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    At last , a theme you can see without screwing you eyes up , just enough features for day to day . love it
    I like the style , colours etc. & appreciate the work that has gone in to the theme, it would be my daily if I could see it without squinting.
  1. My question is not whether replay is working or not , its the option of using "dubious coils" or "unlikely" in escribe , i have it working on a single SS coils , but when I am using a dual coils rta ( fused SS Claptons ) its not , on my dna250C there are the options of "dubious coils" etc.. ?
  2. Is it me or has the replay option "Allow on dubious coils" , under the mod tab been omitted on the 75C replay update ??
  3. neX

    Material Dark

    Simple , easy on the eye , easy to use , got what i need , I edited a couple of things to be a bit bigger , but very well done , recommended ? .... absofookinlutely
  4. neX

    VapingBad 75C 001 vrtcl drk bg

    thanks for day/date tip , done ! ( british too that's exactly what I wanted ) TY
    imho this should be the stock theme , lots more options & settings without being difficult to navigate or understand , I would only like to know how to change the date format to date/month/year instead of month/date/year in theme designer , otherwise so far this is my daily driver.