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  1. Hi retird, Thanks for your reply. Here I unlocked ohm and my theme was as like you given Temp protected msg. I attached those images, & I am sad to let you know its still not working. Mean when my cotton became dry and I give a shot then its become a dry shot without shoing any temp protected msg. Now could you plz give me a proper solution how it will show temp protected msg with this temp sensing coil. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I am facing some problem with my DNA 250c. I am using it since 4 days. My build is Atomisere-"Berserker MTL RTA", Coil- " SSVTi 5wrap 0.6gg". I installed some of my old metirials in my mod like, my triade lost vape dna 250. That time I used same coil and I never get any dry shot because of it shown me the Temp protected msg. Now in my 250c its not showing any temp proteced msg and i am getting dry shot. I am giving some necessary attachment below, plz help me with this issue. Thanks & brgs Rafsan