearing glasses or not so good eyes) and an "Eagle Eye"-Mainscreen with smaller chars but displaying more information (for users with good eyes). My destination is - one Theme for all wishes. As example, the user may choose either a digital Battery-Display or a Bar-Graph for battery-state and may select other values, that he want to get displayed on the Mainscreen etc. Surely I see this with programmers eyes. But I hope, it is not overloaded and easy in handling after a short time of using and getting knowledge about. This theme already is shrunk in its functions. My first theme had more.😂 How you meant - Do I am really writing English as bad, that I need a home language speaking English translator?😯 Kind regards
  5. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Some Beta-Testers searched

    Hi Retird, nice to read you again. Yes, I uploaded unfortunately not the latest version of my english language theme by mistake. Thanks for your help again. Kind regards Here the actual version: Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - Beta - English for DNA 75C DNA 250C.ecigtheme
  6. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Is there a SELECTED condition?

    Your Gauge-Picture probably has no transparent parts, where the Fill-Color can visible across. There is no possibility to change Brightness less than 0 or more than Max. 1. The "New Coil"-Screen is automatic called by the system, if the real resistance is higher or lower than the stored. So you have to build two screens with nearly same content. One as "New Coil Screen" what you don't call by hand from another screen And a second with "Special Use: NO" what you can open from other screens as long as you want 2. For this you have to put two fields onto same place. Field :1 Make a condition "hidden" and a second condition "Control: Field - Compare: Atomizer - Power - Comparison: Greater or Equal to - Value: 30W" Source: Coil Power Options: Decimal Places: 0 - Step Size: 1 Field :1 Make a condition "hidden" and a second condition "Control: Field - Compare: Atomizer - Power - Comparison: less than - Value: 30W" Source: Coil Power Options: Decimal Places: 1 - Step Size: 1 By using hidden-Conditions, you can put both fields onto same place and in each field, you have another in-/decrasing of the content Field 1 switches to hidden, if Coil Power < 30W Field2 switches to hidden if Coil Power >= 30W 3. Use the "Statistic - Last Puff - Time" - that shows the Time of your last puff, as the name says. This all is stuff, you can find out by try and error usually.😉 Kind regards
  7. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Is there a SELECTED condition?

    Hi, You have in Theme Designer four available options: Normal: Belongs only Label-Fields and Memo-Fields Text-Color: Visible in all text-Fields what have no self-defined text-color Fill-Color: Visible in all Text-Fields Highlight Read-Only: Belongs Fields, Gauge, Toogle, Picture, Chart and Status ("Status" is unchangeable "Read Only") what have no changeable Value in it's "Source" - "Options" - "Settings" or are marked as "Read Only". Fields Text-Color: Visible in all Read-Only Fields what have no self-defined text-color Fill-Color: Visible in all Read-Only Fields Gauge, Toogle, Picture and Chart: Text-Color: Not availiable Fill-Color: Must be transparent at all places where the Fill-Color should be visible across. Highlight Selectable: Belongs Fields, Gauge, Toogle, Picture and Chart what have a changeable Value in it's "Source" - "Options" - "Settings" - and onto that the (invisible) "Pointer" is placed. Fields Text-Color: Visible in all Fields what have no self-defined text-color Fill-Color: Visible in all Fields Gauge, Toogle, Picture and Chart: Text-Color: Not availiable Fill-Color: Must be transparent at all places where the Fill-Color should be visible across Selected: Belongs Fields, Gauge, Toogle, Picture and Chart what have a changeable Value in it's "Source" - "Options" - "Settings" - and onto that the (invisible) "Pointer" is placed and the Object is clicked with the middle Button to be active. Fields Text-Color: Visible in all Fields what have no self-defined text-color Fill-Color: Visible in all Fields Gauge, Toogle, Picture and Chart: Text-Color: Not availiable Fill-Color: Must be transparent at all places where the Fill-Color should be visible across Error: Belongs the Text-Color of the Full Sized Error-Page Hoping that's matching - otherwise please correct Kind regards
