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dna200 wont turn on without usb


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Hey guys

Wondering if any one had this issue:

I got a DNA200 in 2s mode. escribe recognized both cells and pack. 
mod wont turn on. I plug it into the usb and then it turns on.
the moment i unplug the usb, it shuts off.

video: https://youtu.be/AoDD6sevptY

suggestions of the issue?


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jtdien said:

yes 2s and uploaded.


did this mod ever work (did you build it and have not been able to get it working)? is this a custom 3d printed sled? it looks like the the device is being solely powered by the USB. even though it is reading the cell voltages in device monitor, the batt contacts might be barely touching the ends of the batts and when it comes time to actually draw current from them to fire the atty, the sled contacts can be losing connection. post a screenshot of DM while trying to fire an atty. make sure pack and cells 1-2 are ticked. post an entire screenshot, graph included, of the DM window, not just the boxes to left. (are you familiar with the snipping tool to take screenshots?)
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Stolen from 2 of the finest on here:

With Device Monitor showing you just hit the "prt sc" button on your computer.
Open a Paint software program and click on "Paste".
You can change size, orientation, and etc. in the Paint software.
Save this to your computer.
Attach the saved file to a post here.


(if you press [ALT]+[PRT SCN], open MSPaint and paste [CTRL]+[V] you have a screen shot from any program, that you can save and upload)
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Rubbish.. we havnt even seen the build yet, good grief.. a known problem is nothing to do with or nothing like a common problem,,,, so is dropping it down the toilet, and not relevent.. one cant call oneself a mod builder and then start crying off to the manufacture as soon as somthing goes wrong and have it built for them.. Its a 200 watt board for most of the population who buy a 200 watt board. The poor bloke might only have a broken wire or loose sled tab.

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Thanks for the replies guys and sorry for the late reply on my side. Still on vacation in HI.

this is my 4th 2s build on a p box, i've built a few other 2s boxes as well but this is the first time i ever came across this issue.

Yes it is a 3d printed sled from modsledz and i never had an issue with them. maybe this time it is the connections on the sled but wasn't quite sure as escribe did show up proper volts.

The chip was from a working reauleaux dna200.

I'll take a screen shot of the power graph when i get back home in a couple of days

much appreciated in the responses!

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Each to their own mate we all build to our individual requirements. In the past ive put blobs of solder on contact points of 18650 batteries to get then to sit with a better contact in a sled, but have never had space for a sled in a temp controlled box, so have soldered leads direct onto the batterys. If i was going to do a two's build i think i would use all that space up with a twos lipo.

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