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  1. Hallo Hareon, Nach dem Hochladen oder Updaten Deine(r) Ecig-Theme-Datei(en), musst Du jedesmal ein paar Minuten warten, bis die Webside-Software die Screens Deines Themes indiziert hat. Dann öffne die Theme-Beschreibungsseite erneut und: 1. Scrolle die Seite runter, bis der Link "Datei-Optionen" unten links auf der Seite erscheint und klicke diesen Link an. 2. In dem nun erscheinenden Popup-Menu, klicke auf den Menupunkt "Details bearbeiten". 3. Wenn Du nun ein Vorschau-Bild und ein Bild, welches alle Screens Deines Themes im oberen Bereich der "Details bearbeiten"-Sei
  2. Hello HyruleKush, After uploading or updating your ecigtheme-file(s), each time you have to wait a few minutes for the website software to index all the screens of your theme. Then enter the Theme-Description-Page again and: 1. Scroll down to "File Options" at the bottom left of the theme page and click onto this link 2. In the pop-up that appears, click "Edit Details". 3. If you can see a preview-picture and a image containing all your theme pages in top of "Edit Details" page, this is a sign, that the Forum-Software has finished the integration of the tumbnail-previe
  3. Hi Carsten, Your Suspection could go well match with my thesis with the stack overflow caused by the page being opened with "Goto Child Screen" and then leaving the requested page with "Goto another Page" instead of the required "Goto Parent Page". With the "Goto Child Screen", the source screen address is packed on the stack so that the "Goto Parent Screen" knows which page to jump back to. When jumping back, the source page address is deleted from the stack. However, if a page is called with "Goto Child Screen" and this is exited with "Goto another Page", the source screen addres
  4. Hi Gwyar, ich habe über meine Vermutungen zu dem "Menu Error - Press Up" in den Kommentaren von meinem anderen Theme schon mal berichtet. Und auch hier in den Kommentaren: Vielleicht bringt Dich das etwas weiter. Solltest Du eine eindeutige Ursache finden, lasse es mich bitte wissen. So langsam denke ich, es hängt auch mit dem nahezu voll ausgelasteten Speicherbedarf unserer Themes zusammen. Beste Grüsse Hubert
  5. Hi ThunderDick, In the meantime I have succeeded in reconstructing the "Menu Error - Press 'up'". This occurs only when I select and click on "System" in "Menu2". But this is definitely not related to my theme. Because this error message only appears - identical to your experiences and as you've written - if I scroll through "Menu2" very quickly and then click on "System". If I scroll slowly through the options in "Menu2" and then click on "System" then, the "System" screen opens without errors. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to fix or avoid this problem. I'm affear,
  6. Hello my friend, yeah, this problem is really strange - some other users - also with other Themes than mine - get displayed the "Menu Error - Press Up" sometimes, others users never. There are some discussions in this forum about the appearing of the error-Message - but until now with no result, as far I know. Can you tell me please: - What Theme-Version of my nine variations you're using? - Will the error appears in Menu1- or Menu2-page while scrolling across the lines there? - What mainscreen you're using - Mad Eye Moody or Hawkeye Pierce? - What did you be
  7. Hello Seek, After uploading a Theme, you have to wait a few minutes for the website software to index all the pictures of your Theme. Then you can go back to the Theme-Detail-Page with your description of your Theme. Here: 1. Scroll down to "File Options" at the bottom left of the Theme page and click onto this link 2. In the pop-up that appears, click "Edit Details". 3. Scroll down to block "First Screenshot" and choose either the main image or the image with all Theme-Pages as the main image to be displayed in the topic list. This way you can insert your Theme image in the categor
  8. Hello, you should find this setting in: - In Mainscreens with "v" (bottom middle) jump to "Menu1" - In "Menu1" jump with "v" (bottom middle) to "Menu2" - In "Menu2" choose and click "System" - Here you find two buttons in right of text "In Main". If you switch the left button, you can toggle between Profile/Material and Time/TimeDate If you switch the right button in activated Time/Date, you can toggle between Big Time and Time/Date. By the way - the Time/Date-Display only will be displayed in "Mainscreen1" - not in "Mainscreen2" But... You're using a out
  9. Hi Zark, yes, about this conflicts (and stack-overflows by this) we have talked the last few days here.😉 And so I dispensed in my theme now the using of "Goto Child Screen" and "Goto Parent"(what are using the Gosub Stack) but use only "Goto another Screen" (where no stack is involved) to avoid the error message "Menu Error - Press UP" coming up again. Kind regards
  10. Hi Zark, thanks for your answer. But that's the problem with using different languages. It's easy to talk past each other. My question was, how the exit in the screen "New Coil?" works - not how to open this screen. I don't open this screen manual by hand, for that I have an extra screen "Coil", what I open manually if needed. But this question is solved meanwhile - I don't use "Goto Parent" or "Goto another Screen: Mainscreen" for leaving "New Coil?"-Screen anymore. Now instead of them I use the functions "Yes, New Coil" and "No, Old Coil" to leave this screen manua
  11. Version 3.1.2


    Theme-Style-Collection of my Theme "Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder " - all available in English and German ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is the newest version of my theme "Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder Black" - Available in English and German GUI language. A little more modern, fewer screens and therefore clearer. But all the necessary features of "Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder Black" are included. INFO: The displayed "AM","PM"-Clock-Errors what are displayed in the upper p
  12. Danke Dir - Na, dann bin ich ja beruhigt, ich dachte schon, das ist ein Designfehler im Board (OK, kann es ja trotzdem sein - aber wenn's alle wissen, sind die User ja dann darauf gefasst).
  13. Ist es bei Deinen Themes auch so, dass der DNA beim TC(EDIT KORREKTUR: Temp-Protect meine ich natürlich) an-/ausschalten eine Gedenkminute einlegt, wie ein oller Diesel? Nur dieses Umschalten dauert bei mir ca. 5sec. bis die Anzeige entsprechend aktualisiert wird. Alle anderen Schaltvorgänge gehen ratzfatz. Hier die hoffentlich finale Versionen: Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - Beta - German for DNA 75C DNA 250C.ecigtheme Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED - Easy Colors - V2.0.0 - Beta - English for DNA 75C DNA 250C.ecigtheme Mr. Theo Bottomfeeder LED V2.txt
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