  8. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Hi Gwyar, Nun ja, ich habe nichts gegen Anleitungen. Aber wie Du so richtig geschrieben hast, da gibt es verschiedene Ansiuchten dazu. Die Anleitung ist zwar rel. umfangreich, dafür ist diese aber auch in Englisch und Deutsch und umfasst auch allgemeine Infos. Die reine Theme Anleitung ist nicht viel zum lesen. Zumal ich auch bei meinem Theme davon ausgehe, dass es eigentlich selbsterklärend ist. Aber da ich schon beruflich immer Anleitungen mit meinen Produkten ausliefere, ist es für mich selbstverständlich, dass ich es auch hier mache. Beste Grüsse Hi Gwyar, Well, I have nothing against instructions. But as you have written correctly, there are different approaches. The instructions seems voluminous, but it is written in English and German and also includes general information. The pure theme guide is not really much to read. Especially since I also assume with my theme that it is actually self-explanatory. But since I have always delivered instructions with my business-products, it goes without saying that I also do it here. Best regards Wer Lust hat, die neuesten Betas (Englisch und Deutsch) zu testen, hier geht es zum Download: If you want to test the latest betas (English and German), click here to download:
  9. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Some Beta-Testers searched

    Hello @all I have completely overworked my latest Theme now: "Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - for DNA 75C DNA 250C" Availiable in English and German GUI-Languages. Before uploading this as final V2.0.0 into the "Download"-Section, I am looking for some Beta-Testers who like to test my Theme and gimme a message, if everything works as expected (or not) - if and how I can make it better. You'll know - a programmer can't find his own bugs and errors. That seems to be in the nature of the human. Therefor it would be kind, if some spend a little time and verify my Theme and it's functions. Any answer is welcome.😁 The Manual for using the Theme you'll find in the attached TXT-File Kind regards --------------------- Hallo an Alle Ich habe mein aktuelles Theme jetzt komplett überarbeitet: "Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Einfache Farben - V2.0.0 - für DNA 75C DNA 250C" Verfügbar in englischer und deutscher GUI-Sprache. Bevor ich dieses Theme als finale V2.0.0 in die "Download"-Sektion hochlade, suche ich nach Beta-Testern, die Lust haben, mein Theme zu testen und mir Bescheid geben, ob alles wie erwartet funktioniert - ob und wie ich das Theme verbessern kann. Ihr werdet wissen - ein Programmierer kann seine eigenen Bugs und Fehler nie finden. Das scheint in der Natur des Menschen zu liegen. Daher wäre es nett, wenn sich ein paar Members ein wenig Zeit nehmen, um mein Theme sowie seine Funktionen zu überprüfen. Jede Antwort ist willkommen.😁 Das Handbuch zur Verwendung des Themas findet Ihr in der angehängten TXT-Datei Beste Grüße Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED V2.txt Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - Beta - English for DNA 75C DNA 250C.ecigtheme Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - Beta - German for DNA 75C DNA 250C.ecigtheme
  10. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    @all Well, I (hope to) have finished the German version of my Theme now: "Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - Beta - German for DNA 75C DNA 250C" Since it is nearly a complete new build theme, I have made it as a major version update. I am looking for some members who would like to test this Theme before I also create the version translated into English. I would be happy if there were a few users who would do this work and inform me about problems / questions / suggestions for improvement. Feel free to get such one.😁 The manual for using this theme, you'll find in the attached TXT-File. Kind regards @all Ich habe jetzt die deutsche Version meines Themes fertig gestellt(hoffe ich zumindest): "Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - Beta - German for DNA 75C DNA 250C" Da es sich fast um ein vollständiges neues Build des Themes handelt, habe ich es als Hauptversions-Update deklariert. Ich suche einige Mitglieder, die dieses Thema testen möchten, bevor ich auch die in die englische Sprache übersetzte Version erstelle. Ich würde mich freuen, wenn sich ein paar User finden, die diese Arbeit übernehmen und mich über Probleme/Fragen/Vorschläge zur Verbesserung informieren.😁 Die Anleitung zur Bedienung dieses Themes findet Ihr in der angefügten Text-Datei. Beste Grüße Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED V2.txt Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - Beta - German for DNA 75C DNA 250C.ecigtheme
