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Request for escribe software on android!


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If it could ever be possible I would very much like to see the escribe software ran on a android platform. Plug and play your mod thru your favorite android device for quick systems tweak on the fly. Whether it be the full escribe experience or even the main basic settings for now I think this idea would further help the dna board dominate the mod industry. Maybe I should patent this idea before I post this huh. Lol

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I said it..2 and a half years ago..damnit I should at least get my name put up in there somewhere as credit towards the idea.. next time I will patent an ideas and keep my mouth shut lol... I would of certainly loved to beta tested what I feel was my idea cause I certainly back in January of 2017 wasnt seeing or hearing anything about people wanting to use their android based phones to program their DNA devices. Good lookn cegunter87 for letting me know my idea was brought to life. Ahh its 1 of those things that few people could of thought about but just takes that 1 person to get up and actually do it. If I wasn't running an automotive repair facility 7 days a week with a 6 year old and a 5 month pregnant wife I might of actually tried to make the idea come to life cause it was a good one for sure..  much love to all the DNA family out there and HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all!!!

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7 hours ago, mrphilip said:

Can we get an Apple version of DNAMate for iPhones? Please.


You should contact the person that made this app for Android and ask him.  As far as I know this app is not from Evolv.  You can contact the maker of this app at  

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