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Battery Percentage Confused?

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I have noticed that on 3 occasions now leaving the device to "turn off" without an atomiser on the device has turned back on with 5-10% battery left, charging makes no difference as it counts up... However, plugging it into escribe and uploading settings brings it back to 50-70% where it should have been...

This is quite concerning as this could cause issues with charging causing quite a bad overcharge... Has anyone else experienced this? I have had this 3 times, with 2 different batteries...

Steps already taken:

  • Charged to 100% (12.6V) after setting the 11.66wh (1050, 3s 11.1v)
I have been unable to replicate this issue consistantly
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I have had about 10 cycles through the first battery so far, this percentage was before it had been fired, when i had fired it and when i was charging it...

I just worry that it might overcharge causing an issue... Or if I'm out and about I can't vape until I get back to my PC!

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I doubt it would overcharge, the battery bar is just info from the charging system and meta data, the charging circuit will limit the max voltage feed to the battery.  I would check the battery and balance connections for dry joints first and then the battery on a volt metre vs what the device/escribe read and if they all match I would suspect the battery, but just generic guesses.

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Josh.....that is not the newest firmware... .try the 8-21 early firmware ....its under the software and firmware/early firmware thread. ...I agree with VapingBad to check your solder joints and all battery and balance connections....also have a look at all the resistors around the balance port....see if any are missing or loose

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josh said:

Hi James,

I am using the latest version 07/01.

So far I have only witnessed this issue repeating itself with the atomiser removed... 

I have been so far unable to get a consistent re-occurrence 

That firmware was I believe right before the change to allow users to customize battery capacity. It was first set up in the firmware for the beta units which all had the same size battery, and when chips started being sold in the early adopters program they updated the firmware to be compatible with whatever battery was used.

I bet updating your firmware will resolve a lot of the issues you've mentioned.
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