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Linux EScribe Suite Beta Thread


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3 hours ago, E5K1M0 said:

I would like to get Escribe working on an Rpi 4 but based on the information in this thread it seems like its going to be more of a project than I thought. Any recommendations on which distro to start with that will play reasonably well with both with the Pi & EScribe?

Debian and Ubuntu and their derivatives should work reasonably well, though I don't know about it running on a Raspi, it being ARM based. That might pose an issue.

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SP27 also appears to have resolved the prior issues requiring retention of an old version of mono. I have it running cleanly on mono All functionality appears intact, including a device firmware update. Very nice, thank you.

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Seems like I made it too hard on myself. On my second go at it I got it first crack, not exactly sure where I went wrong initially. I have it running with the latest raspbian 32bit build on Rpi4, simply double clicking on the file in the GUI after making it executable. 


One thing to note... the Rpi is not happy if you hook up a 100c unless you turn off USB charging. I tried several USB supplies including a 65W PD supply that runs a 15" laptop to power the Pi to no avail. I settled for disabling USB charging on the mod in the end.


The eventual project here is to make a portable "tablet" for Escribe. I currently have a 7" touch panel with a Rpi mounted to the back. Eventually to be battery powered and a enclosure 3D printed for the back of the panel to cover the Pi. Why? I dunno, why not. 



EDIT: may have spoken too soon, it appears to be crashing on loading any of my mods... investigating

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@E5K1M0, do you have the newest 100C firmware applied?

The older one had a bug that let the USB voltage get too low, which could cause it to disconnect from USB data, especially on weak supplies. The newer one has fixed that. If not, there's also "Max USB Charge Rate" in Mod->Battery which you can use to limit it to 1.5A instead of 3A.

As far as crashing goes, can you try running it from a command line? The command will be:


That should show you some debug information, and when it crashes, it'll probably say something there.  (I encountered something similar yesterday: on one of my Linux versions, it turns out I had used sudo when running Mono at some point, so the ~/.mono directory had root permissions (bad) and it would crash any time EScribe tried to write to the registry. They really should fix that, but realistically, I should really make a work-around.)

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Firstly, thanks from another one of those 5 users you predicted in your OP... ;) I was curious, so I did some extensive digging!

Desktop Linux use is currently something like 2.35% (https://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share/desktop/worldwide) and Canalys estimating the number of installed PCs and laptops worldwide to reach 1.77 billion by the end of 2021 (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-tech-hardware-yearend-idUSKBN28Y12M) that means there's something like 41,595,000 people using desktop Linux... Just a few more than your estimate! 😛

I do personally have a single issue: not all of the screen thumbnails (in the scroller on the right of the Theme Designer screen) are being shown properly. Clicking on where the thumbnail should be still brings it up for editing on the left, but it's like the graphics are only being drawn for the screens visble in the window when it first opens. I'm running KDE Neon 5.22 - let me know if I can provide any more information to help you squash it! :D



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I've posted up the newest test version. This is mostly just to have the Linux version match up with the PC and Mac versions. It supports DNA 100C and Reflex, but nothing really exciting to report.

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