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  1. Oh boy... seriously?.. quite dubious proof... Why "EVOLV" don't write it on their forum (here), but tell these details to any stranger email?
  2. Say the same to Apple, regarding the mysterious silence around new products, LOL...
  3. Can you share any proof links?
  4. All similar batteries should work if you set proper values in the battery settings menu. If you have never replaced that before - first check the connectors that yours battery has, and visually compare with the one that you plan to buy (cause sometimes connectors are different)...
  5. Just wanted to add new screens - separate ones for Power, Titanium and Nickel modes.
  6. Sketch 3 that I have used is a MacOS vector editor. You can use anything that can export in .png (paint/photoshop/etc...)
  7. No problem, I can share the .svg file, will provide the link later, when return home.
  8. Hey everyone, I've just finished drawing the custom screen for my Cthulhu Hastur MTL atomizer. Maybe someone also use this atty and wants a cool screen, so do not hesitate to download this image for your mod. P.S. I have handcrafted this image/logo in Sketch (vector editor), so if someone wants the source file - I can share it.
  9. I have uploaded stock Paranormal 166 settings, for such cases You can download it anytime...
  10. MARKETING TRICKS: 2A will be upgrade that makes you buy 75C.v.2 board
  11. If the device and board is well-made (not some cheap Chinese shit), and has at lest 2A charging option - why not charge it? We use phone's usb/lightning jacks every day, and nothing happens. And I have no idea why do vapers think that $20 - $30 LitoKala or Nitecore won't die while charging 4 batteries, but $100+ device with 2-3 batteries won't handle charging. I'd prefer to have a USB C on DNA board and possibility for 3-5A charging. That will allow me to change batteries in my device only 2-3 times per year, when I buy new ones...
  12. You just need to draw an image in any graphic editor, and set it as a welcome primary/secondary screen in your current theme.
  13. P.S. I prefer to use TI for the TCR mode, sometimes NI200, never SS316.
  14. Ahh... why not do the same with your iPhone?
  15. So why only 3A charging? USB-C support much more higher values...
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This is the stock .ecig file for theLost Vape Paranormal DNA 166 (Evolv DNA 250), 2 x 18650 batteries mod, providing manufacturer/original configuration as it was out of the box. Also have attached separately the original Lost Vape Theme file.
  17. Continuing my “bad UI/UX” posts, is there any possibility that software (or some part of code) will be distributed to public (of course with some license)? I develop software for Apple devices, and can start building an alternative version as a pet-project…
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