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  1. Hi everyone. Today I decided to use one of my DNA200's as I have not used them in a while owning so many mods. I downloaded the latest Escribe as the version I had would not open with OS Mojave and connected my DNA200's to make sure they connected. I chose a Hotcig V1 with dual 18650 adapter to use for the day first, connected to Escribe , disconnected and tried to use it. Straight away, it displayed 'check atomiser' when I pressed the fire button- this was before an Atty was in place. It displayed the same thing with some connected that I know to work with other devices. So, I decided to use the Hotcig V2. Same thing. 'Check atomiser' with RDA's and RTAs I know to work. Any idea what is going on? Is it a coincidence that both are showing the same error? I like my mods that use Evolv boards when they work, but by far they have been the most unreliable for me which is a shame as they are also my most expensive mods.
  2. Conanthewarrior

    Dont be stupid - this is malware

    In what way is Escribe malicious? I doubt it is, as I have used it since my first DNA200 in the collection. I run on Mac OS, and when I have had some issues and asked on the Mac forums, and was asked to post some things for them to look at, they did ask what Escribe was, and to try deleting it in case it was the cause of my problems. After explaining what it was, they realised it was not at all likely to be causing any of my issues, they just did not know what it was so was suspicious.
  3. Conanthewarrior

    How to remove original Efusion panel to replace Li-Po.

    I'm confused, my one is the 1300MAH one, looks like it used the Xt30 connector and not the bigger xt60. It's the original Efusion, not the duo, just thought it might help others who were weary of opening their mod.
  4. Conanthewarrior

    How to remove original Efusion panel to replace Li-Po.

    Sorry, here are the photos from start to finish, I can't work out how to link them so they show in the thread, but hope they can help some people-
  5. EDIT- I did it! I've made a little guide on how to for anyone else- Here is how to do it, with some photos. First turn it on its side, with the screen facing to the right, and the 510 to the top. Unscrew the screws, and then either get something very thin to get between the frame and the panels, or something fin that fits in the screw holes after unscrewing, and gently lever the panel upwards. It will eventually have enough for you to grab. Once you have enough, lift the corners a bit more until you can get some small scissors to cut a little of the panel. The first one snapped itself, but luckily in a straight line. This is how it should look You will open it up to something like this. This is with a new battery, but I had the exact same one as used by lost vapes as I was given it in compensation as the mod took a long time to stock. I didn't know if it would work, as it had been sitting in a draw for around about 2 years at least, as I didn't have a Li-Po charger. You must gently pull apart the yellow connector-the wires pull out with the battery, Be careful not to pull too hard, as the other side of the connector has wires soldered to the board. Then remove the white balance connector which is at the bottom right. This is what it looks like empty, I like the fact the board is protected with a cover, none of my other DNA200's have covers over the boards. Then simply connect the white balance connector, it is very fiddly if you attach the yellow connection first. Then attach the yellow connector. It is a very snug fit- you want the wires from the lipo coming from the far bottom side, DON"T put the Li-Po in with the wires on the balance connection side. Where there is such little space, if you do this you will need to bend the wires at extreme angles, which could cause problems. Lay them at the bottom like in my image above, you will need to press the yellow connector flat against the base of the mod. Success! Went from not charing, and showing battery empty, to working perfectly. I was just about to give up on Evolv this week as every single one of my DNA200's and 75's has had an issue, but I realise a battery is not their fault.
  6. Conanthewarrior

    Another DNA200 failure- 5 out of 5.

    Thank you @retird. My memory isn't too good (brain damaged), but I recalled the pins in the back of the hotcig sometimes needed moving to get a good connection. I bent them downwards gently. I think this may have happened the other day when I noticed my Li-Po powered hotcig was not working. I swapped the Li-Po for the Li-ion pack to see if it was the battery, and it was. Now I just need to find a new enclosure for the battery. I tried to solder one in before, but messed it up.
  7. Conanthewarrior

    Another DNA200 failure- 5 out of 5.

    Hi everyone, two days ago my Efusion gave up the ghost, and today I was using my Hotcig DX200 converted to dual 18650's (both of my hotcigs had board replacements from evolv). It was running fine, but then displayed a 'shorted' message, and the battery meter went from full to empty. Now when I attempt to fire, it just displays shorted. I've tried a reset in Escribe, the RDA works on my DNA75 and other mods, so I am unsure what is going on. If it is another failure, I will have to leave Evolv behind which is a shame, as I really like them when they work. I think you can understand my frustrations though and if you had 5 devices fail that used the same boards would feel the same. Any ideas what I can do to fix the mod? I hope it doesn't need sending away as I live in the UK, if it does I will just count my losses and move on. EDIT: I removed the 18650 section, and bent the pins as I remembered these could lose contact. It seems to be working now- for how long I am unsure.
  8. Right it is working for cell 3, it is up to 3V now, but the other two are falling- is this normal, and they will balance out by the end of the recovery?
  9. I have tried recovery charging, but it doesn't look like it is working- the Amps are at something like 0.020! Or is this really how long the recovery charge takes? I have 38 mods, so it is likely the batteries have become discharged as mentioned. I try to rotate my mods to use 5-10 each month, and wanted to use my DNA mods this month. I will keep recovery running and hope it works. I have a spare pack for the Efusion, but not for the Hotcig- the batteries are weird in a very small housing.
  10. Ive tried again using IMGr, done a direct link, could you try again? There are definitely working for me
  11. Ok, the hotcig dual 18650 which is now firing - Efusion, not firing- Hotcig V1 not firing-
  12. I havne't tried to tinker with them , the only one I have was a broken DNA75, this just needed the positive wire soldered back in place to the 510, and now works. I will just take some screenshots, my Wismec Relaeux triple 18650 after tinkering is working.I can't get the Efusion or Hotcig V2 and V1to work though, here are the screenshots-the V2 runs on dual 18650's. Whips- I didn';t fire. Two minites.
  13. I would like to add I just fixed my DNA75, as the 510 positive lead needed re soldering. That is working perfectly, but none of my DNA200's are. I haven't used them In around a month, but surely not all 4 could have failed at once?
  14. Hi everyone, I am at the end of my tether with these mods, which I used to love. All four will not charge, and when I try to use them, I get either a check battery, or shorted message. One mod earlier worked for half hour, only to return to doing this. Is there any quick fixes for this? I highly doubt 4 of my mods have failed at exactly the same time, but then again out of 38 mods my Evolv mods have failed the most, requiring board replacements. Is there anything in settings that may be causing this? I have converted one to run on dual 18650's, the other 3 use li=Po's. I hope I can get some help, or I will likely just throw them away. Thanks, Conan.