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All 4 DNA 200's not charging, showing short when I try to fire with different atties.

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Hi everyone, I am at the end of my tether with these mods, which I used to love. 

All four will not charge, and when I try to use them, I get either a check battery, or shorted message. One mod earlier worked for half hour, only to return to doing this. 

Is there any quick fixes for this? I highly doubt 4 of my mods have failed at exactly the same time, but then again out of 38 mods my Evolv mods have failed the most, requiring board replacements. 

Is there anything in settings that may be causing this? I have converted one to run on dual 18650's, the other 3 use li=Po's. 

I hope I can get some help, or I will likely just throw them away. 

Thanks, Conan. 

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Very strange @Conanthewarrior. For 4 DNA 200 mods to fail at exactly the same time is more than coincidence. If all 4 were working fine before this event there has a to be a common element; I doubt you're that unlucky. IIRC, don't you like taking the mods apart and tinkering around with the internals? swapping boards and rewiring them? 

Only thing i can think of is you tried something on the first mod, it didn't go well, and you kept trying it until you ran out of DNA mods. Honestly, that's the only scenario i can think of.

Throw up some DM screenshots of all 4 mods trying to fire with all of the battery boxes ticked and the atty you were trying to use at the time of death and maybe we'll see commonality between the 4 mods, otherwise it's "ticket" time.

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I havne't tried to tinker with them , the only one I have was a broken DNA75, this just needed the positive wire soldered back in place to the 510, and now works. 

I will just take some screenshots,  my Wismec Relaeux triple 18650 after tinkering is working.I can't get the Efusion or Hotcig V2 and V1to work though, here are the screenshots-the V2 runs on dual 18650's.


Whips- I didn';t fire. Two minites. 



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It seem that the common theme of the ones that don't charge is that all batteries are almost completely discharged.... setting on the shelf for extended times allows the batteries to drain as a very small current drains continuously but takes a long time to get to the point your's are at...  when the voltage of the battery gets that low the charging circuit will not charge them.... you might try recovery... if that doesn't work replace the batteries...note that the recovery charging process takes a long time....


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I have tried recovery charging, but it doesn't look like it is working- the Amps are at something like 0.020! Or is this really how long the recovery charge takes? 


I have 38 mods, so it is likely the batteries have become discharged as mentioned. I try to rotate my mods to use 5-10 each month, and wanted to use my DNA mods this month. 


I will keep recovery running and hope it works. I have a spare pack for the Efusion, but not for the Hotcig- the batteries are weird in a very small housing. 

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On 5/22/2018 at 9:16 PM, Conanthewarrior said:

I would like to add I just fixed my DNA75, as the 510 positive lead needed re soldering. That is working perfectly, but none of my DNA200's are. I haven't used them In around a month, but surely not all 4 could have failed at once?

Total waste of time posting but so funny, yes all three lipos could and would fail together. They are all one Mod with lipos behaving the same as each other. Standing (storage or how they come new) voltage for lipos is 3.8 volts, this needs to be checked regular, too high or too low and they will deplete, too low and they will die. Below 2.9 I believe will kill them. DNA 200 likes to be used, charged, used, charged, used, charged, they do not like to be left ignored. I know as have done exactly the same and they die. If your going to stop using them, disharge to 3.8 and check weekly. Do not just throw them away as any voltage left on them can turn them into a small bomb. Make sure you recycle them (give to hobby shop) or throw them in a bucket of salt water and leave them for a very long time. Proper lipo chargers can safetly disharge them fully. Then they can be thrown away safetly.

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