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DNA 250c not showing Temperature protected in Ti Wire

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Hi everyone,

I am facing some problem with my DNA 250c. I am using it since 4 days. My build is Atomisere-"Berserker MTL  RTA", Coil- " SSVTi 5wrap 0.6gg". I installed some of my old metirials in my mod like,  my triade lost vape dna 250.  That time I used same coil and I never get any dry shot because of it shown me the Temp protected msg. Now in my 250c its not showing any temp proteced msg and i am getting dry shot. I am giving some necessary attachment below, plz help me with this issue.

Thanks & brgs


Atomizer analyzer.jpg

Device Monitor.jpg

Escibe Profile.jpg

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From the screenshots it looks like the temperature you have set is being met with no excessive over-shoot....  you might unlock the ohm's.... I guess you checked your wicking...

In Theme Designer does it have the following marked in red?   If not then add it and upload....


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Hi retird,

Thanks for your reply.

Here I unlocked ohm and my theme was as like you given Temp protected msg. I attached those images, & I am sad to let you know its still not working. Mean when my cotton became dry and I give a shot then its become a dry shot without shoing any temp protected  msg. Now could you plz give me a proper solution how it will show temp protected msg with this temp sensing coil.



Escibe Profile.jpg

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Try turning down the pre-heat....  and you have temp set to 301C (574F).....  That pretty high temperature....  have you tried a different atty with a different coil? Do you get the same results.... have you checked for hot spots in the coil and is the coil spaces and not a contact coil?  

Let me check further on your temp protect discussion and I'll get back to you.... others may chime in also....

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A good forum member reminded me about a post made on May 4 and may help....:

Some of you may have seen some of my posts about the “temp protect” message which was standard on most DNA boards before the COLOR versions. Since I liked it, and have been unable to ever see it on my DNA75C, I wrote James (Evolv), he is what he said:

“Interesting, looking at the code you're right.  Temp Protected only throws on Color as an error for overshoot/out-of-control and Ohms out-of-range. I don't have it operating as a warning. I've added that option to my To-Do list.”

So perhaps the posters problem is related to one of those other errors. I vape TC all the time, I’m sure I’ve hit my temperature, but have NEVER seen a TP message on my color mod. 

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