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Evolv DNA 75C and 250C Enhanced Default Theme with Replay 3.0

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About This File

This is an enhanced version of the stock default DNA 75C / 250C theme. A lot of changes and some new screens, exposing the full capabilities of the chip, while keeping with the stock look and feel. Priority and care were given to make this theme as clean, functional and intuitive as possible. Now supports international firmware's Boost and Replay functions, as well as all features of the DNA 250C chip.

Hope everyone enjoys!

What's New in Version 1.6   See changelog


  • Overall cleaner alignment and consistency across all screens
  • Screens renamed for clarity, pertinent fields brought to the forefront, font scaling, etc.
  • Minor text color changes such as red fire, green profile, etc.
  • New background.
  • Main screen ability to change cold ohms
  • Main screen watts increment changed to 1 W instead of 0.1 W
  • Main screen temp increment changed to 10 degF instead of 1 degree increment
  • New atomizer default screen cleanup and simplifcation
  • Profile screen fully displays all options for the coil, including resistance locking, re-reading, temp protection setting, etc.
  • Monitor screen now includes new Statistics screen, exposing stealth, lock configuration, system options and engineering units, etc.
  • Monitor options to toggle recording of all possible variables
  • System screens split into a Display screen and a Settings screen
  • About screen now displays device firmware and edition
  • New TC Performance screen, accessible from the main Profile selection. Used to compare cold ohm reading vs current room temp. Aligning these ensures better performance in cases where the room temp reading fluctuates a lot.


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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

This is a very nice theme, there are a lot of options to customize. It is a little confusing at first, for example, when you try to change the profile from the main screen, it sends you to a performance page, where you still can't change your profile, only the material. So when I have my Ammit on and I switch to my Limitless, if I select 'Ammit' from the main screen and want to switch to the Limitless profile, it takes me to Performance, and there, I can only change the material type, not the profile. It's a very minor thing, and I can always go to Settings>Profile and do it there. That is one con, and could probably be changed in the theme editor.


Other than that, I love the options available to customize. There are a few places that you can change the temp and the wattage, as well as the material you can easily lock the ohm setting or change it. Everything is laid out nice and smooth, easy to read and navigate, this theme makes it to where I hardly need to hook to Escribe to change things, so I am giving it 5 stars. I feel like it would be hard to top this theme and I am looking forward to seeing if anyone can come up with something better than this. I don't know enough about DNA devices to know exactly what to check for and why, but this theme has made my DNA experience very worthwhile. 

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

My go to theme!! Keep us updated if any changes! Thanks!

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

This is my go to theme. I like the organization of the screens. V3 seems to be an even 'cleaner' theme style.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

My new favourite theme with this newest version. Easy to read. much functionality. With some minor adjustments by myself just perfect for me. Thanks!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Great work and a very Nice Theme, Thank You     :-)

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   0 of 5 members found this review helpful 0 / 5 members

Not only is a material-based theme where you only have to change the material to Vape on the main screen, but still have access to the profiles under the settings menu.

Too confusing!

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love the look and feel but i placed owner info on the lock screen not everyone would be able to or know where to find it if lost. 

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