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  1. Common Problems

    Not sure what I did but since putting it back together the graphs are solid lines now so I guess I musta did some good lol Still black screen still works & fires can raise power thru Escribe so thinkin it must just be the screen ??
  2. Common Problems

    Wow ok so I hope I never have to do that again that glue is insane ! I snapped some pics and uploaded them to my Google Photo's if you have time could you please take a look at them and give your opinion. This mod has never been opened ! I made comments to some of the pics as well https://photos.app.goo.gl/4GrKhQAQXataJy6w2
  3. Common Problems

    Will do thank you I didn't even notice I wasn't using the current version. I've been trying to pop the carbon fiber off but I swear they used some kind of new not from this world bonding material, I've bent my spudger and 2 small screwdrivers already lol Time to bust out the old ladies hair dryer lol wish I had a heatgun !!
  4. Common Problems

    Yep ! Here you go Let me know if you would like anything else checked off Thank You EDIT: These are the only 2 things that were already checked when I opened Escribe. I'm still figuring out how to use it obviously but if I may ask what is the option under Tool/Diagnostics, Perform USB Recovery Charging ? What does this do..?
  5. Common Problems

    Ok thank you I have it hooked up & yeah the screen isn't at 0 and when I put a check mark by it it does climb.. But looking at the left side while the graph is running, near the top where it says "pack" its flashing 8.01v then error and closer to the bottom where it says "power" it flashes between ? and error. Is something totally pooched with this mod ? I hope not it is dang nice !
  6. Common Problems

  7. Common Problems

    Hello everyone this is my 1st post on the forum I'll be buying a used Therion today @ a insane good deal (I think) If I can get some feedback that would be awesome before I hand over the crazy $40 Canadian for this beauty almost mint mod The lady said its the pinched wire behind the fire button as the mod still fires and works, she said but you just have to change the settings thru Escribe. Now I've never owned a DNA before or used Escribe so once I make sure it does work what testing can I do before I tear into it to check the pinched wire..? Thank You !