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  1. Sovan

    I c management

    aha I see! but from the link picture it was showing only 6 pin thats why i got confused , which one is correct 3rd or 4th ?
  2. Sovan

    I c management

    @dwcraig1 yeah I meant this IC but I believe its not the same one on the link he posted
  3. Sovan

    I c management

    @ChunkyButt200 It's not the Power management IC under the the USB port , right ?
  4. Sovan

    DNA200 suddenly became a dud.

    I guess I have the same issue for the second time!! already opened a ticket in the help desk and I hope this time they wont disappoint me or it gonna be my end with evolv
  5. as i said it's just beautiful! lemme know if you can sell me some maybe through ebay
  6. Wow beautiful! From where you bought those pretty colorful alien coils ?
  7. I like vaping on wattage mode with 0.45 ~ 0.50 ohms and I didn't try TC mode before! is there a specific or preferable resistance i should not exceed to work with TC mode? btw I tried the standard material profile but temperature protected message started and I couldn't do anything. Thanks thomasck! much appreciated and yes it's SS316L (26ga+32ga)*2 + 32ga
  8. I just bought the same wire SS stagger fused clapton by geekvape, My first try 5 wraps including legs / 3 diameter it gaves around 0.28 ohm resistance! Could anyone help me with TC csv file ? also, how many wraps i should do to get 0.5 + ohm resistance with this wire ?
  9. So it's not a fake serial I thought that i brought an old batteries and the dealer cheated me :lol was rly disappointed as I bought them from Dubai lol but if you checked my below picture you gonna see no difference between o and zero! This is weird! thanks again dude! You made my day better!
  10. So mine should start with "o" not zero! Damm that means its w/ July 2015 not 2007 but it looks like a zero! Are you sure?
  11. Did you try to check the production date of your batteries on batterybro tool ? checking with fourth characters from my serial starting w/ G not the first ones as they asking! mine has an old date 2007.
  12. Is that serial "0209G**** for my HG2 batteries looks normal to you ? as most (not all) of pictures i checked online start with characters but mine start with numbers!
  13. I just loaded the file and changed the watt hour to 17.43 ( calculator shows 22.2) seems it works great as I noticed the battery percentage shows correctly now! Thanks again mate.
  14. Thanks alot giz_60! rly appreciate your help! I gonna try your file and back to you if i had any issues about turning off usb charging to not charge and discharge everytime i need to change the settings i believe it would effect on battery life ?
  15. Sovan

    lg hg2 .csv file?

    Thanks anyway VapingMod much appreciated, i gonna try this trick with not charging to max but what do you mean about checking "sag" in device monitoring ?