  11. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Hi Zark, thanks again for your answer. Now I understand, what you meant with "TCR" - I thought all the time, that this must be a Russian translating of "TSD" or "TSM" But I am afraid, you're misunderstanding my motivations. I surely don't use the DNA in a manner, what is not provided by Evolv. My destination is to give the users only the information and settable parameters on the screens, what are matching the mode that he actually is using (means in certain circumstances, what he must not have selected manually, but what he is using in fact). And this is including, that the "Power-Mode" not only should be shown and be adjustable in a manually chosen "Power-Mode", but as well in "TC-Mode" temporary as long as TSM= false or TSD=false. Cause under this conditions then the DNA only works in "Power-Mode" anymore, as I believe to have figured it out. TSM and TSD are System-Flags what are set by the DNA and the user surely can't change by himself. But the values of these flags influences the working structure of the DNA. Independently of the users choice "Can Preheat" (="TC-Mode"): If TSM= false or TSD = false, the DNA switch intern to "Power mode" temporary and no temp-control works anymore in that case as long as one of these flags is false. In my opinion, the most themes usually don't inform the user about this fact and as well about the reason for the DNA for falling back into "Power-Mode" nevertheless the user has chosen "TC-Mode" and is getting displayed falsely this mode-settings. If "TC-Mode" was selected before, the DNA only switch back to working "TC-Mode", if TSM = true and TSM=true again. It seems to me, for the user it is same result as if he is choosing "Can Boost" (Power-Mode) manually, if TSM= false or TSD=false. As far my viewings and experiences. So my new version of my theme shows the "Power-Mode"-Mainscreen and "Power-Mode"-Profile-Setting-page, if TSM=false or TSD=false as well as the user has selected "TC-Mode". As soon as TSM=true and TSD=true again, the Screens switches into "TC-Mode" usability back again, if this was chosen before. I hope, this time I could explain understandable, what I have meant.😉 Kind regards Hallo Zark, Nochmals vielen Dank für Deine Antwort. Jetzt verstehe ich, was Du mit "TCR" gemeint hast- ich dachte die ganze Zeit, dass dies eine russische Übersetzung von "TSD" oder "TSM" sein muss. Aber ich fürchte, Du verstehst meine Beweggründe falsch. Ich benutze die DNA sicherlich nicht auf eine Art und Weise, die Evolv nicht zur Verfügung stellt. Mein Ziel ist es, den Benutzern nur die Informationen und einstellbaren Parameter auf den Bildschirmen mitzuteilen, welche mit dem tatsächlich verwendeten Modus übereinstimmen (bedeutet unter bestimmten Umständen, was der User nicht manuell ausgewählt haben muss - sondern das, was der DNA tatsächlich aktuell verwendet). Dazu gehört, dass der "Power-Mode" nicht nur in einem manuell gewählten "Power-Mode" angezeigt und eingestellt werden soll, sondern auch temporär in "TC-Mode", solange TSM = false oder TSD = false . Denn unter diesen Bedingungen funktioniert die DNA dann nur noch im "Power-Mode", wie ich glaube, es herausgefunden zu haben. TSM und TSD sind System-Flags, die von dem DNA gesetzt werden und die der Benutzer sicher nicht selbst ändern kann. Die Werte dieser Flags beeinflussen jedoch die Arbeitsstruktur der DNA. Unabhängig von der Benutzerauswahl "Can Preheat" (= "TC-Mode"): Wenn TSM = false oder TSD = false, wechselt die DNA intern temporär in den "Power Mode" und in diesem Fall funktioniert keine Temp-Kontrolle mehr, solange eines dieser Flags false ist. Meiner Meinung nach informieren die meisten Themen den Benutzer normalerweise nicht über diese Tatsache und auch nicht über den Grund, warum die DNA in den "Power-Mode" zurückfällt, obwohl der Benutzer den "TC-Mode" gewählt hat und fälschlicherweise angezeigt wird diese Modus-Einstellungen. Wenn zuvor "TC-Mode" gewählt wurde, wechselt die DNA nur dann wieder in den "TC-Mode", wenn TSM = true und TSM = true ist. Es scheint mir, für den Benutzer ist es das gleiche Ergebnis, als würde er "Can Boost" (Power-Mode) manuell auswählen, wenn TSM = false oder TSD = false. Soweit meine Ansichten und Erfahrungen. Die neue Version meines Themas zeigt also die "Power-Mode" -Mainscreen- und "Power-Mode" -Profileinstellungen-Seite, wenn TSM = false oder TSD = false ist, selbst wenn der Benutzer "TC-Mode" ausgewählt hat. Sobald TSM = true und TSD = true ist, wechselt der Bildschirm wieder in den "TC-Mode", sofern dieser zuvor gewählt wurde. Ich hoffe, diesmal konnte ich nachvollziehbar erklären, was ich gemeint habe.😉 Beste Grüße
