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  1. IvoryTower

    dna 250 repair

    hello there, i live in Toledo, Ohio. Is there anybody that can fix DNA mods?
  2. IvoryTower

    Evolv rebel 250 display + update problem

    Thank you dwcraig1 i removed the cover between battery and board now the glitch is gone thank you very much
  3. IvoryTower

    Evolv rebel 250 display + update problem

    yes i am back to 1.2 SP 5.1 ist somehow working
  4. Hello i am new here i just got my Rebel 250 every time i fire the top 20 % off display ist shifted and immediate black screen when i let go of fire it turns back to normal. currently i running 1_2_sp5_1.sw-service when i try update to 1_2_SP6_USsw-service it will not work at all only if i connect to usb. Restore defaults Hard Soft Reset not helping this is my first DNA mod don't know what to do.