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  1. A useless bit of tat but discovered if you ensure device is Not on the Date and Time Screen when you swap out the batteries, (within 30seconds approx) it will power up back on the date and time screen, and retaining the correct date and time.
  2. Was informed on the Paranormal 250C to swap out the batteries sharpish, that Escribes Device Monitor would set the corret time and date for failing to do so. I now have a Therion DNA 75C, swapped out the batteries sharpish and it still forgot. Just swapped out the batteries slowly, first checking where I had filed down those nasty edges that damage battery wraps, smoothly fitted fresh ones and low and behold it remebered the date and time. Well strange, just tried to re-create that and nope it forgot. So I guess the 75C is not as clever as the 250C. On another note even though it Replays does it actually work? or is it just the screen and looks like its going through the motions?
  3. Welcome 🖐️ yea what he said, or you could just post your gripes and groans about mods that failed to live up to expectations, or about how you managed to wangle spares for mods that have absolutely no bearing on the DNA board except for the fact they are connected to it.
  4. Think that was .5. On early Vaporshark DNA 200 devices you could I believe increase the watts by 5 watts at a time. When you own a DNA device because they last so long and are reliable you tend to avoid other mods of oriental persuasion or at least I do. Upon repairing my my Shark 200 I noticed the feature was no longer available and have since been informed I imagined it. I do have to say now that with the Replay feature of the 250C am using smaller than 5watt increments so the point is void and somewhat uselsss. Now you've caught up and surpassed this thread 🤪
  5. Some very usefull information chaps, always have fresh batteries to hand but can't say perform a swift process. In future will do just that and see how it goes. The Device monitor updating the date and time is cool as saves the hassle of manually having to perform it if my rapid battery replacement fails. Thanx a bunch people 😎
  6. Am amazed Evolve even got involved, they are a board manufacturer the mods are cheaply made in china. Anybody who got anything regarding a replacement mod part from Evolve sounds like they were extremely lucky. The hinge on the Paranormal is made of dogsh*te plastic covered with a metal part, typical chinese design, fugly as sin and made of shoddy materials, yea nothing new there. For all the negativaty the Therion was a superior mod to the Paranormal, those things go on and on for years. I own both and realise the Paranormal needs great care taken with ownership to not over stress that hinge when the device is open. When closed the entire bottom is cast zinc alloy with a small alloy peg inserting into the alloy hinge cover.
  7. Purchased one of the new LVE Paranormal DNA250C's in Blue Stabwood Effect, build date 09/12/2019. Have set the clock and date several times but now given up as it never remembers the time or date once the batteries have been removed. Is this a standard feature as not much of a feature if it doesn't work. Will see if can find a theme with no clock or date or grab something else to fit into my existing one created by DJLsb to replace them.
  8. Course I uploaded the settings dude am old and retarded not stoopid, several places. I even tried to edit the fonts but squished them in other places so imagine they are set to their max. I have been known to over do hitting even a vertical and causing a dry hit so am continuing to use replay as a safety feature 😎
  9. I tried it as your sceen help is ideal but still dont move at increments of 5 lol. I suppose it no big deal anymore as not a great hardship. Had a try at Replay with the Crown 4 in watts, which works sweet. But really though I cant tell the difference vaping a vertical coil. It still gets hot, obviously never dry hits until coil gets old. Maybe it will work better towards the end of the coils life. Though the flavour by then is so shit am hoping for that dry hit so can change it lol It's primary purpose is with RDA's and RTA's as these are Horizontal coils which cant keep up with high hitting lung hits on the latter and abviously dripping on the prior.
  10. You winding me up, I couldn't find it 😃
  11. I grabbed this one before your informed and grateful support, am thinking its up to the task. Evolv DNA 75C and 250C Enhanced Default Theme with Replay 3.0 (8 reviews) By Jasonvillamil
  12. I never really considered Crown 4 0.40 ohm coils as temp sensing although I suppose being stainless they are. They do fluctuate some so be a bit of trial and error maybe. Defo considered trying them with Replay though. Didnt for one min think that the Theme could antagonise the option 😮 Thanks for the info dude 😎
  13. Did you have to load anything in to make it compatible or just use an exisitng wire setup please?
  14. Thanx Dude 😎ha ha just shows somebody else had a great idea an idea I know was there from before. I've not downloaded the 250C escribe yet, so far only one of the themes. Bit of of a strange one these Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C's, sold out world wide. Lost Vape informed me they would bring something out again but better. Now all of a sudden a batch of Stab Wood models has appeared on the scene but only select vendors are stocking them. Lost Vape are a British designer using the chinese to manufacture the mods, not a great deal of profit on a device, with the board costing around $80 obviously discounted for bulk purchase. £104 UK cost delivered, though some vendors are trying for £149.99.
  15. Get yourselve a nice Lost Vape Paranormal in Stab Wood DNA250C as they have a new batch just been released.
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