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  1. WickedJack

    Wireless charging

    I'd hook it to the + - sides of the charge port but thats just how sketchy I am lol
  2. Have you made sure your firewall isnt blocking it ?
  3. WickedJack

    Error opening file for writing

    Decided to boot in safe mode I think it works now. Gotta wait for stupid windows update to finish before I can try it out Run as admin gave me the error as well in normal boot.
  4. Hey yah'll so I just had to reformat my pc she's an old beast and for some dang reason I'm getting an error when tryin to install Escribe, I've searched the forum but came up empty. Hitting abort does nothing retry does nothing hitting ignore makes it look like it installs but then when I go to launch it I get a error saying it crashed.. I'm running windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Has anyone dealt with this before ? Cheers
  5. WickedJack

    Big Shoutout to Nick

    Just wanted to say thank you to Nick from Evolv for helping me with my faulty screen in the Therion. Great guy great service !! Also to Wayneo for shootin me in his direction, and also for the help on the forum. So glad I found this place ! Cheers
  6. WickedJack

    Does this look right ?

    No reason, I got them new with a mod that crapped out on me. They worked awesome and lasted days of chain vaping so I just never "needed" more. My other backup has a built in Lipo so dont need to do surgery on that as of yet. I've been vaping for about 4 years now and have only had 4 box mods a few "spinner pens" or whatever their called (cheap crap) lol and basically have gotten away rather on the cheap side of not absolutely needing to buy a new one every few months. I mix my own juice so thats extremely cheap as well. I will grab some better batts (and lookin at the Opus charger) soon enough Thank you ChunkyButt200
  7. WickedJack

    Does this look right ?

    Ok so just been messin around with Escribe this morning & familiarizing myself with all the settings. I recorded and attached a small clip of 2-5 second fires both batts as you can see are at 4.20V but at the end of the 1st fire the voltage drops down to 4.15 then slowly climbs back up as the USB charges them. Then the 2nd fire they drop down to 4.13 I think it said. Is it normal for them to dip so low after only a 5 second fire ? Batteries are AWT IMR 18650 3.7V 3000MAH 40A and approx 2 years I've had them.. Also I'm wondering if there is a way to test each component on the board before I send it in I've got the tools and love tinkering with circuitry ! Just need to know which components should read what on my MM.. Peace and Thank You ! EDIT: Sorry forgot the reason why I need to send it in, there's nothing on the screen its dead blank. I can order one and replace it myself but it was mentioned that something else could potentially be wrong with it.. voltage test.csv
  8. WickedJack

    2 cell batteries for DNA 250 ?

    Turn your cell cutoff down to 2.8W maybe ?
  9. WickedJack

    Common Problems

    Not sure what I did but since putting it back together the graphs are solid lines now so I guess I musta did some good lol Still black screen still works & fires can raise power thru Escribe so thinkin it must just be the screen ??
  10. WickedJack

    Common Problems

    Wow ok so I hope I never have to do that again that glue is insane ! I snapped some pics and uploaded them to my Google Photo's if you have time could you please take a look at them and give your opinion. This mod has never been opened ! I made comments to some of the pics as well https://photos.app.goo.gl/4GrKhQAQXataJy6w2
  11. WickedJack

    Common Problems

    Will do thank you I didn't even notice I wasn't using the current version. I've been trying to pop the carbon fiber off but I swear they used some kind of new not from this world bonding material, I've bent my spudger and 2 small screwdrivers already lol Time to bust out the old ladies hair dryer lol wish I had a heatgun !!
  12. WickedJack

    Common Problems

    Yep ! Here you go Let me know if you would like anything else checked off Thank You EDIT: These are the only 2 things that were already checked when I opened Escribe. I'm still figuring out how to use it obviously but if I may ask what is the option under Tool/Diagnostics, Perform USB Recovery Charging ? What does this do..?
  13. WickedJack

    Common Problems

    Ok thank you I have it hooked up & yeah the screen isn't at 0 and when I put a check mark by it it does climb.. But looking at the left side while the graph is running, near the top where it says "pack" its flashing 8.01v then error and closer to the bottom where it says "power" it flashes between ? and error. Is something totally pooched with this mod ? I hope not it is dang nice !