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  1. I wasn't following the whole topic, but I see that there is boost option now in DNA250 which is great, I love that option on my 75C. Is there a plan to release the same option for DNA200& DNA75?
  2. and it is alive and working did forget to take pictures of internals, but I did the same as ChunkyButt200, everything else is quite straight forward one pic of finished product
  3. I believe this is my 7th one over all I did put an order for 3 screens now, just to be safe
  4. I did manage to solder it today. Board was recognized in escribe, battery charging working as far as I can tell. But, when assembling VF I did manage to brake screen Ordered new one, when it arrives this will be finally done.
  5. great, this is much appreciated I will work some more on in in next few days when I grab some time for it And, hopefully, my VF will have dna60 heart after this experiment
  6. I will manage to do it in the same way that you did.Did you use 10k ohm resistor?
  7. thanks for pic, I will give it a go tomorrow
  8. This is how charger board in VF looks like. To be honest I don't have a clue where to look for USB pins
  9. I was taking a quick look to that today, original VF is using two boards, I am guessing one is for charging and another for protection, but I don't see any pins on boards for data transfer. I will try to find out tomorrow which boards are those exactly and how to solve data transfer via them
  10. 8$ tracked and ensured shipment to USA Or, another example, shipping from modcrate is 15$ for their Silo950 which is about 30 times heavier then usb board and they are using USPS as well
  11. they don't have USB data/charging board only charging boards which I do have at home
  12. $34.15 shipping to Europe for something that costs 5$ is not really good. I don't know why protovapor has such high shipping cost
  13. I did search on forum but I didn't find information I was looking for so... Where to heck could I buy Evolv USB charger for DNA60? I do have 1A ones, but those are only charging boards and I need new one with EScribe compatibility.And I cannot find them anywhere Any sugestions? And I am looking for Evolv one because it will go into vaporshark vaporflask and easiest to do it is with original one
  14. ermm, maybe I missed this somewhere but (2) support for "Hold To Change Material", "Hold To Change Power", and "Temp Locked Hold Up Down" screens, what should I hold to get those two options?
  15. Rain

    Field selection in Escribe

    Thanks for explanation. I will try it a bit later.