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Discharge Profiles (.csv for 2 & 3 18650 batteries (Sony VTC6 & Sammy 30Q)


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If this information is posted in another thread, please let me know. I wasn't able to find the .csv Discharge Profile for the following batteries:

Sony VTC6
Samsung 30Q (I have the triple 18650 .csv, but not the dual)

I'm new to the battery analyzer, but have been using escribe for about a year now. I have several DNA250 & 200 mods with both 2 & 3 18650s. So I've been trying to get the most accurate battery reading for each and have only been able to find the .csv for the (3 18650) LG HG2 3000mAh, (2 18650) LG HG2 3000mAH and (3 18650) Samsung 30Q 3000mAh.

Right now I'm only really using the VTC6 and 30Q. I don't really want to run the battery analyzer and was hoping someone has one this already.

Also, what should the nominal pack voltage be? I've read conflicting opinions. Most say 3.7 x # of cells and some say 3.6. On all the datasheets, it says 3.6v. 

Last question, for 18650 mods, what is the recommended soft cell cutoff. Most of my mods came with 3.09 or 2.9.

Thanks for any help!

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welcome to forum Lpearce7. can't help you with the vtc6 curve. i do have the curve for 2 vtc6's but you need the curve for 3. as for nominal voltage, it should be listed on the batteries. i use 3.7v. most 18650 manufacturers test their cells down to the 2.5v mark. for a dna 200/133/250, i usually have the CSC set to around 2.7v - 2.8v. 

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Thanks. I've been reading threads on the forum for a while now. Finally have a question that I couldn't find an answer for.

I actually do need the curve for the dual 18650 Sony VTC6. I have the VaporShark DNA133, VaporShark Vapor Flask DNA133 and Boxer Classic DNA 167 that are all using the VTC6. I would greatly appreciate that csv when you get a chance.

Thanks for the help!

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ChunkyButt200 said:

okie dokie,here ya go........... (THIS CURVE IS FOR 2 SONY VTC6 18650 CELLS (DNA 133,167 COMPATIBLE ONLY)

txt Sony VTC6 Battery Curve.csv.txt    

i think you have to remove the ".txt" extension and leave the "csv" part for it to be usable with the escribe program, i think. 

Hey chunky, thanks for sharing this but it doesn't let me dowload the csv, it says I don't have the permission to "perform this action". Can you please help me? Is it because I'm a new member?
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ChunkyButt200 said:

..here is the CSV for 2 Samsung 30Q cells.

csv Samsung_30Q_17.811Wh.csv (389 Bytes, 32 views)

the watt hours for these 2 cells are 17.811 (input that number for the "capacity" in EScribe)

Thanks for the csv file.
I've found a post on vapingunderground with different values for the watt hours, and since 30Q's and HG2's are almost identical, I think this counts for both?

In the mod section of Escribe there is a watt hour calculator. It should be set to 7.4v for battery pack voltage. You then set the mah of your batteries (HG2's are 3000mah). When you enter that, your watt hours should come out to 22.2 watt hours. This is basically so your battery meter will be accurate. If you find you still have bars left on your meter when getting the weak battery signal, just slightly lower your watt hours (I have my cell soft cutoff set to 3.09V so I won't get the full 22.2WH). Hope that helps.

Can you tell me which one is more accurate?
Thank you. :)
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