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  1. You are right, I saw this from my personal point of view. There can certainly be reasons to download a large number of topics at the same time. For me as a little perfectionist that doesn't normally make sense. But everyone is different😉 Uh, I didn't know that - that only real members can comment on themes. I thought anyone can leave comments and criticism. Then I would prefer to give everyone the opportunity to leave a note about their experience with the themes. Sure, there will be more work for the mods cleaning up the forum and deleting fake comments and other crap left be
  2. @ all: I have never downloaded one of my themes by myself, nor have I commissioned others to do so. Only once - about 1 1/2 years ago, I had to download exactly one of my themes - after unfortunately one of my original files was gone lost. I also never write reviews or comments for my own themes. I only publish updates when I have made real changes to my themes (I always list the changes what are new made in the description). With the updates, I even combine necessary and occurring description changes and additions. All this so that nobody can say that I would push my own themes.
  3. Hi @all thanks @retird for suggesting my themes😃 Unfortunately, there is no free switch less (there ar only 4 at all availiable in the software) for building chooseable displays for the battery-meters in my themes. But if @Theme_A_Geddon wan't to get, I can build a special version for him that shows the battery-voltages as Gauges. Just drop me a note, if you wan't to get such a theme. Different currents for the batteries, I have not found in the software. Just: Voltage common Current common Voltage Battery 1 Voltage Battery 2 Voltage Battery 3 Voltage Battery 4
  4. Hello my dear friends, Since I received a message that I was named on this thread, I read this discussion. I am still wondering the reason behind the download numbers scam since the day I was first notified of fake theme downloads. In my opinion it makes absolutely no sense to manipulate the own download counters or those of someone else. Just because some Honk was having fun to downloading my theme 300 times in one day, now I have to subtract these 300 downloads from my counter in order to get my honest download numbers. Why do some people do that? This is completely dev
  5. Hi Manish RD To select a preciew-Picture for the topic-list and edit Detail-Informations of your Theme: After uploading or updating your ecigtheme-file(s), each time you have to wait a few minutes for the website software to finish the indexing of all the screens, your theme contains. Then enter the Theme-Description-Page again and: 1. Scroll down until the link "File Options" appears at the bottom left of the theme page and click onto this link 2. In the pop-up that get visible now, click "Edit Details". 3. Make your changes in the description, if needed. Otherwi
  6. Hello Mad Hawaiian, you don`t have to create a new theme for each of your Updates - thats not the way this forum works. If you have created a Update of a existing theme, you have to edit your existing Theme: Uploading new Versions of a Theme: Enter the Theme-Description-Page again and: 1. Scroll down until the link "File Options" appears at the bottom left of the theme page and click onto this link 2. In the pop-up that get visible now, click "Upload a new version". 3. Click onto the blue "Chose File"-Button and select the new theme(s) on your l
  7. Here`s a version with Replay-Button in white. Hope, you enjoy this Kind regards Hubert JakeK-Theme with white replay-button.ecigtheme
  8. P.S. I made a example for you - you just have to build three nice matching Pics for the replay-button JakeK-Theme with replay.ecigtheme
  9. Hi Jake, if ya want to implement Replay-Mode easyly into your Theme, have a look onto my Theme Mr. Bottomfeeder: Simply copy the replay-botton from one of the mainscreens in my theme and insert this button into the mainscreen of your theme. All neccessary functions are included: "Replay Off->On" - "Initialize" - "Replay Play/Pause" all in just one switch combined. You can chose other symbols for the three states of course. Kind regards Hubert
  10. Hallo Hareon, Nach dem Hochladen oder Updaten Deine(r) Ecig-Theme-Datei(en), musst Du jedesmal ein paar Minuten warten, bis die Webside-Software die Screens Deines Themes indiziert hat. Dann öffne die Theme-Beschreibungsseite erneut und: 1. Scrolle die Seite runter, bis der Link "Datei-Optionen" unten links auf der Seite erscheint und klicke diesen Link an. 2. In dem nun erscheinenden Popup-Menu, klicke auf den Menupunkt "Details bearbeiten". 3. Wenn Du nun ein Vorschau-Bild und ein Bild, welches alle Screens Deines Themes im oberen Bereich der "Details bearbeiten"-Sei
  11. Hello HyruleKush, After uploading or updating your ecigtheme-file(s), each time you have to wait a few minutes for the website software to index all the screens of your theme. Then enter the Theme-Description-Page again and: 1. Scroll down to "File Options" at the bottom left of the theme page and click onto this link 2. In the pop-up that appears, click "Edit Details". 3. If you can see a preview-picture and a image containing all your theme pages in top of "Edit Details" page, this is a sign, that the Forum-Software has finished the integration of the tumbnail-previe
  12. Hi Carsten, Your Suspection could go well match with my thesis with the stack overflow caused by the page being opened with "Goto Child Screen" and then leaving the requested page with "Goto another Page" instead of the required "Goto Parent Page". With the "Goto Child Screen", the source screen address is packed on the stack so that the "Goto Parent Screen" knows which page to jump back to. When jumping back, the source page address is deleted from the stack. However, if a page is called with "Goto Child Screen" and this is exited with "Goto another Page", the source screen addres
  13. Hi Gwyar, ich habe über meine Vermutungen zu dem "Menu Error - Press Up" in den Kommentaren von meinem anderen Theme schon mal berichtet. Und auch hier in den Kommentaren: Vielleicht bringt Dich das etwas weiter. Solltest Du eine eindeutige Ursache finden, lasse es mich bitte wissen. So langsam denke ich, es hängt auch mit dem nahezu voll ausgelasteten Speicherbedarf unserer Themes zusammen. Beste Grüsse Hubert
  14. Hi ThunderDick, In the meantime I have succeeded in reconstructing the "Menu Error - Press 'up'". This occurs only when I select and click on "System" in "Menu2". But this is definitely not related to my theme. Because this error message only appears - identical to your experiences and as you've written - if I scroll through "Menu2" very quickly and then click on "System". If I scroll slowly through the options in "Menu2" and then click on "System" then, the "System" screen opens without errors. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do to fix or avoid this problem. I'm affear,
  15. Hello my friend, yeah, this problem is really strange - some other users - also with other Themes than mine - get displayed the "Menu Error - Press Up" sometimes, others users never. There are some discussions in this forum about the appearing of the error-Message - but until now with no result, as far I know. Can you tell me please: - What Theme-Version of my nine variations you're using? - Will the error appears in Menu1- or Menu2-page while scrolling across the lines there? - What mainscreen you're using - Mad Eye Moody or Hawkeye Pierce? - What did you be
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