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Found 7 results

  1. Version v12.0


    UPDATED VERSION 12.0 - Fixed "Menu Error Press Up" bug - Color button in the status bar now cycles QUICKLY through color options w/o menu diving... FAR MORE ELEGANT - Various tweaks on menu & settings screens ------------------------------------------------------------- Check out my new theme "The Giant" here: All other themes besides these 2 I've made have been removed. ------------------------------------------------------------- Updated - version 11 ------------------------------------------------------------- Change between 11 different colors DIRECTLY on your DNA mod! NO PC REQUIRED Choose between many lock screens w/ more to come. All versions contain all 11 color options. Only the lockscreen is different. ------------------------------------------------------------- FULLY featured & very, very optimized. Replay & TC enabled w/ the ability to adjust both wattage & temp from the main screen. Battery bar w/ percentage that changes from green to orange to red as the battery depletes. Ability to edit all 7 profiles fully on your mod w/o the hassle of connecting to a computer. Tested on a DNA 100c. Now verified working on the 250c. This theme pushes the DNA color chip to the absolute max. Credit to SirTimmyTimbit for the amazing foundation. @SirTimmyTimbit ------------------------------------------------------------- If you want all text & profile names to fit the theme perfect download my full settings posted here. NEWEST - FEB 4TH - ESCRIBE SETTINGS.ecig Note If you download my full Escribe settings rather than just the theme: I'm not going to update my Escribe Settings w/ every theme update any longer. Therefore, if you use these full Escribe Settings you MUST download & install them 1st & AFTER that download & apply the latest version of this theme 2nd. If you just install the Escribe Settings alone you'll be using an outdated version of this theme. It has greatly improved over time! I have renamed the SS 316 & SS 430 profiles that are common to STAINLESS 1 & STAINLESS 2. It makes more sense as you can set the wire type for each SS profile under the settings on the mod itself w/ this theme. I have 316, 316L, 430, & 904L SS in these settings for popular mesh tanks. OLD Escribe Settings use ONLY if issue w/ newer above. MY ESCRIBE SETTINGS.ecig
  2. Hi just got some alien Ss316l and need help what watts and temperature and the amount of wraps i need in order to stop burning though after a day
  3. I'm using the Hcigar VT75 Color and would like to use the "Black Mig Vapor" atomizer for dry product. This atomizer does not recommend or function well with temp control enabled. Also the material for this atomizer is SS304, am I correct in choosing the SS316 Material setting? Obviously I am new to this technology, but I am adept at programming, so I would just like to know the best setting for my Hcigar VT75 Color (DNA75) to go along with the "Black Mig Vapor" atomizer found, HERE I also attached a screenshot of the "Profile 1" setting I changed based on the information I think should be correct. Any help is really appreciated! BlackMigVaporManual.pdf
  4. Hi guys, I do not use temp control in any way shape of form. With the 75/200/250, when you set temp control to off in escribe on profiles, you are never asked the New/Old coil question. Ever since I got a Therion BF 75c, every x amount of time I get the new/old coil question. How can the same result be achieved with the 75c? I've read that there could be a reading issue on the Therion BF (will look into the 510 later), but I just don't want that new/old message to pop since I'm always in wattage mode. It's aggravating to take a hit and realize it's not firing because it's asking that question! Thanks
  5. I've used my DNA250 (Finder250) for several months without issue, and the issue has since resolved itself. So there is no rush here. But the other day I ran into some problems with temp control mode. Sorry to make such a large post, but I wanted to be as descriptive as possible. BACKGROUND INFO: I have experienced these problems before on cheaper mods, but never on my DNA250. I usually use the SMOK TFV12 King with the two post RBA head, and 24ga titanium coils built to ~0.20 ohms. I generally keep the wattage at 60 and the temp between 200 and 300 depending on the coil. I've also been using the default profile and default titanium material. How it would always work is when I take a hit, the wattage would initially kick up to 60 (or whatever i set it at). Then when the temp was reached it would lower down to between like 10 and 20 watts. And it worked exactly like that, exactly the same for months. THE PROBLEM: But one day the temp control went wild. I didn't change any settings or the coil or anything. One hit it was fine, the next it sucked. It would kick up to my selected wattage at first. Then after a second or two it would drop down to 1 watt. It would stay at 1 watt for a couple seconds, then kick way back up to the selected wattage. Sometimes, i would get a temperature protected message in there too, but not always. Also, the temperature reading on the mod never went over temp. Even when at 1 watt it wouldn't go down, it just hovered around the max temp. TROUBLESHOOTING: So the first thing I tried was rebuilding the coil, no change. Then I built a new coil on a new atty. I actually tried like 3 or 4 different model attys and built coils to several different resistances, but still no change. I also tried a prebuilt coil cartridge thing. Then I started playing around with the temp and watts. Increasing the wattage had no effect. If I lower the wattage down to 20 (still using my 0.20 ohm coil) it worked. It wouldn't give me an error, and it wouldn't drop down to 1 watt. But it would also take 4 or 5 seconds to warm up, so was unusable. As soon as the wattage was increased enough to warm it up within a second (about 40), then the problems started happening again. If I lower the temp, no errors or wattage drop, but again as soon as the temp is high enough to produce vapor the problem occurs. At this point I was starting to get pissed. I connected my mod to EScribe and reset everything back to factory defaults and performed a hard reset. I also tried messing with the preheat settings, but neither increasing or lowering had any effect. I opened the case up and cleaned everything out real good (and did not notice anything out of the ordinary). The threading on both the mod and attys was also thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush. I tried several different kind of batteries. Nothing I did resolved the problem. However, the most interesting thing I noticed though was if I increase the temperature to about 350 or higher, it works fine. But unfortunately that temp produced way to much vapor to be usable. If I used wattage mode, that continued to work as normal. CONCLUSION: So this went on for about a day. I was using it at 25 watts and just waited for it to warm up each time. And then, all of the sudden it started working as normal again. I have no idea why. I did not change any settings or the coil or anything. It happened the exact same way as when the problem occurred, literally one puff had issues, the next puff worked just fine as it always used to. So, anybody got an idea why this happened? The understanding that I have is it would way over power the coil causing it to go way over temp (although the screen never indicated it was over temp), and then the mod would try to fix itself by going down to 1 watt. After a couple seconds cooling at 1 watt it would jump way back up again. But why did it not do this before, and why did it all the sudden fix itself? What exactly does the temperature protection screen mean anyways?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is one of the most Complete Themes made by DJLsb ,With black screen and Evolve Logo. Works very good in Temp Control. Hope you like it Best Regards Ivar Isaksen
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Have done some big letters and numbers when possible. Its a 24 hour watch, You can use it in wattage and temp Control With different wire I try to make it easy to read With a black screen Thanks to DJLsb for a great working Theme. Best Regards Ivar Isaksen
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