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  1. Well in the end its up to you what you gona do or compare 😕
  2. You cant compare ferrari and toyota. And same go for dna and your other mods. I wape on dna 250c and kayfun 5 & prime and dont have problem. That the reason why you paying such a high price. Also i think no you cant expect from most others devices to have same configure to dna. Reason is simple while all other say/clame/show you on display your settings,actuall watt they deliver can be something diffrent but that not gona happen on dna. Im no expert by enymean so dont get insult cose that not my attencion. Hope you understan what im trying to say and sry for my english
  3. ohh nice that good news, i can leave if thouse coils wont work in replay ill be happy if work in watts only -but to work. Thank you ps. but it would steel be good to learn how to work whit csv file and uploading to mod
  4. I have this materials by default when i bouth my device(250c). But know i want to try "Vapor Giant Go 4 - Black Edition" who have already done coil - G2A 0.6 ohm NiCr Single G2B 0.4 ohm NiCr Single G4 0.15 ohm NiCr Dual G8 0.15 ohm "NiCr" Quad -so for that material i need file. I will get that tank&coils in a few days. And need to take some mesurment before i know all parametars to make file. But first i need to learn how to do it( download and how to put it in mod). See that first confuse me cose didnt have 250c and i was afraid to use that "dna200" so i dont scrrue my mod. So from there i download csv file, and what is the next step-how i procide whit escribe and upload to my device? I make exaple file and download it just for practice:its supose to be ss316, raund,24wga,6 wraps,3.5mm coil, please check if i did it right And last but not less important THANK YOU VERY MUCH for advices DNA200-SS_316-SteamEngine.csv
  5. Hi guys, can someone put step by step tutorial for steam engine hot to make file for dna 250c, and then how to put it in mod? Or simply give a link for youtube ......eny help i would be greatful ps. sry for my english
    My first theme on my first paranormal dna 250c mod. Thank you, so far all is good i have no problem or didnt find eny in few days i use it. Hope it will stay like that 👍
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