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  1. So I finally got around to building a separate version of mono just for escribe, and I can confirm it works fine. For anyone else in the same boat who can't afford to downgrade system mono, start here and install mono- and gtk-sharp-2.12.45. Other versions of GTK sharp would undoubtedly work, but that's what I installed and it works fine. Then edit ~/.local/opt/evolv/escribe-suite/launch-escribe-suite and change "exec mono" to wherever your newly installed secondary mono is. Assuming you just used /opt/mono as a prefix, it'd be "exec /opt/mono/bin/mono". Thanks to blueridgedog for the tip.
  2. Ah, then sadly not anything new. That's basically the last known working version for escribe, it's an old version. Good solution for people who don't use mono for other things, but for those of us on mono 6.4, doesn't really help. That said, the parallel mono installations should be a viable solution, I just haven't had time to get that set up yet.
  3. What mono version? Use `mono --version` to check.
  4. I haven't really had time to look at it myself beyond a basic search (which went nowhere), but does anyone know if it's possible to have a separate mono version just for escribe? I have far too many things reliant on mono to downgrade, but I'd have no issue keeping multiple versions around.
  5. Just to add my own two cents, I'm experiencing the same thing on Mint 19 with Mono JIT compiler version In my case, the Escribe launcher will start fine, device monitor crashes out immediately with SIGABRT, and Escribe itself does the same but leaves a small empty window behind for the user to kill manually. Unfortunately in my case I use mono for a number of other things, so rolling back won't be an option. Crash log attached. escribe_crash.txt