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  1. Thom0203

    Need help dna250c

    The shop where I bought my box helped me a lot! they contacted their supplier and exposed the problem yesterday via email, an exchange was accepted today. I am really pleased to have invested in this type of equipment and the guarantee follows the price. I will not be able to change electronic cigarettes anymore. I got really attached to it because it meets all my needs. She was very well advised at FumerollesFumerolles SàRLAvenue Louis-Ruchonnet 4CH - 1003 Lausanne+4121 311 88 79 A really professional team who took the time to explain and teach me a lot of things. they sold me this paranormal box 250c and I do not regret having saved to offer it to me! But in any case I thank you for advising me on the forum « Wayneo »
  2. Thom0203

    Need help dna250c

    when I insert an atomizer everything works correctly, the photo is not terrible and gives the impression that the screw inside is damaged but it is not the case the piece that has fallen is a screw that comes from one of the three screws located at the level of the plate to screw the atomizers .. I went back to the shop where I bought my DNA because my atomizer was moving slightly it was due to a badly serrated screw (the one that is broken) I was tightened the screw (about 1 rounds of screwdriver) and later changing atomizer this "head" of screw fell and the body remained inside the box ... we can also see a slight shift with the "top" of the box as if the angle is not 90 ° I am also surprised because I learned that it is not guaranteed! that the screws are "my property" and that it does not come under warranty repair conditions I want to know if I can order spare screws? and especially a kit of two main on the upper side near the button Fire because tightening one of them is slightly damaged and the edges metalic it became "clawing" and unpleasant in hand thank you very much for your advice and future answers! Thomas
  3. Hello, I allow myself to post a message because I have a problem with my box: DNA 350c A broken wire remained partly inside the thread ... How should I repair this?
  4. Here is a preset for INOWIRE temperature control This is my first post, first configuration, first sharing with the community. To test and tell me if there will be any bugs Voici un préréglage pour le contrôle de température INOWIRE Ceci est mon premier message, ma première configuration, mon premier partage avec la communauté. Pour tester et me dire s'il y aura des bugs profil TC Inowire.ecigprofile