  12. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Oh ja, das kenne ich. Das Schöne... Die Entwickler des Theme Designer haben keine Möglichkeit geschaffen, im Theme festzustellen, wie die dort verwendete Bildchen heißen und wo diese jeweils gespeichert sind, noch kann man im Theme Designer deren Abmessungen erkennen. Das macht es besonders lustig, bei einem Neuanfang aus der Masse an fast identischen selbsterstellten Bildern (die sich nur marginal voneinander unterscheiden), jene herauszufinden, welche man tatsächlich verwendet hat. Ich speichere in einem solchen Fall im Theme Designer die verwendeten Bilder in ein neues Verzeichnis, damit ich sicher dieselben beim Neuerstellen wieder habe. Auch mir geht es so - habe jetzt auch bei der kompletten Überarbeitung meines Themes ein paar Sachen gefunden, bei welchen ich mich schon gar nicht mehr erinnern kann, warum ich die so gemacht und eingebaut habe.😂 Oh yes, I know that. The beautyful thing ... The developers of the Theme Designer have neither created a way to determine in the theme how the used pictures are named and where each of them is stored, nor you can see their dimensions in the Theme Designer. This makes it particularly funny to find out which Pictures are actually been used from the mass of almost identical self-created images (which differ only marginally from each other). In such a case, I save all the images used in the Theme Designer in a new folder, so that I surely have them again when I create the theme once again. I feel the same way - have also found a few things in the complete revision of my theme that I can no remember why I did it and by what reason I have installed it. 😂
  13. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    In solchen Fällen ist es manchmal sinnvoller, nochmal ganz von vorne anzufangen 😂 In such cases, it sometimes makes more sense to start all over again 😂
  14. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Ja, das ist eben das Schöne an programmierbarer Hardware. Daher habe ich auch Smartwatches von Samsung - weil ich dafür eigene Watchfaces bauen konnte. Nun, ich bin der Ansicht, dass mit Pictogrammen mehr ausgesagt und auf einen Blick erfassbar ist, als mit einer Textausgabe. Ich habe ja vier Symbole in meinen Main-Screens: 1. Thermometer (TC-Mode) - durchgestrichen (Kein TC-Mode möglich) - grau (Power-Mode) - mit "D" (drin TSD=False) - mit "M" drin (TSM = false) 2. Blitz (Power-Modus: Boost-Parameter-Anzeige Ein/Aus) - im TC-Modus: Preheat-Parameter-Anzeige: Ein/Aus) 3. Flamme (im TC-Modus Preheat: Ein/Aus) - Grau im Power-Modus 4. Spule (Power-Modus: Grau) - im TC-Mode Beide Beinchen unten: TSD= true, TSM = True - Linkes Beinchen in der Luft: TSM=False, TSD=True - Rechtes Beinchen in der Luft: TSM=True, TSD=False - Beide Beinchen nach Oben: TSM=False, TSD=False Und dies eben als Statustext jeweils den vier Pictogrammen zugeordnet. Wenn ich das als "Nur-Text" hätte ausformen müssen, würde ich wohl ein doppelt so grosses Display brauchen. Ach ja - noch ein Symbol in den Mainscreens: Das kleine Vorhängeschloss, wenn Temp-Lock aktiviert ist. Yes, that's the nice thing with programmable hardware. That's why I also have smartwatches from Samsung - because I was able to build my own watch faces for them. Well, I believe that pictograms are more meaningful and understandable at a short view than with text output. I have four symbols in my main screens: 1. Thermometer (TC mode) - crossed out (no TC mode possible) - gray (power mode) - with "D" (inside TSD = False) - with "M" inside (TSM = false) 2. Flash (power mode: boost parameter display on / off) - in TC mode: preheat parameter display: on / off) 3. Flame (in TC mode Preheat: On / Off) - gray in power mode 4. Coil (power mode: gray) - in TC mode both legs below: TSD = true, TSM = True - left leg in the air: TSM = False, TSD = True - right leg in the air: TSM = True , TSD = False - Both legs up: TSM = False, TSD = False And this is assigned to the four pictograms as status text. If I had to write this all as "plain text", I would probably need a display that is twice as big. Oh yes - another symbol in the main screens: The small padlock when Temp-Lock is activated.
  15. Mr.Bottomfeeder

    Temp Sensing Detect...

    Da habe ich Symbole in den Mainscreens, die den Status von TSD und TSM anzeigen. Wenn im TC-Mode plötzlich die Watt-Screen angezeigt wird und im Symbol der Wicklung plötzlich ein Beinchen in der Luft hängt, dann weiss der User, dass er nach dem Coil sehen muss. Zumal in der Statusleiste dann steht, was das Problem ist. So habe ich das nun gelöst. Therefor I have a wire-symbol in the main screens what shows the status of TSD and TSM. If the watt screen is suddenly displayed in TC mode and suddenly a leg is hanging in the air in the wire-symbol of the winding, then the user knows that he has to take a look onto the coil. Additional the status bar shows what the problem is. So I've solved that now.