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DNA200 Refusing to connect.

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New guy here, but not new to DNA200's (there's 5 sitting on my desk as i type this after exhausting all other options)

None of them will connect to my PC Now, no major updates, nothing. i've used every USB Port and MicroB cable i could find But my desktop refuses to allow the devices to connect. I Get the "No compatible devices found" Pop up


I've tried:

Reinstalling EScribe

Installing an older EScribe

Clean-installing alongside the above

Manually uninstalling the device driver, and then repeating the above

Doing the above, but rebooting after every install and uninstall.

My laptop still works fine, but my desktop completely refuses to connect to any one of my Devices, if plugged in, they still charge fine (thankfully) but i cannot use any of the Escribe features or reboot them

Escribe 1.0.42 and the version prior both have this issue. Any ideas? Specific Devices if anyone cares: Panzer DNA200 x2, VT200, Reuleaux DNA200 & A Custom DNA200 (Phoenix)

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Problem sorted itself out, after some irony. Was able to update my 2 RX200's to 3.10 so i decided to give Escribe a shot after. Connected instantly with no problems.

Problem SEEMS to stem from the drivers used to connect to the DNA locking up when connected, but if you connect another USB Device like an updatable vape or a USB Drive, something that uses an on-the-fly driver, the system resets when it's installing or activating. Not totally sure. Someone else with a similar problem should try that or i will if this happens again.

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Please explain how you got your DNA200 to connect. I am having the same problem but on my laptop. I am running windows 10, 64bit. I have already uninstlled the software and rolled my pc back. The escribe software downloads and installs fine but when I connect my DNA200 you can see it pull the drivers and charge, but when I try to connect the DNA200 to the program it says no device found. Any help would be greatful.

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