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  1. Lol I mean if you're willing to walk me through step by step I'm down to try again. I'm not trying to use linux for anything crazy I just want escribe on my computer lol
  2. So last night after I was told I might not be able to use escribe on my chromebook I wiped everything linux from my laptop so I would have to start fresh again reinstall linux and download everything again
  3. @Bradford1040I don't have a dna device yet I'm getting one in this week I just wanted to make sure I could download escribe on my chromebook so that I didn't have to go and buy a windows pc. And these thing is I have no idea what any of that means lol so I have no idea what to put in these responses that would tell you better what's going on with this process. I really do appreciate all the help though. What I wish there was is a detailed step by step video of someone doing this on a chromebook. Now that I can follow that lol
  4. @Ak89so even if I were able to download escribe I wouldnt be able to use it?
  5. @Ak89 I didn't know I needed a usb device. What do I need it for? I haven't been using one
  6. And I have these files in my linux folder. I don't know if it means anything
  7. I mean how do I find the Synaptic Package Manager? How do I download? I'm completely in the blind when it comes to computers Haha
  8. I have tried everything I go to download the file and this is what I'm getting
  9. I see a few of you have downloaded Escribe for linux I was wondering if anyone has detailed step by step instructions on how to do this? I already downloaded all the other stuff the mono, certs, gtk and the other one (dont know what they're called I'm almost computer illiterate). I'm to the point where all I have to do is install the .run file and can't figure out how to do it. I'm on a chromebook running linux beta.
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