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  1. Yes thanks but found a better theme I love my DNA250C and love that you have so much options on how it looks it’s like a iPhone it’s just works love it and a thanks for the grade help 🙏
  2. Barendlab

    Screen on all the time

    Hi I have a theme that has a option to keep the screen on all the time my question is will it cos damage to the screen in long-term or sort term and I now it mybe a stupe questions I don't now if it's beter or screen on and after set a mount time go off. ? Like I sed it's mybe a stupet questions but for me need that insurance what will be the best thanks for the time in helping me on a dissons Love my DNA only whant the best for it
  3. yes thanks for the help how do i join the researcher on the Evolv app i have change the User Interface to researcher how do the seal work how do i apply it
  4. thanks got it ⭐🕗🕗🕗
  5. i have done it and dit not save it the profile before i reset it is there a way i can ask the members on the site
  6. i have change the them on my dna 250c by vaping bogon need the origel them back pleas help