Evolv DNA 75C and 250C Enhanced Default Theme with Replay 3.0

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This is an enhanced version of the stock default DNA 75C / 250C theme. A lot of changes and some new screens, exposing the full capabilities of the chip, while keeping with the stock look and feel. Priority and care were given to make this theme as clean, functional and intuitive as possible. Now supports international firmware's Boost and Replay functions, as well as all features of the DNA 250C chip.

Hope everyone enjoys!

What's New in Version 3.0   See changelog


Revision History:

  • v1.0:
    • Overall cleaner alignment and consistency across all screens.
    • Screens renamed for clarity, pertinent fields brought to the forefront, font scaling, font color, text changes, etc.
    • Quality of life improvements on navigation.
    • New backgrounds.
    • Main screen watts increment changed to 1 W instead of 0.1 W.
    • Main screen temp increment changed to 10 degF instead of 1 degree increment.
    • New Profile default screen cleanup and simplification.
    • Profile screen fully displays all options for the coil, including resistance locking, re-reading, temp protection setting, etc.
    • Monitor screen now includes new Statistics screen with reset option.
    • Monitor options to toggle recording of all possible variables.
  • v2.0:
    • System screens split into a Display screen and a Settings screen exposing all possible device settings.
    • About screen now displays device firmware and edition, with place to list owner name and phone number.
  • v2.1:
    • New Performance screen for dynamically monitoring and adjusting temperature control. Displays current atomizer settings, as well as live view of live ohms, room temp, last puff time, wattage, average and max temp achieved.
  • v2.2:
    • Boost added to preheat screen for international firmware.
  • v2.3:
    • Replay functionality added to main screen for international firmware.
  • v2.3.1:
    • Profile screen includes ability to enable or disable Replay. Per-profile setting.
    • Each subscreen shows icon at bottom-right indicating that profile is Replaying last puff.
  • v3.0:
    • Additions to support 250C power bank functionality
    • Added lots of minor additional fields that have since become available
    • Preheat/Replay detail screen allows setting Replay Warmth
    • New Power menu, with access to new screens for Battery, USB and 250C Power Bank submenus
    • New Settings menu, with access to new screens for Device, Display, Lock and About submenus

Hope everyone enjoys!

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@67exec I'm assuming you're seeing this in the Profile field, above the wattage / temp+wattage fields on the main screen? Not exactly sure how this is possible, as that field is assigned to display the selected profile Name. and not coil material. Did you check your profiles in EScribe to ensure they're named properly? Check that when you get a chance, and maybe try applying the new v1.7 theme just uploaded and see if that helps.


2017-06-16 06_25_27-_ EScribe - Evolv DNA 75 Color.jpg

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No, it was late and just got my 75c assembled and running. Been lurking trying to learn since I ordered my moderate enclosure May 23rd, and guess that I missed that part. Thanks a bunch

P.S. I just assumed that when I changed to watts instead of tc, that "ni200" would change "watts" or just be blank.


Edited by 67exec

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8 hours ago, Smokin Dave said:

Love the new theme but now the fire button light stays on until I click 5x to shut the mod off.Otherwise, it just stays on.Whats the fix for this?

@Smokin Dave This was actually intentional before I'd read posts about this causing extended battery drain. Version 1.9 just uploaded removes the LED staying on until the mod sleeps. This version is up and also includes other changes to the Performance screen. Check it out! 

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Hey Jason, I love the theme. Only 1 request. I have a Finder 250C do you think you could add a battery bar on the main screen so when I have it plugged in I can see a battery bar of it charging kind of like the lock screen when it turns green when the USB is connected? Sometimes when driving in the car I have it connected and just like to see its charging when I vape.


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