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- Fixed "Menu Error Press Up" bug

- Color button in the status bar now cycles QUICKLY through color options w/o menu diving... FAR MORE ELEGANT 

- Various tweaks on menu & settings screens





Check out my new theme "The Giant" here: 

All other themes besides these 2 I've made have been removed.


Updated - version 11


Change between 11 different colors DIRECTLY on your DNA mod!


Choose between many lock screens w/ more to come.

All versions contain all 11 color options. Only the lockscreen is different.


FULLY featured & very, very optimized.

Replay & TC enabled w/ the ability to adjust both wattage & temp from the main screen.

Battery bar w/ percentage that changes from green to orange to red as the battery depletes.

Ability to edit all 7 profiles fully on your mod w/o the hassle of connecting to a computer.

Tested on a DNA 100c. Now verified working on the 250c.

This theme pushes the DNA color chip to the absolute max.

Credit to SirTimmyTimbit for the amazing foundation. 


If you want all text & profile names to fit the theme perfect download my full settings posted here.


Note If you download my full Escribe settings rather than just the theme:

I'm not going to update my Escribe Settings w/ every theme update any longer.

Therefore, if you use these full Escribe Settings you MUST download & install them 1st & AFTER that download & apply the latest version of this theme 2nd.

If you just install the Escribe Settings alone you'll be using an outdated version of this theme. It has greatly improved over time!

I have renamed the SS 316 & SS 430 profiles that are common to STAINLESS 1 & STAINLESS 2.

It makes more sense as you can set the wire type for each SS profile under the settings on the mod itself w/ this theme.

I have 316, 316L, 430, & 904L SS in these settings for popular mesh tanks.

OLD Escribe Settings use ONLY if issue w/ newer above.


Edited by BigLarry
Updated to version 11

What's New in Version v12.0   See changelog



- Fixed "Menu Error Press Up" bug

- Color button in the status bar now cycles QUICKLY through color options w/o menu diving... FAR MORE ELEGANT 

- Various tweaks on menu & settings screens

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

An interesting approach - even though I'm not a fan of defining the "main screen" multiple times within a theme. In the previous themes, I found it a bit more elegant to select the color directly without going through an additional screen.

I deduct one star because the basics of the theme are taken from an existing theme, which offers scope for incorrect settings (material change without control of the operating mode, so the TC mode remains active with non-temp-sensing material) - this one However, the problem affects ALL themes that allow changing the material within a profile.It is up to us to point out incorrect, impermissible settings within our themes.

I hope you're not too disappointed with my 4-star rating, but I'm really not a fan of 5-or-none ratings - a thumbs-up/thumbs-down would also suffice. With all the rubbish, I've actually given up on writing anything at all, with a few exceptions - in both directions 😉 and I like the enthusiasm with which you continue to pursue your idea 👍🏻

Response from the author:

I don't take offense to the review at all.

I started w/ the Material-ish menu yes. The amount of work to get it to my satisfaction has taken enough time to where I could've built an entirely new menu. I didn't want to do that as I've used a variant of it for years. I've heavily edited the menu. I kept the same layout & a similar look but all icons, spacing, font size, & every bar is reworked. It looks similar but it's not even if it's not immediately apparent. It could've easily been a new menu but it works for me. No need to reinvent the wheel imo as the original Material-ish design was special.

Replay or TC is definitely not broken. You can change the material to Watts on any profile to not get a false positive. I've been playing w/ several different coil builds & testing Replay reliability when mixing wire types. I understand (I think) you don't want material changing options or any way to get TC or Replay to engage without the chip doing it. That's up to Evolve. I personally find said controls safer than allowing the chip to decide alone. Especially when building coils that are using 2-3 different metal types. The chip never knows what they are. In my humble opinion it's a useful setting. I've gotten some reliable TC out of some combos that I wouldn't have without this option. I realize I could delete the control but I personally use it. I feel that if someone is going to go through the hassle of downloading themes they will probably have a grasp on TC & can navigate it accordingly. I think Evolve would strike the option if they found issue. That's just my stance.

I will agree that I liked the color toggles vs a sub-menu but I've added so many colors it's no longer feasible. On all mods I've always been a fan of color options which is why this theme exsists & is what it is. It's a worthy trade off for me. 

Thanks for the review.

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aMir S

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Excellent ! As always ! 👍

Response from the author:

Thank you kindly

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· Edited by LordPuffington


I've only had a DNA mod for a few days and this is one of themes that really helped me understand how to customise themes.

Well laid out clean screens, all the features I need and the colour change mechanism is clever.

Only real downside I've found is that the colour I choose is immediately wiped out every time the mod is locked (it then resets back to the first colour scheme).

Is there a way around this, that I've missed?
I don't ever leave my mod unlocked so the colour-change feature is wasted, which is a shame as that's kind of the whole point of this theme.

Response from the author:

It's not technically possible. Its a limitation of the chip. It only remembers certain pre-programmed variables. 

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