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  1. ended up running the test and shared my cvs maxamps28004s.csv
  2. Anyone have a maxamps 2800mah 4s profile thanks
  3. I have to unplug and plug back into pc when don’t to get chip working agen it will fire just no screen but dose come back on after doing that and yes it will charge when pluged into pc
  4. Do thy even read this any more ?
  5. So every find I do a thermal test screen gos. Black and the only what to get it back it to unplug from pc plug back in download setttings then it kicks back on dose it every time
  6. But it dose do it every case test
  7. I’m on the international firmware
  8. I think so unplug from pc plug back in download settings kicks right back on
  9. Ur my screen will not turn on after test kinda weard
  10. Running mine agen will post my stuff cell at 60% n1 so same box just I’m run a maxamp 4s 2800 100c
  11. seems to cool faster with the door on that's weard
  12. I get the same out of my n1 when I run the test
  13. Just wanted to show off my dna 250c in a N1 has a maxamps 4s 2800 mah
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